Thursday, 29 January 2015


Sorry I have had a mad ten days or so due to a big event taking place and to spend which I did so a bit on  my computer!

Details and videos to come.

However I discovered to my shock that I was banned from my account of multiplayer online game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms by ... UBI Soft? Well someone.

A few people asked me why I thought this was and I stated that I contacted them and complained about the items purchased in-game and stated it was a big con to acquire money from children who will nag their parents for it.

Well that is what I both thought and said to them.

You pay a load of cash for a prettier gun?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

Yes there is a bunch of numbers, specs and stats, with the weapons but I found very little difference in the weapons all bar one, that is.

Anyway I emailed them for confirmation on why I was banned and can you believe that I, who does not speak online and nor do I have conversations with a friend while everyone else is trying to play, got banned for irritating other players?!

I emailed them just tonight as I was both surprised and angry about this because once again it shows nothing but incompetence and if not that then they are lying and its because of what I put to them before?

Now what I am about to explain now is just something, onew of many things, I put into practice over on my corruption blog...which draws the most attention out of my 12 blogs it must be said, lol. I have not mentioned me placing stuff on YouTube now about my blog...or blogs. Because they may just and up being antagonised enough to let something slip.

I might find out in a round about way that it is all set up to get kids to drive their parents nuts for money and in all honesty at the end of last summer I overheard a conversation between a group of booted and suited types in my local Kentucky Fried Chicken. In fact they went as far as joking about promoting healthy foods for kids but really they are just trying to get them to spend their money in their stores?! I was surprised when everyone laughed.

Who were they? A group of staff belonging to the company whose store we was in, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I then realised how two faced many people are...they will be one thing in their personal life, at home and with family and friends but where career and money is concerned they wield cut throat razors and and ready to use them on anyone.


Anyway I ended up sending them two messages and am not standing for being falsely accused, err see my corruption blog for that lol, and having a sentence against me made without defending myself especially when I often hear people swearing their heads off on this game and calling other people names!! LOL!

Oh-Oh-Oh...yeah I forgot...I am pleasewd to say that I have fallen back in love with none other than Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist. It stil lhas th eodd problem but its much more playable now I have a new graphics card. Graphics are very inefficient on these games and I do wish they would not be lazy. Its a whole new lot of profits coming in but they do not want to do the same amount of work except they do not have to do the same and still do not want to do a little either!

Except these people, who think themselves highly intelligent, do not realise that they do not make the money on the PC platform because everyone knows that the chances are that the porting will be lazy and bad. I for one am utterly shocked at some of the things that now go on in PC games. It is sacrilege in all honesty and a no-no and I am not even referring to inefficient coding with the graphics. No, no, no just the save game option completely missing from some titles is utterly terrible and also I think its a bit of cheating. Make a really lazy ans short game seem even longer by repetition. Make the player have to go through entire sections to save game points that he or she will often have to play through several times. Some even forcing, again pure idiocy here, you to watch a video sequence, adding to the time and frustration of any given section.

If your one of the idiots behind this trust me when I tell you that you sem to like the idea of keeping people playing YOUR PRODUCT but the fact is this puts them off! Chances of my completeing the whole game will be little and often take a long time as I am reluctant to revisit them quickly. Chances of me playing through the game again? ZERO! LOL!


Dear Sirs

Are you professionals or just idiots?!

I have some friends and have 200,000 visitors on a blog and do you know what I told them about my ban?

I told them that I know the coding is appalling and that coders are only concerned with money and that the game is set up to trick children out of money and that you did not like it when I told you that and banned me!

Now you are giving some lame excuse that I have irritated other players?! ...

How come I am only finding this out now? As I dont talk on my headset and no one says anything of any relevance anyway I would like to know how I have irritated other players? I also find this funny that I had a few good rounds whereby I had a really long kioll shot scores, mainly in the subway map!

In other words the only way I can think of that I irritated other players is by shoioting them too much with my sniper rifle?!

I dont talk to anyone sooo...

Either your lying and you do not want to get into hot water regarding why you did ban me or your incompetent at running an online game and should give up your careers and go and do something else...because you have quite obviously been duped, if of course your telling the truth and players have complained about me.

Also as I just bought a booster pack and as far as I know not a complete imbecile with an IQ lower than 50 it would be incompetent of me to actually antagonise other people and get myself banned. Only a complete IDIOT would do that and a bigger idiot than the ones that fail to realise that I would not do that.

Also you cannot stand over people like overlords and dictators and decide someones fate without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Right now sorry to have to ask you this but..well...your actually rather in game purchases and dealing with people and their accounts not to mention the god awful updates that seem to do nothing at all and everyone gets fed up with...sooo...I want contact details of addresses of governing bodies and ombudsman to the gaming industry, if you would be so kind.

Do not lie and say that there are, no I take that back...go ahead and lie.


Martin Haswell BSc

Message 2

Oh and when can I expect a refund for the booster pack I paid for which you claim I rather stupidly, albeit completely fabricated, got myself banned and so could not use?

Oh and please do not forget the governing body, or indeed bodies, for gaming and online fees, if you would be so kind.

Just to be sure that is twice I have asked you for these details, just in case you thought you could sy that I did not ask for them as they have to be supplied by law.

Friday, 16 January 2015


I have jumped out of my Ghost Recon Phantoms gaming session because I forgopt to mention something on here. Well I jumped out between crashes as despite their lying and feeble excuse that it is not their game and I have issues with LAG I now seem to have a pile of others.

For starters, before we get onto the theft issue, my gun does not switch when I ask it.

I keep getting thrown off the server.

Bullets of opponents are still doing like 5 to 10 times the damage mine are, despite the fact I now have a ACR Rogue Edition MP 14 Sniper?! Oddly I have noticed that when you get a new gun or rifle the first  few games it seems to have an effect but then before very long your back to where you was when you had the next gun down?! Well that is odd, and not hard to do in the coding either! Lol!

Yes apart from that and a good place to get this out of the way because I purchased a bundle which was the ACR Rogue Edition weapons...purely to get the MP15 Sniper because no matter what I do I get my arse shot off by people running around like headless chickens, even standing their after yuou have hit them with three or four bullets, turn around without hiding, start shooting you as if they are not going to die no matter what? Guess what happens when they act like that? Well despite several slugs embedded in them by an MP15 automatic sniper rifle they do not die and then a single bullet or two at the most and I am dead, lol.

I digress.

So to clear that up I got the ACR Rogue Edition Weapons bundle.

Then I purchased ten gold mystery boxes...umm GOLD?! So how come all I got was tier 1 and 2 weapons that were just touched up withy paint?! What a rip off!!

The worst part of it is that a rifle went missing! It was not there in my ladout screen! There were one or two other things missing too!

I then purhcased 3, read that THREE, Gold Boxes, as the silver ones were utter SHITE!!! Unless your a newbee but you dont expecy shite in the silver...bronze maybe, which is why I did not buy any.

This was better...marginally as I finally got a Tier V Tactical Suit....or IV, lol. I say finally because I already received a Tier 3 Tactical Suit, albeit with camo, but I already had a Tier 3 Tactical Suit!! Only one problem ...

The TIER 4 Tacticasl Suit vanished along with the rifle out of the three gold boxes?! I cannot even recall what the last one was?! So all three items may have disappeared?!


Wellll I was bored! I wanted to see if my suspicions were correct and that when it comes to their pockets there are no mistakes in the coding but when it comes to their customers they do not give a flying fuck and there seems to be lots of forgetfullness when it comes to coding?!

I think that games code, especially that which is designed to make you spend money, needs to be made open for a governing body to check that the public are not being ripped off! Die to the money made their should be prison sentences, well you would go to prison if you robbed a bank, and hefty fines to the tunes of millions on top of that.

In the meantime I added uploaded a video to YouTube of my loadout weapons and gear so that you can see what I have and how much is missing.

Well I am sure that to turn around and state that out of 13 mystery boxes nealry have the things are now missing is a little hard to believe! Next I will get the details to the transaction via my bank details!

I cannot help but wonder that if you buy a series of boxes and the odd thing goes astray on each tansaction...that will add up to an incredible amount. Without taking into account their resale value plummeting like a fat duck without any wings! Lol.

This following one has a copy and paste of the ticketed complaints I put in to UBI Soft ... AGAIN ... of which there are now half a dozen since I started giving them MORE MONEY!! DO not forget I pourchased this from the Game Store, in the UK with have this store called Game, thinking it was a full game and a single player one!!

Nothing on the box at all to explain what it is and even the bemused Game Store staff did not know only stating "No, no, Tom Clancy Games are single player, not multiplayer"

Why are big businesses, rich people and those that are powerful allowed to break some pretty dreaful laws when it comes to stealing money and even depraved things like sexual intercourse with minors and they go out of their way to not do anything.

Anyone else stealing so much as a loaf of bread and they would like to cut off your hands! Lol.

Thursday, 15 January 2015


I find it bloody strange that tonight of all nights the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel has decided to make me regret my apologies to Thrustmaster.

Turns out there steering wheels are pieces of crap as my Ferrari GT Experience, I do wish they would not put car logos on them, we are not all five years old, decided to play up tonight with the exact same fault it did last time around. Err which it then cleared itself of?! Worked for several weeks and now decided it does not want to play anymore and thrown all its rattles out of its pram?!

Bugger it!

I said it was funny that it decided to do it today and this is partly because this Thrustmaster, and I am hearing that they all are, is a piece of crap but a piece of old crap. While in WH Smith earlier today I picked up a magazine I believe was Custom PC and I caught sight of a letter on their letters page.

Now if you have followed me for awhile you will know that I bought the first ever Custom PC Magazine and carried on buying them for several years. That I built an SLI rig before they even published their issue explaining how to do it.

You should also know that not only do I hate the magazine today and what it has turned into but that the reviewers have been speaking quite authoritarian about a particular subject in hardware that not only do they know little about they have also been getting it wrong. They have also been misinforming gamers about hardware and seem to have forgotten the fact that Custom PC's arew made for playing games. Well 99.99% of the time. They are also biased too.

So it raised an eyebrow when someone wrote in a letter stating that it was amazing that he had been buying their magazine for 18 months and it had taken them that long to review a racing wheel?! I laughed out loud, literally! Eighteen months. Of course have a wild guess at the company and the logo on the wheel? I think it may have been the 458 Italia wheel?

Yes a weird coincidence that I have been accusing them of actually forgetting not only what they started out being but had also become biased and drifted further and further away from that they orginally did. Oddly they cover games more and more these days.

The other bizarre thing I just recalled was not only that this letter was having a dig that they are a Custom PC Magazine and so centred around gaming but not cover this particular type of peripheral in the eighteen months he has bought the mag. How long it actually has been I do not know as I wont buy it since Bit-Tech took over the magazine and that was the moment it become lop-sided and biased. No the weird thing was that three, read that three, computing magazines did group tests on coolers? Three?! On the shelf at the same time?!

But this chap had waited eighteen months before reading about a racing wheel!

Hmm I wonder if they said it was good when its actually a piece of crap like this one and will go wrong within 4 months?!


Now I am wondering what to do. My two car racing titles are a bit old admittedly. I was interested in both The Crew, does not get a glowing review that one, and Project Cars but do not know when this one is being released. I also here their is a new Need For Speed on its way but again not sure when this will be out. In fact I cannot remember the damned name of the Need For Speed title. Did have Rivals in my head but its not that as that ones already out.

Ahh the Need For Speed title is called 'No Limits'. Just looked it up, lol.

Oooh yeah I remember now its being done by those Fire Monkeys, or whatever they are called, who do the Real Racing series on mobile devices, I have it on an Android tablet.

Hmm does this mean you will have to spend money to win or get better cars?!

I hate this fecking attitude in games and I do wish that journalists in their respective fields would not be such bloody pussies over these things. It is so obvious a rip-off in the UK, ohh yeah check out PC Pros rip of Britain article thats a waste of time lol. You end up needing things you normally get for free but suddenly your hit with obstacles you cannot work around without giving them money, rather a lot of it at times too. Just how theyu think serious gamers who will have two dozen titles or more can just hand them 40 quid or more every month I do not know. Their accountants and lawyers obviously know fuck all about economics and nor do they know that a game generally means a level playing field. Without one its no longer a game. If the German national footie team was to play a Sunday League team or Pub team you would not bet on the Sunday League team now would you? What are the chances? No bloody chances.

When I do my little reviews about this concerning Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms I always kind of smile to myself. Because initially people will look at it with me a grown man griping about some cash for a stupid game? But I am not griping about the cash, I do not care. I do care however when they start expecting a monthly subscription because its all wrong and too greedy. Think about it...a monthly subscription for everything?

I would need several dozen for games, Microsoft and Android would love to get as many of their things as they can on an online only monthly subscription. But I have a dozen other interests outside computing! How many of these will also want a monthly fee? They are hitting you with music and TV/Film subscriptions and God knows how many other things besides.

Sorry but your bean counters, as ever, are all wrong. They can't see the paper for the dollar signs. It was never workable and I always knew that they would start with a few that make a bit and then everybody else jumps in to until at some point...many that were doing well, and as usual changed everything so that they can just live like that monthly figure goes on forever, hence the UBI Soft attitude on their reply. Then it all falls apart. As it was always bound to.

Of course eventually your going to have millions of customers who have paid for something thayt do not have anymore because they paid money on the hope that using it online will always be there. Who would have thought that they of all people would go bust?!

Now then I will have to give it some though ... A-GAIN over the next few days regarding a wheel. The clamp on this thing is shite anyway and I hope to god they are not all like this one?! I simply cannot get it to clamp down and not shift about. But after anywhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days if I am not using car games that much the fecking thing comes off the solid metal platform of my racing wheel stand! Often mid bloody race and has done it a few times in just the few movies I did if my playing Need For Speed.

I think I am going to be reading a lot of reviews over the coming weeks?!



Well I mentioned before that I am interested in what is ... umm running or watching the gaming industry these days, due to some fecking awful attitudes among software houses, the umm...errr well one that clame to be software houses but are in effect just LABELS, like in music, that do nothing, earn much and from the sounds of things bought up any smaller oputfits after offering them an initital deal (read idiots sell their souls to the devils on that one).

Yoinks! That one kind of ... run away from me! Lol.

Anyhoo...I sent off a miffed email to UBI Soft regarding some pretty fucking funny things going on in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms and I received a saracastic reply! Which was kind of funny because they clearly lied, were actually the one out of the two of us to actually be thick. Gave me explanations that neithewr sounded English, nor made any sense and I was given the same answer twice. So along with all the above they clearly did not read or maybe understand (ooh back to English again) what I stated. As for explaining themselves...well feck me my old dog could manage to tell me he needed to go out for a piss?!

If you have not read my replies to just about every UK public service/office and half a dozen big retail names along with Police forces ... I do not react too well when someone is rude...or sarcastic...or an idiot, calls me an idiot ...or is arrogant!

Oh did I fail to mention that they simply closed the case without explaining themselves?

The funniest one is that below the number four question was that I spent a load of money on first a game I did not know was free, from the Game Store and then them to purchase guns because something was up with their physics which they say is impossible. At least I think they said it was impossible? Lol. Yeah except that I have a little movie of my highlighting things for sale in their game that it clearly states alters the physics of BULLETS!!

Their answer to me stating that they have cheated me by selling a game that does not state on its box is actually a FREE GAME, nor did the weapons I bought make a blind bit of difference to the game play and therefore I was ri-ped off. 

Their response?

Well its your fault, you purchased the items!


Now a little copy and paste of the two correspondences with me and UBI and my losing my temper reponse to their utterly rude attitude and lies. These are always funny.

Afterwards I put up first a longish YouTube video of a game with a few odd things going on and then a short one of the section of the purchasing screen where you buy something that alters the physics of the game, as they state below that the physics of the game is locked.


Hello saintallnights,

Recently you requested personal assistance from Ubisoft Support. As we have not heard from you in the last four days your case has been closed automatically.

Below you will find our last message to you.
[GM]Celeste @ Ubisoft Customer Service :

Here are the answers to your question:

1. This is an unfortunate case of lag.
2. I'm afraid physics would now allow for this;
3. This can be also caused by lag;
4. You were the one who decided to purchase the items worth £26.00;

Thank you for your feedback.


If you wish to reply to this message, please click here. Please do not reply directly to this email. 

Kind regards,
Ubisoft Customer Service


Dear Celeste

Are you stupid?! DO they do a degree in stupid now?

Do they train you to be highly offensive as well as stupid?!

Is this UBI Softs idea of customer service to be highly offensive, stupid, be completely wrong with your answers and CLOSE THE CASE which is EXTREMELY RUDE and in all honesty HIGHLY OVER CONFIDENT in your own abilitites that we call in the UK, DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR?!


2. I'm afraid physics would now allow for this; (WHAT THE EFF DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!?! If this is me being shot through a wall then I am afraid your wrong, very wrong and I have a series of videos on YouTube now that show hours of play and I got shot through a is as simple as that...I did not stick my head up and then down and get shot...THAT WOULD BE LAG!!!) Your not the only people oin the bloody planet that understand computers and coding, like languages suchg as Cobol. Logo, C, C++, VC++ Visual Basic, Assembly, Binary, Pascal, Python, Java and others, your email was highly offensive and I will post it up on my gaming blog to show gamers that visit my blog)

3. This can be also caused by lag;

4. You were the one who decided to purchase the items worth £26.00;
COULD YOU EXPLAIN THIS IN THE CORRECT ENGLISH LANGUAGE AS THIS DOES NOT ANSWER AND SHOWS YOUR EFFING STUPID AND HIGHLY OFFENSIVE!!! This is offensive because you....havbe not even bothered to describe in your answer what it is that I PURCHASED! Just a gun with a different colour and shape?! *SIGH!!* Now when you sell items you sell them with ATTRIBUTES...I KNOW WHAT ATTRIBUTES MEANS...DO YOU!!! One GUN 38 DAMAGE takes 12 shots, one gun 26 damage takes ONE SHOT!! Do you even understand what you have done here?!

You can be as sarcastic as you like but this gets published on both YouTube, this means YOU dumb arse, and also on a gaming blog and I am sure gamers on Ghost Recon Phantoms would be interested to know how you treat and speak to the people you ask for money every 30 seconds, dumb arses!

I have a video on YouTube highlighting that your WRONG in all your answers and your also arrogrant because you CLOSED THE FILE.

Or in other words you look extremely bad and with your attitiude your only going to get worse, including ignoring this reply!


Want to see just one item that alters the physics of a game that apparently cannot be altered?!

Another series of games of some bizarro world goings on ... lol ...
Hmm 'Pay to Cheat'?! ... TRADEMARKED!!! LMFAO!

Saturday, 10 January 2015


Still searching for any details on the GPUs everyone seems to think are coming out in Febreuary to March.

I am also still searching for the new APUs meant to be coming out around a similar time frame?

As I mentioned in a previous post I currently have an AMD A10-7850K that I orginally intended to first add a R7-250 card before changing my mind to a R9-270 and then onto the 280?

However what with things being muchg closer to a Carrizo launch and getting more so every week the ... landscape has changed...somewhat.

Instead of spending £200, or close to, on a graphics card at current prices it might seem more sensible to improve with the GPU AND the CPU together and for a great deal less by replacing the APU? Provided the new Carrizo APU plugs into an FM2+ socket. I normally think that with my luck it wont but we seem to be very close with these things and in all honesty normally new sockets get talked about way ahead of time. So maybe there isn't one? Been no motherboard announcements either.

Now of course it would be completely sensible to then wonder about dual graphics and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with Kaveri due to its lck of options. This is why, once I had researched the hell out of it, I decided to go for a 270 or 280, though I have not actually 'gone for it', yet.

Now I have to admit that for me Kaveri would have been a perfect processor had it had an iGPU along the 260 lines, two more CPU cores and 500 Mhz up on the clockspeed front.

A die shrink from 28nm to 20nm could make most, if not all, of that possible.

So you can imagine why I am pausing. Well the graphics will obviously be better than an R7-250 and the next step in line would be the 260. How about the 270 even?

So yeah I was looking around, briefly, and I came across this little discussion with AMD that was reported, probably third hand, by wccftech and some AMD staff mention about the iGPU in Carrizo being smilar to the Tonga Graphics chip? That would be the Radeon R9-285?!!

Could it even be possible? How cool would that be? Now doubt it would be a little slower than a stand alone card due to clocks and all but still!

Of course I then wondered immediately if this means that it would dual graphics with a Radeon R9-285? Or will they bring out a card based on this chip that will?

I did, or do, want to buy a card and will not do so now until I have something concrete on all this as I am not, nor can I afford to as of right now, want to end up with two bloody graphics cards and one is redundant.

So I have to wait but at least that little smippet has given me something to look forward to? The fact it slipped in a face to face discussion has me intrigued, and intriguing me is not something easily done.

Monday, 5 January 2015


Will it has been 6 months since I began building my PC and even I could not have dreamed that a full 6 months on I am still missing the things to finish it off!

One of these is the graphics card.

So lately and after a certain financial problem that was supposed to come to an end I started looking at graphics cards and there prices. Namely I was looking at a graphics card based on either an R9-270X or an R9-280. Preferably this would be the efficient 285 but oddly the latter did not seem to come in 4GB varieties? Weird as suddenly 4GB versions of all the others were b omg released including the R9-270's!

Also odd were the prices that have gotten very confusing. Even nVidia's new Maxwell cards, the 980 and 970, started out being £225 for the latter but has since raised up to £280 to £300.

Of course there was the original theory that AND would release its next generation cards either late in 2014 or early 2015? The new Radeon, presumably to be called the R9-370, R-380 and R-390, would also go through a die shrink via lithography. Now normally when this occurs one of two things happens. The GPU chip acquires many more transistors so more powerful and normally able to be clocked faster? Sometimes it ends up slightly faster and yet much more efficient.

However the new Race in being released is not the only thing just around the corner and this second thing is causing me a headache. One to be added to the literal pounding headache I already possess because this too has a GPU!

I did not foresee that one!

Now the problem I have is that currently my integrated GPU is not quite powerful enough and can be paired up with a graphicd card that has a few less GPU cores than the iGPU and the extra ones get switched off.

Something I personally thought was bizarre to be honest.


Now then my APU model of the AMD A10-7850K also ran at a lower clock frequency than the others.

It's replacement is also imminent...sort of...only there are the main two things I cannot find out about it.

What socket and what GPU?

This is because it will have the perfect powered iGPU in theory and whereas mine is slightly faster than a Radeon R9-250 and can be setup to work in tandem with another R9-250, the new APU will be quicker. So following the naming convention the iGPU could be a Radeon R9-260, R9-270 or even 280? It is also possible it will be based on a cut down version of a GPU in the upcoming R9-300 series? An R7-350 for instance if the naming conventions are strictly stuck to.

This is annoying because if it will dual graphics with a currently available graphics card, say the sweet spot of the R9-270 then I could purchase that one!

Or I might need a whole new motherboard which in all honesty I am not willing to change at all. Unless of course the new 'carrizo' APU turns out to be something phenominally powerful and with more CPU cites built in, like 6 or 8 as this would be not only sweet but possible because of the chip shrinking.

A few extra bits on each half of the APU is normally what occurs leaving only the clock speed the commonly asked question.

In the last few iterations the lithography has remained the same.

In the meantime I will now keep scouring for any data concerning both the Carrizo APU and Radeon R9-300 series.

Bloody typical situation I am in, lol.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Yup so my Thrustmaster wheel was crimped by Windows 7 Professional.

SO after not using it for 6 months wrongly convinced that Microsoft would not be that stupid as every manufacturer on the planet could take them to court I realised that...well they are!

So here is me trying to race, rally and do stunts for the first time in probably a year and without knowing where the handbrake is! Lol.


Me not giving up at drifting foir GOLD ... errr and then giving up ... WELL I did not know where the handbrake was!

Me on the tutorial about AIR ... also not giving up until I get gold umm and then giving up...AGAIN!

A Punto in the snow..

...or two ..

Subaru...yeah..hmm do not remember this one either?!

Me piloting an aircraft...what? What do you mean this was DiRT 3? But it IS an aircraft...LOOK, it has wings!

Renault 5 Gordini Turbo yyyeeeahhh! Love this when I was a kid! The car that is, lol. I also do not remember this being in the game when I was first playing it? Could not have gotten far? Lol. But then my laptop struggled with this game, albiet very strangely in the menus sections and not the game itself, which I have never ever seen nor heard of before!