Thursday, 29 January 2015


Sorry I have had a mad ten days or so due to a big event taking place and to spend which I did so a bit on  my computer!

Details and videos to come.

However I discovered to my shock that I was banned from my account of multiplayer online game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms by ... UBI Soft? Well someone.

A few people asked me why I thought this was and I stated that I contacted them and complained about the items purchased in-game and stated it was a big con to acquire money from children who will nag their parents for it.

Well that is what I both thought and said to them.

You pay a load of cash for a prettier gun?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

Yes there is a bunch of numbers, specs and stats, with the weapons but I found very little difference in the weapons all bar one, that is.

Anyway I emailed them for confirmation on why I was banned and can you believe that I, who does not speak online and nor do I have conversations with a friend while everyone else is trying to play, got banned for irritating other players?!

I emailed them just tonight as I was both surprised and angry about this because once again it shows nothing but incompetence and if not that then they are lying and its because of what I put to them before?

Now what I am about to explain now is just something, onew of many things, I put into practice over on my corruption blog...which draws the most attention out of my 12 blogs it must be said, lol. I have not mentioned me placing stuff on YouTube now about my blog...or blogs. Because they may just and up being antagonised enough to let something slip.

I might find out in a round about way that it is all set up to get kids to drive their parents nuts for money and in all honesty at the end of last summer I overheard a conversation between a group of booted and suited types in my local Kentucky Fried Chicken. In fact they went as far as joking about promoting healthy foods for kids but really they are just trying to get them to spend their money in their stores?! I was surprised when everyone laughed.

Who were they? A group of staff belonging to the company whose store we was in, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I then realised how two faced many people are...they will be one thing in their personal life, at home and with family and friends but where career and money is concerned they wield cut throat razors and and ready to use them on anyone.


Anyway I ended up sending them two messages and am not standing for being falsely accused, err see my corruption blog for that lol, and having a sentence against me made without defending myself especially when I often hear people swearing their heads off on this game and calling other people names!! LOL!

Oh-Oh-Oh...yeah I forgot...I am pleasewd to say that I have fallen back in love with none other than Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist. It stil lhas th eodd problem but its much more playable now I have a new graphics card. Graphics are very inefficient on these games and I do wish they would not be lazy. Its a whole new lot of profits coming in but they do not want to do the same amount of work except they do not have to do the same and still do not want to do a little either!

Except these people, who think themselves highly intelligent, do not realise that they do not make the money on the PC platform because everyone knows that the chances are that the porting will be lazy and bad. I for one am utterly shocked at some of the things that now go on in PC games. It is sacrilege in all honesty and a no-no and I am not even referring to inefficient coding with the graphics. No, no, no just the save game option completely missing from some titles is utterly terrible and also I think its a bit of cheating. Make a really lazy ans short game seem even longer by repetition. Make the player have to go through entire sections to save game points that he or she will often have to play through several times. Some even forcing, again pure idiocy here, you to watch a video sequence, adding to the time and frustration of any given section.

If your one of the idiots behind this trust me when I tell you that you sem to like the idea of keeping people playing YOUR PRODUCT but the fact is this puts them off! Chances of my completeing the whole game will be little and often take a long time as I am reluctant to revisit them quickly. Chances of me playing through the game again? ZERO! LOL!


Dear Sirs

Are you professionals or just idiots?!

I have some friends and have 200,000 visitors on a blog and do you know what I told them about my ban?

I told them that I know the coding is appalling and that coders are only concerned with money and that the game is set up to trick children out of money and that you did not like it when I told you that and banned me!

Now you are giving some lame excuse that I have irritated other players?! ...

How come I am only finding this out now? As I dont talk on my headset and no one says anything of any relevance anyway I would like to know how I have irritated other players? I also find this funny that I had a few good rounds whereby I had a really long kioll shot scores, mainly in the subway map!

In other words the only way I can think of that I irritated other players is by shoioting them too much with my sniper rifle?!

I dont talk to anyone sooo...

Either your lying and you do not want to get into hot water regarding why you did ban me or your incompetent at running an online game and should give up your careers and go and do something else...because you have quite obviously been duped, if of course your telling the truth and players have complained about me.

Also as I just bought a booster pack and as far as I know not a complete imbecile with an IQ lower than 50 it would be incompetent of me to actually antagonise other people and get myself banned. Only a complete IDIOT would do that and a bigger idiot than the ones that fail to realise that I would not do that.

Also you cannot stand over people like overlords and dictators and decide someones fate without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Right now sorry to have to ask you this but..well...your actually rather in game purchases and dealing with people and their accounts not to mention the god awful updates that seem to do nothing at all and everyone gets fed up with...sooo...I want contact details of addresses of governing bodies and ombudsman to the gaming industry, if you would be so kind.

Do not lie and say that there are, no I take that back...go ahead and lie.


Martin Haswell BSc

Message 2

Oh and when can I expect a refund for the booster pack I paid for which you claim I rather stupidly, albeit completely fabricated, got myself banned and so could not use?

Oh and please do not forget the governing body, or indeed bodies, for gaming and online fees, if you would be so kind.

Just to be sure that is twice I have asked you for these details, just in case you thought you could sy that I did not ask for them as they have to be supplied by law.

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