Saturday, 10 January 2015


Still searching for any details on the GPUs everyone seems to think are coming out in Febreuary to March.

I am also still searching for the new APUs meant to be coming out around a similar time frame?

As I mentioned in a previous post I currently have an AMD A10-7850K that I orginally intended to first add a R7-250 card before changing my mind to a R9-270 and then onto the 280?

However what with things being muchg closer to a Carrizo launch and getting more so every week the ... landscape has changed...somewhat.

Instead of spending £200, or close to, on a graphics card at current prices it might seem more sensible to improve with the GPU AND the CPU together and for a great deal less by replacing the APU? Provided the new Carrizo APU plugs into an FM2+ socket. I normally think that with my luck it wont but we seem to be very close with these things and in all honesty normally new sockets get talked about way ahead of time. So maybe there isn't one? Been no motherboard announcements either.

Now of course it would be completely sensible to then wonder about dual graphics and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with Kaveri due to its lck of options. This is why, once I had researched the hell out of it, I decided to go for a 270 or 280, though I have not actually 'gone for it', yet.

Now I have to admit that for me Kaveri would have been a perfect processor had it had an iGPU along the 260 lines, two more CPU cores and 500 Mhz up on the clockspeed front.

A die shrink from 28nm to 20nm could make most, if not all, of that possible.

So you can imagine why I am pausing. Well the graphics will obviously be better than an R7-250 and the next step in line would be the 260. How about the 270 even?

So yeah I was looking around, briefly, and I came across this little discussion with AMD that was reported, probably third hand, by wccftech and some AMD staff mention about the iGPU in Carrizo being smilar to the Tonga Graphics chip? That would be the Radeon R9-285?!!

Could it even be possible? How cool would that be? Now doubt it would be a little slower than a stand alone card due to clocks and all but still!

Of course I then wondered immediately if this means that it would dual graphics with a Radeon R9-285? Or will they bring out a card based on this chip that will?

I did, or do, want to buy a card and will not do so now until I have something concrete on all this as I am not, nor can I afford to as of right now, want to end up with two bloody graphics cards and one is redundant.

So I have to wait but at least that little smippet has given me something to look forward to? The fact it slipped in a face to face discussion has me intrigued, and intriguing me is not something easily done.

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