Friday, 28 November 2014


I simply do not believe it!

I had just posted up recently about the number of broken games that have been launched this year and how it's been a rubbish year all ribs for games and it happened twice more?!

In fact I distinctly remember one gamer remarking that is been a bad year while being odd that new generation consoles almost out a year and someone correcting him using Dragon Age Inquisition and Assassins Creed Unity coming out in a couple of months time that will turn this year of 2014 into a good one?!

I remember thinking how stupid a agreement it was too dry that it had been a good year because of two, ooh no three titles that had yet to come out with Borderlands The Pre Sequel being the other.

I also remember thinking that despite him or her being stupid for saying that they would probably by correct because Dragon Age Inquisition looked very good.

Now the stark reality...

I want to email PC Gamer magazine and give them a severe ticking off over their latest issue and review of the lasts Dragon Age. I was out at Sainsburys and feeling ill when I sorted the words "Massive Review Inside" regarding Dragon Age. Also a section on Star Citizen. Last months was shite Abbas did bit but it but those time I threw it in my basket grabbed some milk and left.

What a mistake!

I read the review and it was both appalling and confusing Andes stated to look and sound suspicious as asking with these things I can rely you that the review was NOT massive. Quite the opposite in fact!

1 The was no mention of graphics in detail oddly combined with...

2 All tiny little pictures?! Not that many either...

3 An average size review

4 Now along with their also highly suspicious 87%, even that was a disappointment, this had been completely blown to bits by HONEST reviewers in Amazon?!

First of to deal with numbers one and two this is because the graphics apparently ate not just 'not all that' but one reviewer states they are like a PS3?!

Then there is the worst crime for a PC game and one that with someone of Bioware's experience should not happen, a broken combat system. Did they fire the guy or guys that worked in the last two titles?!

What a bunch of arsehole's?!

The reviews get even worse and one guy says the same as I have done but a lot more blunt nut to mention direct. Even calling reviewers giving it any thing 8 or above out of 10, liars.

The facts do support the fact that there is a great deal of dishonesty going on and I think the last remaining magazines on sale are going to go the way of the Dodo.

Dragon Age 2 was panned by many due to its lack of RPG depth and yet in the PC Gamer review states exactly the same for Dragon Age Inquisition? So what the f....

I think reviewers of certain computing magazines need a lot more name calling going on than even this reviewer gives them. Seriously! They are idiots, pure and simple and are not the only ones that get into the cross hairs of fed up PC gamers wanting something to shoot at.

There very obviously and had been for some time a too close for comfort relationship going in between the publishers/coders and reviewers. An uncomfortable situation that has not just recently highlighted itself over one game but several.

It may simply be a case that becoming involved in the over hyping of famous and precisely popular titles sells magazines?

After not buying a gaming magazine in ten years I now have two that feature Dragon Age Institution on the cover and inside. Rather interestingly the first preview feature is actually far better than the actual review?

But where were the problems that PC gamers are now reporting? They played these extensive sections of the game, no doubt arranged by the ever more hateful Electronic Arts, so how come the version they played from four months ago is bug free and after for months further work now there are still the issues?!

To be honest and coming from someone with a very long but gappy history with computer games the current situation is not just ridiculous it is severely piss-taking to the point of obvious and I now understand why many commentors are harsh and up to an absolute rage.

The funny thing is this is a deliberate attempt to mislead the consumer and therefore is corruption and fraud. I cover the subjects a great deal but I never expected to post about them on this blog.

So not only has the Central Processing Unit reviewers all become expert silicon chip designers when reviewing to favour Intel chips that had nothing to do with gaming but back up certain... games software houses and/or publishers?!


I know I had some suspicions for awhile now but I thought that my... radar had to be off sometime? I mean with most of the magazines now gone leaving only a handful that cover games (Custom PC, PC Format, PC Gamer) they would have learned? No.

They constantly claim things about processors and systems they cannot possibly prove and often get proved wrong for later on.

Now we are getting told games coming out will be brilliant and when they do they are crap.

In fact I would go as far as stating that in the review of Dragon Age Institution it sounded... uncomfortable and wonder now whether they gave it the 87%, which is a fair bit lower than I expected, because they had already raved and praised it in an early preview?

The one single thing that I can claim I recall.. only thing I recall from the review that was positive was... the size of the open world!

But...., yup the is a but, that was whinged about too. One section, oh good God no, is just a market place. Apparently only small and not much going on there. Err why? It is bit even bustling with people and one reviewer states he missed the bustling city in Dragon Age 2?! Wait a minute? Was that have not supposed to be shit?

Well it looks like I am going to end 2014 without purchasing a single game on release?! Hmm can't remember when I built my latest PC but must have been 6 months now? Which reminds me now that it is not finished Anne that one of the things I wanted to buy was a graphics card and was literally itching over this because of Dragon Age!

Not anymore.

In fact I will confuse you by telling you that I do have a new title, which my PC Gamer magazine issue also confused me over. Confused? Lol...

I have a copy of Alien Isolation which was given to me by a brother of mine I am thankful for. It was also a special edition and came with the two DLC's and one I already played several times taking place on the Nostromo with Ellen Ripley and the rest of the infamous crew.

Confusing because PC Gamer magazine just reviewed this and yet I have not played it for over a month.

Damn, I was really looking forward to this title. I probably will get it at some point, provided all the problems are fixed the control most of all and it is cheaper... a lot cheaper as I refuse to pay full price for a crappy console port they lied about.

Now I wonder what the next possibility is on the radar? Oh don't let it be Fallout 4 as that is ages away?! Elder Scrolls even further! Lol, now with Chris Roberts stating Star Citizen is at least 18 months away (oh so it won't look liked the screenshots then or the hardware had to catch up?) there is bollock all too look forward too?! Well because the Elite Dangerous team decided half way through the 11th hour to tell their followers "Sorry, did we forget to mention they're is no single player? Despite the fact that we have only ever done single player and never done multiplayer?" lol.

I actually thought the multiplayer would end up crap. Well generally they are too me because they are a mess and full of people behaving like children in most of them.

Was quite funny what I saw commentors remarking about Russian players in DOTA 2 on Steam. I am still curious regarding all the fuss regarding DOTA 2.

But then I do have a terrible memory. Hmm I wonder what PC Format said about Dragon Age?

Let's hope 2015 is a lot better?!

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I was perusing the gaming news articles and I saw yet another title released absolutely loaded with bugs. In fact unplayable and remarks like 'paper weight' were used often.

First I hear Assassin's Creed Unity and now Halo The Master Chief?!

This is not only becoming a habit but now way beyond a joke.

These publishers and coders seem to think that they deserve a top ten  AAA game profit margins without a gamen?!

Yeah and old lady Nellie wants paying for 100 knitted jumpers, pullovers, before she had finished her first one and delivering them with no arms with the intention of rolling in the stores a week later to sew on the missing arms.

I was thinking about governing bodies and how my run ins with them in other areas have revealed that these so called governing bodies look the part but actually do nothing. I was thinking this as I was also thinking how this is piss-taking beyond belief and morons but the games anyway. They seem to be able to do what they want because there are always impatient idiots that then scream about it later. But the truth is someone subsequently had to buy it first to discover its broken anyway. This is what they take advantage of the fact that there are impatient people out there by the bucket load.

I was wondering if it was just me or whether this scenario is just getting worse and worse? I wonder if the day will come when all the plates in the store for sale are broken? And at full price too!

But wait 6 months to a year and you get a fixed plate on the shelf for half the price or less and a couple of side plates to boot.

I find myself waiting for things that will be broken on delivery and thus far have talked myself out of buying them. Admittedly I have the help of not actually getting a hold of a Radeon R9-280 just yet.

Now in a few weeks time if a working version of Dragon Age Inquisition is in the shelves and the cash for the graphics card in my pocket things might play out a little differently.

It has been a steep learning curve getting back in the game and the amount of bias and bind stupidity I have seen from reviewers have even put me off the tree to magazines left in business. I guess sine people never learn or just to stubborn to change and shoot themselves in the foot? They ridicule things with an authority line they understand how everything's works when the reality is they are just reviewers. Nothing more.

As I was thinking these things flicking through my gaming news app I stumbled upon the report below questioning those that release the games in what is truly a pitiful state.

Remarkably they also question the fact that this happens and that that go out and buy the gas games on day of release. They highlight that no one gets any punishment taking the piss out of consumers. Because numpties handed in their cash and then have hissy-fits afterwards when it don't work. Yeah there is a reason they sell you crap, because you take it that's why.

As for me I watch all the hissy-fits and then when it goes quiet I know it's working and then I consider reaching for my wallet.

Friday, 21 November 2014


If I had an audience with Techland, the people that created Dead Island, I would ask them one question; Are, or rather were, you taking the piss?!

Actually I would ask two questions, lol, and the second one would explain or at least hint to why I asked the first do you think that Dead Island, or at least Dead Island Riptide as I have not played the others, is in your woldest dreams a triple 'A' title?! Because it looks pretty and/or because of the price you charge.

In fact this I may actuallty put top the publishers because it seems to me that all you have to do is make a game that looks pretty, albeit absolutely abysmally designed in so many ways its simply staggering bnot to mention bland, and you think its time to build a new vault for cash?

I was so disappointed and disgusted in Dead Island's Riptide, yup even at a fiver, that I left it alone for months on end. Recently I went back to it to give it another chance but the only way I was going to do this was to play from the beginning again.

Now as it turns out there were a few things I did not realise, mostly down to game design I am afraid and only supports what I said previously about lots of big 4x4s on a single two mile long road with no other intersecrting ones. One of these is that there is vastly more to the island than this poxy badly designed road suggests. that and the fact that I did not know that the game is based on firstly kicking things, well how fecking many people would think that, and THROWING things!

Yeah, yeah let's hear it?! I did not know get over it, lmao.

Also it turned out that the boat I put the engine on was noth the fecking boat I was supposed to get, despite the radio conversation leading me to believe it was I circled for ages getting killed and losing loads of money before I realised that there was no way out and back to the camp with the boat! Turns out you did not have to do that either and one gamer that helped another by stating that when you place wone engine in they all have engines and the person he helped said there were no other boats, well there fecking are!!

Do yourself a favour, do not bother with the road and stay the feck out of boats and the water and away from caves! AT ALL COSTS!! Even on level 33 which I am now on! It dont mean diddley-squat when your in certain caves with bosses!! Really, mark my words.

Still realsising you can throw anything and not just the things listed at throwing weapoons, again really bad desig and use of language, this made up for the fact that even though you had a long staff in your hand you were still unable to hit a zombies head while they rep3eatedly clouted you with their ghostly extensions to their super-human arms?!

I actually started to have fun with this realisations and there was a time when I woould end up, not by my command, with a weapon in my hands from my own inventory I did not chose, incompetence again I am afraid, and I would think 'ooh...can I throw this?!! WHOOSH, 'yup!! Cool!'

So with my second stab at things I managed to complete my first two missions. However there still remained the problem that not only did Zombies you beheaded all grow new ones when you had only just fought your way through minutes before but that of a whole group of spawning sprinting zombies right before your very eyes, again incompetence. Then there were two new things that cam to ligght and this is that the maps are fecking rubbish, for feck sake hire a cartographer, and I metntioned boats?! Yeah well when your playing on your own do not fecking go anywehre near one and ignore what the imbeciles who coded the game told you as they clearly lied about testing it. Zombies spawn in front of the boat constantly, grab ahold of the sides and all you have to defencd yourself is a kick with the 'E' button that has to be times just right in a maze of a swamp with no straight lines and useless against any zombies getting in the boat beside you or behind you?! Impervious to propellers then to, eh?

This brings me onto the drivel that is in the paperwork of many products you buy that is not only vomit inducing but, and especially so in the corruption blogs I write, may be a very tricky prosppect for many impatient and greedy money men in the nopt too distant future...

We thank you for buying our product which has been bought to you in a highly polished state and with rigorous testing....


In a hand to hand combat game you never even boithered to measure a human's arm? Do not, I repeat do NOT code a Boxing game for feck sake!

Also the other thing is that not only were many things clearly not tested at all neither was this game tested in single player mode as this is the very first title I have ever owned or played through and thought 'yes this bit needs help from other players I don't have'. Not only have I never thought this about any previous game but I have lost count of how many times I have thought this during Riptide.

The two main ones are travelling in a boat anywhere more than 10 metres, no I am not kidding, and in a damned cave called Jimmy's Tight Spot or Jimmy's Little Cave or something like that! Lol! There as a boss in there and I had used up all my weapons by throwing them all, oops do not try thisd at home kiddies, and then got my arse kicked around 100 times. I got so enraged by the absolute incompetence once again that this was designed and coded that I simply refused to back down. Eventually I beat the stupidly hard zombie and my cash went from around $30,000 just under to $8,000 dollars?! Yeah do not even get me started on there stupid procing system, charging you more to upgrade or fix a weapon that the weapon ends up being worth?! Yeah thats a good incentive to get players to be created! In fact...

The very first time I had other players in my game, which has happened only twice out of several dozen plays, they were clearly cheating. Not just one but two players cheating as their guns and amount of bullets were simply unbelievable. I remember thinking 'yeah thats how fecking incompetently designed game is as everyone has to cheat!' which brings me into the one thing that is not annoying but IS the most disturbing aspect of this game and one that has been totally missed by authorities anywhere, guess it makes them far too much money and tax, and everywhere despite draconian rules and laws governing other things that do not even come close to this atrocity...

For me this game has a far greater violence aqnd gore aspect than any other game I have played and I have played all the ones that have been mentioned in the media after some moron shoots a bunch of people in America. In fact I avoide axes and heavy duty stuff like chainsaws because it makes me queasy walking around with a large blunt object that as soon as you swing it ends up covered head to toe in blood! I cant tell you how many times I have waded through a swamp trying to wash it clean! It is like the coders can not wait to just get it covered in thick blood at every oppurtunity and the lack of professionalism, physics and even really bad ommisions like no animals and its clear that the target audience for this were children!

I would not have liked my own children playing this game and nor my grandchildren either. Which begs the question that there is some truly dreafdul parenting going on to today?!

But, hey, what do I know after all the world is such a perfect place today what could possibly be wrong wwith anything I complain about?! Lol!

As for this game....grrrrr. Well I wont be buying anything brand new ant full price that has the Techland name on it, not even as gifts and will advise any parents I know against either their products for kids or anything published by Deep Silver.

I have never paid much attention to those that complain about violence in games but were I to be approached about this particular title I would recommend they ban it in its current form and any further games from either Techland or Deep Silver, as ll games should just as films are, be scrutinised more closely. When I think of the film titles they banned over the years and for a couple of decades too its pathetic compared to what this game shows its user. Being able to throw weapons means I could keep a distance from any gorey aspects.

I just hope that they did not sell that well as I would hate for other publishers and game software houses to go this route, really I would and this coming from someone that played almost all the Doom and Quake games and Return to Wolfenstein and a whole host of others.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Bizarrely the title refers to the fact that I have linked to a BBC story that is she old to me.

In fact to those who have visited this blog and researched enough it will seem like an age old story to you too.

I can also guarantee that at some point tomorrow this will be the topic of conversation with someone I know.

The report that I have linked to is a BBC one regarding the Spanish nurse who survived the Ebola virus and she had an interesting account of things. In fact that friend and I had already had a conversation about this nurse and that there were things reported that were not quite right, so to speak.

Something that the press, the entire press seemed to miss in fact.

The previous conversation involved the little fact that the nurse in question had not been to Africa but more importantly she had previously claimed to confusion as she had no idea how she contacted the virus.

Now if it were literally me I would feel pretty sure despite having my dodgy memory and not being a health professional...or a professional cook, despite being a good cook. I digress. Yes, I do that a lot. My point is I am not someone whose profession involves washing my hands every ten minutes and spend time disinfecting things. So when a nurse states that she did not do anything that child have led to her connecting Ebola then my first instinct is to believe her. I mean it would be entirely different had it been someone she was caring for. But, no she contacted it herself. There would be no reason to lie about it and unless she had some order or other that affects her memory the is no reason what to believe her.

Also she had some negative things you say about the Spanish officials too, one for putting her dog down! I agree with her there, it was both cruel and stupid. Still I am sure they will pay for that in some way at some point?

I would wager there will be more to come from this particular incident and I dare say it won't be the only incident that will prove... revealing?

I could 'rattle off' about the Spanish authorities and government but what would be the point? I would be accused of being racist... no actually that label only seems to apply to a very few races. I would be accused of singling out Spain because I don't like them, which would be ludicrous and totally untrue. Not to mention stupid because I am backing up the nurse and her comments.

The main reason is I have already made it clear that the UK authorities, officials, public services and government are a bunch of selfish treats who mostly only give a crap about themselves and their salaries. Mostly. Well some do give a crap about the public almost as much as their salaries. The are even a tiny fraction that may value life above money even?

Yes there must be individuals out there who help others while taking no money, fame and even at a financial cost to themselves?


Actually you may have guessed that I was having a bit of fun there regarding government officials... well you get the idea.

But I am pretty darn sure that there will be revelations to come? Probably not only regarding Ebola either? In fact there is a long list! Much of that list and likely might end up anywhere from 60% to 95% of that list is covered on this blog.

Or in other words more revelations will come from other sources regarding all those I have already covered and very likely several that I have not too? Of course I am only speaking about revelations within the UK when I say this. Well it would be easy to expose a long list of organisations and state note would come out in these areas globally. There are a lot of countries it there I would get pretty close to that being bang on the money. Well I would think so anyway?

Hmm come to think of it I should create a checklist? The list of everyone I have covered.... or should I say 'caught red handed' and then ticks against those that have then appeared in the media? Hmm yes that could be a bit of fun? Would be great to give specific details of each one too and I was thinking that this would be too difficult but... no, it might not be? If I create a list and then just take a few weeks checking each one on the internet and provide...links to each story. Would have to be bonafide links though, not to those that have pages containing outlandish claims. Well the news media is what I mean... except they are not unfamiliar with outlandish claims that are not true. While actually completely ignoring someone with a couple of dozen good revelations with evidence but somehow managing to cover the same, but different events, stories at a later... often much later date.


It is funny but sometimes when I read things like this and in the troubled times we live in I have to wonder to more in the way of uprising of the people against the idiots in charge.

However what I tend to find is that the vast majority of the time, not 100% but not far off, is that when people get into the positions they turn into tossers. Maybe they just become idiots and maybe they just turn evil or are just plain blind naive? But what do you do? Or maybe it's just that the lying became so obvious for so long it became... 'accepted' because we became desensitized you it? A shame that word now only comes up in the media when they are talking about beheadings. I think therefore that after its latest use you would be hard pushed to think of a situation that would call for its use?

Oohs working to hear that in one newspaper they have the Tories down for awhile in the general election? Christ, British people must be completely bonkers to actually vote for the Tories in such numbers? I think that most people that voted this way, not all lol but most, should see a psychiatrist... that does not vote Conservative, lol. I tend to think that if people have taken such a disliking to Ed Miliband in such numbers I think people will note likely abstain from voting?

Abstaining is the only reasonable action...error inaction taken by the sensible and intelligent person in the next election. The only choice of the sane person. Lol. Mind you they all seem like that in the news media. One minute attacking someone in government and the next talking to them regarding an incident that's occurred like the previous attack never happened, or the lies. Only for then to find out later that was 'bullshit' too.

I long for the day when a journalist asks a question of someone in government and then says "but is that not just bullshit and lies like every other question you have ever been asked? "

I imagine a situation taking place along those lines being filmed would get a million hits on YouTube?

We could only hope.

Cured Ebola nurse recounts ordeal

Monday, 3 November 2014


I have been watching closely, well now I am, the news media fiasco that had been unfolding over that terrible crash of the Virgin Galactic fight. The pilot was killed and the Co pilot injured, though the latter was something incredible to discover.

Now with anything like this there are risks. Much is theory and this is common knowledge to anyone with a working brain. Throughout history any frontiers that were broken were done with huge risks and this included risks to one's life.

All those involved have always known this. But somehow the British media do not and it is almost like their is a personal vendetta? Literally.
Within no time at all people were queuing up to say negative things about their plight and stating that it sid be given up? Despite the fact that within the same half hour they showed a man walking on a tight rope without a safety net hundreds of feet above a city and blindfolded to boot! There is no other gain outside of the personal gain of fame and therefore money. But where we're the queue of people waiting to say it is stupid, a waste of time an was warned of the dangers? There are none because you do not get on TV over walking a tightrope.

It gets worse when I repeatedly heard that the mixture of fuel was changed and this was the culprit and it says a fair while before I realised, or rather remembered, that "well hang on a moment, the co-pilot survived? There could not have been an explosion so the fuel mixture was just a quick attempt at doom mongering."

Why? Did some establishment have it in for Richard Branson?

I also find it completely two faced when companies that run documentaries and series about science regarding cosmology, space travel and how there are too many people living in Earth would day the things they have?

I personally would not be surprised if there was a backlash over this from scientists, budding scientists, students and of course the myriad of science fiction fans?

Just further evidence that the big corporations and the news media no exception is run by complete idiots.

I also think the word 'backlash' is now heading for a year whereby it is likely to be used a hell of a lot.

You know I realised that I am using software that must be coded by religious nut jobs? Of all the crazy things that go on within the Android OS I have realised that it refuses to type out certain words? One in particular it is absolutely adamant it won't type out so I have to do this manually. That word is 'Hell'! Lol. It just won't do it like it has a terrible allergic reaction to the word. It is easier to get it to type out swear words... literally.

Anyway I find it lamentable how the media and the queue of spotlight hunting dogs behave at times of terrible tragedies.

Quite why the news keep starting they will cover it live when the authorities clearly stated it could take up to a year I simply find myself scratching my own head.

If these things were without risk then quite simply man would have walked on Mars a decade and a half ago now? Just as many my age were taught when kids at school.

There must be money or careers to be made in being harbingers of doom?

Jesus Christ, I cannot wait for the day when this shit all stops! See?


Virgin crash probe 'may take a year'

Saturday, 1 November 2014


In all my researching of computer games of late, and being out of gaming for several years and had not discovered RPGs last time around the were... are a lot of them to work through, some were exciting to begin with then... not.

In older titles this is usually down to bad customer reviews. In titles bit yet released this is down to hype, or more precisely over-hyped.

Hype is often stated, at least I think, by the publishing companies and the oby train they are there in all honesty. Yes they may bang on to the software house about how much advertising costs and his much they need it to get their large share of the profits and dog the software houses to rush games.

Today there is little need for them and in all honesty probably do note harm than good. Sometimes they are a little more subtle and simply show you a running game in all its graphical splendour. They may do a few remarks and then the fans do the rest.

One particular title which is a very good example is Watch Dogs. I was very interested in this title and the pictures looked out of this world. Now I have this odd thing about not liking third person perspective games, or used to have, but seem to have gotten over this with a couple of very good titles. Mass Effect did the third person particularly well I thought. So did Sleeping Dogs but I like the ones that were over the shoulder and then change to first person or target view on pressing the right mouse button.

Watch Dogs got released and within a short space of time there were strange rumblings among gamers. First off all the graphics were not the same as those shown at one of the big events. I did read some complaints about it being short and that was an old complaint of mine.

I went off the idea of getting the game but today I saw this report about the title selling in figures that made no sense. In the first three months the game sold a whopping 8 million. In the following three months it sold 9 million?! I have to admit to reading it wrong and thinking it only sold 1 million. Lol. Now it is entirely possible that it could have gone on sale in more countries in the second the months. Not sure how but I guess some would have needed to be 'toned down' maybe to meet certain certifications to do with violence and sex? Still even so it's still peculiar. If not its downright had scratching!

I was totally put off after being completely on board. I know that I most certainly was not alone. I find this quite bizarre and wonder if this happens all the time? On the other hand I think of Tesco Supermarket in the UK who have been making it the company is taking me than it did. Someone I know right this was down to embezzling but I can't see that. I think it s note to do with seeking the company and ripping another rip off company. Well what goes around comes around and the only people to give a shit about that are the rich people, solicitors and news media because they are household names. Good God when will the media learn?

Oh well wait, people do like these reality show based upon supposed talent? Hmm maybe I have been looking at some things all wrong?

I personally find it completely bizarre and when I use words like 'bizarre' it is because I cannot think of a realistic reason. Hence 'bizarre'.

Still maybe there is some plausible reason this has occurred.

When I talk about people with... 'odd views' I can state that I remembered a webpage tonight speaking about a title I now am currently playing but has since issues.

This is Sleeping Dogs and oh my word I cannot explain how much I love this on so many levels. But it was obvious from my early moments that something was amiss. It actually ruined the early moments of the game and I thought it was going to be unplayable. The control was slow, clunky and unresponsive and I was heartbroken at looking at the visuals and knowing it had martial arts, I've trained a fair deal in Wing Chun Kung Fu, in it and at in Hong Kong, a place I have wanted to go for years along with Foshan.

I searched the Internet for tips, solutions or whether there was an update that solved the issue. I stumbled across a website with a few other pc gamers complaining about the same thing. But then another bunch of pc gamers, console gamers I expect it from, telling the guy he should be thankful they bought it to the PC and that he was unreasonable to expect then to re-write the game for the PC to take advantage of the mouse and the keyboard. When he stated that the mouse and keyboard were superior controllers than gamepads some actually disagreed with him?! Umm... no.... just, NO!

To be honest I thought they were console owners making these statements and not very bright ones at that?! Let's take a look at what's wrong with these statements...

1 So it's not financially rewarding to rewrite the controller post of code for the PC? Let us say that they sell 6 million in each platform? So a small rewrite of the code for control is bit worth another six million or more in sales? Dumb-arses.

2 These people are showing that they do not give a shit about their customers and YOUR defending then?! Are you for real?

The poster on that forum was right in stating it was laziness. I turned up the mouse sensitivity in game but it did nothing. So I went back into settings and found the sensitivity had reset itself? Odd.

However my particular mouse, Logitech G602, has on board buttons to adjust the DPI and that seemed to make enough of a difference. Happy Days!

I also have to state that this was the first time I bought a title that I actually thought I would have to buy a Gamepad to pay it? That had never happened before outside of FIFA, umm that other famous football title I had on the Playstation Portable? Yes I owned A Playstation! Just the one mind and I have to admit to having a passing interest in the Vita. Yes, I said that too! Lol. But then I never really travel or go far enough away or long enough to use one. However now that I think about it I do think it might have been more sensible to have gone for the Vita than the Advent Tegra Note I currently have! Hmm if I could like up my not so good Gamepad to it but more importantly if I could link my portable fold up keyboard to it. Oh no, now I cannot stop thinking about that now? Lol.

Due to unforeseen... financial circumstances I have still to finish my PC and still have... errm, two posts to get, ooh no three. Well I silk have to test my racing wheel to see if it works normally again? That might sound weird but the wheel only played up when Microsft realised I had an unlicensed copy of Windows and that played up too. Not installed it since they sent me an official copy. So have my fingers crossed I don't need one! Especially as the reviewers out there do not have a good word to say about one, consistently anyway, outside of the Logitech G27. I am really disappointed in Thrustmaster as many years ago they were synonymous with quality. This is true up to £100 and over that it jumps to £200 and then another £150 or more, more for the next model which is the GT500 I think it's called. Bummer.

So yeah I want mine to be still operational. Otherwise it came from PC World and did not last a completion of a single title, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Mine is the Ferrari GT Experience.