Thursday, 27 November 2014


I was perusing the gaming news articles and I saw yet another title released absolutely loaded with bugs. In fact unplayable and remarks like 'paper weight' were used often.

First I hear Assassin's Creed Unity and now Halo The Master Chief?!

This is not only becoming a habit but now way beyond a joke.

These publishers and coders seem to think that they deserve a top ten  AAA game profit margins without a gamen?!

Yeah and old lady Nellie wants paying for 100 knitted jumpers, pullovers, before she had finished her first one and delivering them with no arms with the intention of rolling in the stores a week later to sew on the missing arms.

I was thinking about governing bodies and how my run ins with them in other areas have revealed that these so called governing bodies look the part but actually do nothing. I was thinking this as I was also thinking how this is piss-taking beyond belief and morons but the games anyway. They seem to be able to do what they want because there are always impatient idiots that then scream about it later. But the truth is someone subsequently had to buy it first to discover its broken anyway. This is what they take advantage of the fact that there are impatient people out there by the bucket load.

I was wondering if it was just me or whether this scenario is just getting worse and worse? I wonder if the day will come when all the plates in the store for sale are broken? And at full price too!

But wait 6 months to a year and you get a fixed plate on the shelf for half the price or less and a couple of side plates to boot.

I find myself waiting for things that will be broken on delivery and thus far have talked myself out of buying them. Admittedly I have the help of not actually getting a hold of a Radeon R9-280 just yet.

Now in a few weeks time if a working version of Dragon Age Inquisition is in the shelves and the cash for the graphics card in my pocket things might play out a little differently.

It has been a steep learning curve getting back in the game and the amount of bias and bind stupidity I have seen from reviewers have even put me off the tree to magazines left in business. I guess sine people never learn or just to stubborn to change and shoot themselves in the foot? They ridicule things with an authority line they understand how everything's works when the reality is they are just reviewers. Nothing more.

As I was thinking these things flicking through my gaming news app I stumbled upon the report below questioning those that release the games in what is truly a pitiful state.

Remarkably they also question the fact that this happens and that that go out and buy the gas games on day of release. They highlight that no one gets any punishment taking the piss out of consumers. Because numpties handed in their cash and then have hissy-fits afterwards when it don't work. Yeah there is a reason they sell you crap, because you take it that's why.

As for me I watch all the hissy-fits and then when it goes quiet I know it's working and then I consider reaching for my wallet.

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