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Bizarrely the title refers to the fact that I have linked to a BBC story that is she old to me.

In fact to those who have visited this blog and researched enough it will seem like an age old story to you too.

I can also guarantee that at some point tomorrow this will be the topic of conversation with someone I know.

The report that I have linked to is a BBC one regarding the Spanish nurse who survived the Ebola virus and she had an interesting account of things. In fact that friend and I had already had a conversation about this nurse and that there were things reported that were not quite right, so to speak.

Something that the press, the entire press seemed to miss in fact.

The previous conversation involved the little fact that the nurse in question had not been to Africa but more importantly she had previously claimed to confusion as she had no idea how she contacted the virus.

Now if it were literally me I would feel pretty sure despite having my dodgy memory and not being a health professional...or a professional cook, despite being a good cook. I digress. Yes, I do that a lot. My point is I am not someone whose profession involves washing my hands every ten minutes and spend time disinfecting things. So when a nurse states that she did not do anything that child have led to her connecting Ebola then my first instinct is to believe her. I mean it would be entirely different had it been someone she was caring for. But, no she contacted it herself. There would be no reason to lie about it and unless she had some order or other that affects her memory the is no reason what to believe her.

Also she had some negative things you say about the Spanish officials too, one for putting her dog down! I agree with her there, it was both cruel and stupid. Still I am sure they will pay for that in some way at some point?

I would wager there will be more to come from this particular incident and I dare say it won't be the only incident that will prove... revealing?

I could 'rattle off' about the Spanish authorities and government but what would be the point? I would be accused of being racist... no actually that label only seems to apply to a very few races. I would be accused of singling out Spain because I don't like them, which would be ludicrous and totally untrue. Not to mention stupid because I am backing up the nurse and her comments.

The main reason is I have already made it clear that the UK authorities, officials, public services and government are a bunch of selfish treats who mostly only give a crap about themselves and their salaries. Mostly. Well some do give a crap about the public almost as much as their salaries. The are even a tiny fraction that may value life above money even?

Yes there must be individuals out there who help others while taking no money, fame and even at a financial cost to themselves?


Actually you may have guessed that I was having a bit of fun there regarding government officials... well you get the idea.

But I am pretty darn sure that there will be revelations to come? Probably not only regarding Ebola either? In fact there is a long list! Much of that list and likely might end up anywhere from 60% to 95% of that list is covered on this blog.

Or in other words more revelations will come from other sources regarding all those I have already covered and very likely several that I have not too? Of course I am only speaking about revelations within the UK when I say this. Well it would be easy to expose a long list of organisations and state note would come out in these areas globally. There are a lot of countries it there I would get pretty close to that being bang on the money. Well I would think so anyway?

Hmm come to think of it I should create a checklist? The list of everyone I have covered.... or should I say 'caught red handed' and then ticks against those that have then appeared in the media? Hmm yes that could be a bit of fun? Would be great to give specific details of each one too and I was thinking that this would be too difficult but... no, it might not be? If I create a list and then just take a few weeks checking each one on the internet and provide...links to each story. Would have to be bonafide links though, not to those that have pages containing outlandish claims. Well the news media is what I mean... except they are not unfamiliar with outlandish claims that are not true. While actually completely ignoring someone with a couple of dozen good revelations with evidence but somehow managing to cover the same, but different events, stories at a later... often much later date.


It is funny but sometimes when I read things like this and in the troubled times we live in I have to wonder to more in the way of uprising of the people against the idiots in charge.

However what I tend to find is that the vast majority of the time, not 100% but not far off, is that when people get into the positions they turn into tossers. Maybe they just become idiots and maybe they just turn evil or are just plain blind naive? But what do you do? Or maybe it's just that the lying became so obvious for so long it became... 'accepted' because we became desensitized you it? A shame that word now only comes up in the media when they are talking about beheadings. I think therefore that after its latest use you would be hard pushed to think of a situation that would call for its use?

Oohs working to hear that in one newspaper they have the Tories down for awhile in the general election? Christ, British people must be completely bonkers to actually vote for the Tories in such numbers? I think that most people that voted this way, not all lol but most, should see a psychiatrist... that does not vote Conservative, lol. I tend to think that if people have taken such a disliking to Ed Miliband in such numbers I think people will note likely abstain from voting?

Abstaining is the only reasonable action...error inaction taken by the sensible and intelligent person in the next election. The only choice of the sane person. Lol. Mind you they all seem like that in the news media. One minute attacking someone in government and the next talking to them regarding an incident that's occurred like the previous attack never happened, or the lies. Only for then to find out later that was 'bullshit' too.

I long for the day when a journalist asks a question of someone in government and then says "but is that not just bullshit and lies like every other question you have ever been asked? "

I imagine a situation taking place along those lines being filmed would get a million hits on YouTube?

We could only hope.

Cured Ebola nurse recounts ordeal

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