Monday, 3 November 2014


I have been watching closely, well now I am, the news media fiasco that had been unfolding over that terrible crash of the Virgin Galactic fight. The pilot was killed and the Co pilot injured, though the latter was something incredible to discover.

Now with anything like this there are risks. Much is theory and this is common knowledge to anyone with a working brain. Throughout history any frontiers that were broken were done with huge risks and this included risks to one's life.

All those involved have always known this. But somehow the British media do not and it is almost like their is a personal vendetta? Literally.
Within no time at all people were queuing up to say negative things about their plight and stating that it sid be given up? Despite the fact that within the same half hour they showed a man walking on a tight rope without a safety net hundreds of feet above a city and blindfolded to boot! There is no other gain outside of the personal gain of fame and therefore money. But where we're the queue of people waiting to say it is stupid, a waste of time an was warned of the dangers? There are none because you do not get on TV over walking a tightrope.

It gets worse when I repeatedly heard that the mixture of fuel was changed and this was the culprit and it says a fair while before I realised, or rather remembered, that "well hang on a moment, the co-pilot survived? There could not have been an explosion so the fuel mixture was just a quick attempt at doom mongering."

Why? Did some establishment have it in for Richard Branson?

I also find it completely two faced when companies that run documentaries and series about science regarding cosmology, space travel and how there are too many people living in Earth would day the things they have?

I personally would not be surprised if there was a backlash over this from scientists, budding scientists, students and of course the myriad of science fiction fans?

Just further evidence that the big corporations and the news media no exception is run by complete idiots.

I also think the word 'backlash' is now heading for a year whereby it is likely to be used a hell of a lot.

You know I realised that I am using software that must be coded by religious nut jobs? Of all the crazy things that go on within the Android OS I have realised that it refuses to type out certain words? One in particular it is absolutely adamant it won't type out so I have to do this manually. That word is 'Hell'! Lol. It just won't do it like it has a terrible allergic reaction to the word. It is easier to get it to type out swear words... literally.

Anyway I find it lamentable how the media and the queue of spotlight hunting dogs behave at times of terrible tragedies.

Quite why the news keep starting they will cover it live when the authorities clearly stated it could take up to a year I simply find myself scratching my own head.

If these things were without risk then quite simply man would have walked on Mars a decade and a half ago now? Just as many my age were taught when kids at school.

There must be money or careers to be made in being harbingers of doom?

Jesus Christ, I cannot wait for the day when this shit all stops! See?


Virgin crash probe 'may take a year'

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