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I simply do not believe it!

I had just posted up recently about the number of broken games that have been launched this year and how it's been a rubbish year all ribs for games and it happened twice more?!

In fact I distinctly remember one gamer remarking that is been a bad year while being odd that new generation consoles almost out a year and someone correcting him using Dragon Age Inquisition and Assassins Creed Unity coming out in a couple of months time that will turn this year of 2014 into a good one?!

I remember thinking how stupid a agreement it was too dry that it had been a good year because of two, ooh no three titles that had yet to come out with Borderlands The Pre Sequel being the other.

I also remember thinking that despite him or her being stupid for saying that they would probably by correct because Dragon Age Inquisition looked very good.

Now the stark reality...

I want to email PC Gamer magazine and give them a severe ticking off over their latest issue and review of the lasts Dragon Age. I was out at Sainsburys and feeling ill when I sorted the words "Massive Review Inside" regarding Dragon Age. Also a section on Star Citizen. Last months was shite Abbas did bit but it but those time I threw it in my basket grabbed some milk and left.

What a mistake!

I read the review and it was both appalling and confusing Andes stated to look and sound suspicious as asking with these things I can rely you that the review was NOT massive. Quite the opposite in fact!

1 The was no mention of graphics in detail oddly combined with...

2 All tiny little pictures?! Not that many either...

3 An average size review

4 Now along with their also highly suspicious 87%, even that was a disappointment, this had been completely blown to bits by HONEST reviewers in Amazon?!

First of to deal with numbers one and two this is because the graphics apparently ate not just 'not all that' but one reviewer states they are like a PS3?!

Then there is the worst crime for a PC game and one that with someone of Bioware's experience should not happen, a broken combat system. Did they fire the guy or guys that worked in the last two titles?!

What a bunch of arsehole's?!

The reviews get even worse and one guy says the same as I have done but a lot more blunt nut to mention direct. Even calling reviewers giving it any thing 8 or above out of 10, liars.

The facts do support the fact that there is a great deal of dishonesty going on and I think the last remaining magazines on sale are going to go the way of the Dodo.

Dragon Age 2 was panned by many due to its lack of RPG depth and yet in the PC Gamer review states exactly the same for Dragon Age Inquisition? So what the f....

I think reviewers of certain computing magazines need a lot more name calling going on than even this reviewer gives them. Seriously! They are idiots, pure and simple and are not the only ones that get into the cross hairs of fed up PC gamers wanting something to shoot at.

There very obviously and had been for some time a too close for comfort relationship going in between the publishers/coders and reviewers. An uncomfortable situation that has not just recently highlighted itself over one game but several.

It may simply be a case that becoming involved in the over hyping of famous and precisely popular titles sells magazines?

After not buying a gaming magazine in ten years I now have two that feature Dragon Age Institution on the cover and inside. Rather interestingly the first preview feature is actually far better than the actual review?

But where were the problems that PC gamers are now reporting? They played these extensive sections of the game, no doubt arranged by the ever more hateful Electronic Arts, so how come the version they played from four months ago is bug free and after for months further work now there are still the issues?!

To be honest and coming from someone with a very long but gappy history with computer games the current situation is not just ridiculous it is severely piss-taking to the point of obvious and I now understand why many commentors are harsh and up to an absolute rage.

The funny thing is this is a deliberate attempt to mislead the consumer and therefore is corruption and fraud. I cover the subjects a great deal but I never expected to post about them on this blog.

So not only has the Central Processing Unit reviewers all become expert silicon chip designers when reviewing to favour Intel chips that had nothing to do with gaming but back up certain... games software houses and/or publishers?!


I know I had some suspicions for awhile now but I thought that my... radar had to be off sometime? I mean with most of the magazines now gone leaving only a handful that cover games (Custom PC, PC Format, PC Gamer) they would have learned? No.

They constantly claim things about processors and systems they cannot possibly prove and often get proved wrong for later on.

Now we are getting told games coming out will be brilliant and when they do they are crap.

In fact I would go as far as stating that in the review of Dragon Age Institution it sounded... uncomfortable and wonder now whether they gave it the 87%, which is a fair bit lower than I expected, because they had already raved and praised it in an early preview?

The one single thing that I can claim I recall.. only thing I recall from the review that was positive was... the size of the open world!

But...., yup the is a but, that was whinged about too. One section, oh good God no, is just a market place. Apparently only small and not much going on there. Err why? It is bit even bustling with people and one reviewer states he missed the bustling city in Dragon Age 2?! Wait a minute? Was that have not supposed to be shit?

Well it looks like I am going to end 2014 without purchasing a single game on release?! Hmm can't remember when I built my latest PC but must have been 6 months now? Which reminds me now that it is not finished Anne that one of the things I wanted to buy was a graphics card and was literally itching over this because of Dragon Age!

Not anymore.

In fact I will confuse you by telling you that I do have a new title, which my PC Gamer magazine issue also confused me over. Confused? Lol...

I have a copy of Alien Isolation which was given to me by a brother of mine I am thankful for. It was also a special edition and came with the two DLC's and one I already played several times taking place on the Nostromo with Ellen Ripley and the rest of the infamous crew.

Confusing because PC Gamer magazine just reviewed this and yet I have not played it for over a month.

Damn, I was really looking forward to this title. I probably will get it at some point, provided all the problems are fixed the control most of all and it is cheaper... a lot cheaper as I refuse to pay full price for a crappy console port they lied about.

Now I wonder what the next possibility is on the radar? Oh don't let it be Fallout 4 as that is ages away?! Elder Scrolls even further! Lol, now with Chris Roberts stating Star Citizen is at least 18 months away (oh so it won't look liked the screenshots then or the hardware had to catch up?) there is bollock all too look forward too?! Well because the Elite Dangerous team decided half way through the 11th hour to tell their followers "Sorry, did we forget to mention they're is no single player? Despite the fact that we have only ever done single player and never done multiplayer?" lol.

I actually thought the multiplayer would end up crap. Well generally they are too me because they are a mess and full of people behaving like children in most of them.

Was quite funny what I saw commentors remarking about Russian players in DOTA 2 on Steam. I am still curious regarding all the fuss regarding DOTA 2.

But then I do have a terrible memory. Hmm I wonder what PC Format said about Dragon Age?

Let's hope 2015 is a lot better?!

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