Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hmm I think I forgot these videos, err or was that video?

My laptop was shutting the screen off and against my better judgement I went at it with screwdrivers and took it apart, well only partially. I saw the hunge do its think, the one that the (err what happened to the rest of this pot and why has it been truncated mid sentence? GOOOOOOOOGLE!!!!!

Bloody twats!!


It seems that the chap I was mentioning before, at least I think I did (Fibrofog) is Jay Z Two Cents or something similar.

Due to the disappearence to the Canadian duo I have now added this chap to my susbscriptions, something I am very choosey about doing. However I liked his frank and funny approach to testing and reviewing things.

I am, I will admit, heavily looking into things right now and ... will be for the next couple of weeks to which after this I am going to be ... taking action regarding a few bits and pieces.

I have also been looking at more up to date games and even purchased a copy of PC Gamer recently. Now I had the first ever copy of that along with a few others. Some of these are no longer in existence and some are.

The titles I have read about have me somewhat excited I must say and I have a driven determination to try and achieve things over the next month!

However I do tend to like single player itles to multi player ones so I will have to check and make sure as to what is what and not make any mistakes in a months time.

But I do love flight Sims and am eager to see more about ...

Star Citizen (read its MMO :( )

Elite Dangerous (read its MMO :( )

Eve Valkyrie (MMO)

I was interested in X Rebirth as I played all the others but my word does it get a panning from people so ... maybe not?!

I also like Role Playing games along with open world games that can last you a long time, several weeks as opposed to several hours.

I love the two titles I have along these lines of

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 

Fallout New Vegas (played Fallout 3 too)

Deus Ex Human Revolution

None of the follow ups to these have been announced quite unfortunately. Many are stating they are some way off but I whink maybe as not as far off as many think due to the launch of the new consoles of the PS3 and XBone?!

I am interested in ...

Crysis 3

Farcry 3

But I will have to check them out further and was also interested in Metro Last Light.

There are the Wolfenstein and Watch Dog titles too. Dragon Age Inquisition along with Tom Clancy's The Division and Dying Light. Also the H1Z1 sounds interesting thus far. Also Project Cars or any ohter driving game I can find I think will be of major interest?!

I also have a rough list of things that comprise .. umm ... ten things ... ooooh wait no? THIRTEEN things, lol. These are not games!

There are a few others rumoured about that seem interesting however I have lost count of the amount of hype a imminent title has acquired only for it to be a let down upon release for one reason or another. These companies should really not sell themselves out to parent companies who will treat them like musians are treated and rushed something out that is unfinished.

What I also foind surprising is that in this day and age where you can write things to optical disks so easily or provide your own downloadable content that things are still squeezed in this way? Especially now that you have things like Kickstarter too where scores of people go wading through it for projects of interest!

I mean there is very big name in music that got around all this kind of thing and will not pander to the greedy execs wanting money immediately and not content to wait and that of course is Radiohead.

Whatever I do in about one month from now you can bet that my best camera will be at the ready and fully put to work! I am also leaning in a direction I have not done so before and never wanted to before. Yet I am pretty sure that this time around I am going to dive into that area?!

Also I am interested in looking into Dishonoured which I nearly bought when it came out but was not too sure, but now their is talk of Dishonoured 2 and hopefully this will be followed, or preceded, by Fallout 4 (read rumour Boston was scouted for this) and then Elder Scrolls 6?!

I have another blog whereby it always seems that everything I do comes togeether at the same time along with things being released in the media. Maybe this endeavour will follow suit?!

I might have to finally get a hard line?! (:-P)

Fingers crossed!!

One month from now this blog will get a great deal of content along these lines as will my YouTube account!

At long bloody last and should be the first of two, maybe more?!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


As I recently stated I used to get regular emails from two Canadian guys I used to enjoy listening too regarding their views.

Now when they started they were pushing to get so many subscribers and faster than they expected they reached this goal, with myself being one and I rarely subscribe, or follow for that matter.

I realised lately I had not been sent any videos about them and I just went and checked out why this was. I found this iveo of the two if them apologising that they had not done any videos lately and that reviewing everything and metting up once a week to do a show is not longer feasable? On the video they state that the will cut out the news portion of the videos but continue on doing reviewing and unboxing. They even make remarks of everyone leaving comments as to why they have not reviewed Mantle on the new AMD APUs!

This was something that made me realise I had not been getting any notofications of new videos from them.

Now they state they would continue doing reviews on things going forward but did not really explain why it had become so hard but I am guessing jobs and money.

But yet with the number of people that watch their videos along with the number of subscribers they have I find this fact astonishing! Other then a guy I watched recently they were the only guys whose reviews of computing equipment I liked, ncause they were honest about it. Even the disappointing bulldozer release you could tell they were honestly disappointed and not really happy that they can cane the product as seem to be the case everywhere else I looked. Some being realy pratts about it too because being like that gets you nothing, absolutely nothing.

Well the recent news report we received here in the UK about Google's Ads being crap must be true because the video I am linking in here I just flicked back to check its post date and it is from October 2013?! I decided this could not be correct because they mentioned Mantle and I am pretty sure it was not known about then and you certainly could not have reviewed it.

Another check has all the stunned remarks from fans and followers kisted as being three weeks ago. There is one commenter that seems to think that they wont be back and another stating they knew something was wrong"

I must admit it all does seem a bit...weird.

The odd thing is that I was well aware that before I started my very first blog on corruption that before long you start drawing more and more attention. After awhile you will end up getting offers flood in from others and I am sure thats why many people perform videos on YouTube.

I keep telling people this regarding my blog and YouTube account and yet it did not really sink in. Oh but I can assure you it is sinking in now and over the coming months chins will be dragging around on the floor!

Now I was following these guys I think before I started my first blog and they gre faster than I did. But then they had a popular subject and a good style so was bound to happen. What has happened of late I do not know. They made it sound like they lived 500 miles apart all of a sudden and I could not help but wonder if one of them had been offered a position in PR by a company whose products they used to review?

Of course if one was offered this and not the other it was likely that over time this might cause a little tension but then the remaining one should have continued on with the show on his own, many others do.

For the first time ever something is disappearing from the Internet that I will miss. A sghame and a mystery of sorts.

Monday, 19 May 2014



This video on YouTube was amazing on so many levels.

I still need to look into why the Canadian duo are not having their posts sent to me as I would like to hear their review on the new Kaveri APU.

But tonight, as I cannot get to sleep yet again, I find this guy and I was shocked. Funny and unbiased was one shock and then was the shock of the testing of the A10-7850k.

This funny chap fully admitted to being a snob when it comes to computer components and I an too. I just happen to dislike they give premiums you pay Intel and... well I don't like Intel, lol.

Yet both myself and the funny guy got a shock as he tested from a single overclocked Kaveri running Battlefield 4 to a dual graphics with a R7-250, then a R7-260 I think it was running alone without the integrated graphics and then a Geforce 780 card. As he did each test, and he had performed the same tests previously without being impressed, the frames per second continued to keep upwards! There was nothing in the way of bottlenecks at all?! Huh?!

I was certainly not expecting that and immediately I thought what could be possible if the iGPU could be coded for separately to the discreet GPU?!

After ask the whole plan for Kaveri is that the unused graphics compute units can be used in conjunction with the CPU cores!

This idea of having 12 cores in the chip being used when not playing games is a very big draw to me. It is a very clever idea and added to that a very energy efficient one too!

I bet many people did not imagine saying or reading that after the very energy sucky FX chips?!

Wow, I am actually quite stunned!! I must say they have been working their butts of on this idea and I am beginning to see why there had been no talk of FX chips.

In fact consider the remark I made about the opinion some have that the chip had more to it that have been switched off?! This usually done by a laser.

If so and a fully switched on Kaveri appears later in the year that would be quite something! Of this has been prevented by way of some agreement with Microsoft and Sony it's a shame because I would never but their machines anyway! Lol!

Now consider the possibilities I raise asking with that if others and this YouTube video and you might start realizing why Sony and Microsoft decided on AMD for their machines?

I am wondering that without actually refusing it despite them being around for a while that AMD have had another K5, I think it was K5, moment starting us all in the face?!

Now that I did not expect!

Crysis 3 on AMD A-Series KAVERI A10-7850K AND AMD…:


Now I have been doing some thinking lately along the lines of computing and I have been doing a lot of reading.

Thise that come here or my blog on corruption will know full well that since I started the blogs I have talked about building a PC Rig? In January AMD bought out an intriguing APU Chip codenamed Kaveri. This bought with it another leap in graphics and yet while the CPU side of things did not really move forward it did cut down an power consumption a great deal. It also may not have moved forward but it did this with a drop in CPU clock frequency. That was not bad!

Of course a higher frequency would have meant it did move forward and still would have been less power hungry than its predecessor! But, hey its a start.

Now I have read a great deal about this chip online and the contradictions are so wide its laughable. From playing on high settings to medium to low and in differeing resolutions too.

Now not that long ago Elder Scrolls Skyrim was lauded as a fantastic looking game. I did not realise until recently that it was an older Direct X game and this was a suprise, though in all honesty Direct X has not really made huge leaps forwards in recent times.

OK so there are games now that are supposed to have better graphics, albeit with lesser gameplay on some titles, but I find the claims about some games not being able to be played a bit odd.

Also I have been leaning towards kaveri because I seem to read and feel confident that buying into an FM2+ motherboard will allow me to plug Kaveri's replacement in, codenamed Carruzo.

Now I have played both Fallout New Vegas and Elder Scrolls Skyrim on my laptop and yes the setting were turned down some to play them but nowhere near as much as I thought! In matter of fact I asked in my local Game store if my graphics chip would run Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and the chaps said no. Not knowing which of the and New Vegas were the older of the two, yes I have been out of touch for a long time, I stated that this was weird because I played Fallout New Vegas, or could have been Fallout 3, OK. When I stated this they were shocked I was playing it on my laptop and said Oblivion would run.

It did but quite bizarrely I had to drop the settings down a lot more than the two Fallouts and even Skyrim! Yes I said Skyirm!

Now my laptop is a Phenom X3, not 4, running at 1.8GHZ and the graphics os the mobile version obviously of a AMD Radeon 5470.

Yes I plaied those games on this laptop and sure the fan snarled away whenever I played them but the fact was I did play them...

On 1600x900 on medium settings and even have 2xAF and 3, or it it 4, xAA. Or the other way around I cannot remember. Cannot do that with Skyrim but can on New Vegas.

Here are some screen shots ...

Now before anyone graons that these are old games I say to them that they are missing the point of this post and the screen shots. Now in the screenshots above you will see what I have in the way of hardware and below is a link to a video, and a funny one where me and my companions invent the New Vegas JIG. In the first video you see New Vegas running on the settings I show in the screen shots.

The reason I am playing it again is that I did a dual boot with a version of Linux, Ubuntu, some ten years plus from trying this last time. The magazine I read stated it was easy but completely failed to inform readers of two extremely important things ...

1 That WIndows is coded to refuse to install if it sees a non Microsoft Operating System, a fact they have been sued for a few times by various groups of software engineers and Steve Balmaer at his very best!

2 That you should not attempt to install Ubuntu, or any Linux OS for that matter, if you have AMD chips, especially GRAPHICS!!

Now I did a video of this and got lambasted by someone who insinuated I was an idiot for complaining about this and lambasting the Linux OS. Well yes of course we are all bloody psychic of course! The point was the magazine did not point out that over half the graphics cards out there do not work with Linux based OS's due to lack of drivers!

That was a pretty major ommission! The fact is you do not tell readers how easy it is and leave something like that out! To add fuel to this particular fire very recently a friend of mine bought an old Sony Vaio laptop to me he bought for his wife. I text him and told him it dual booted with Ubuntu and he was pleased as he knew about Ubuntu through me.

HOWEVER, once I had ridded the machine from all the mistakes its owner had made I then booted into Ubuntu, or at least I attempted to! Basically it was a no go and just locked up just prior to the detop GUI and this was a machine using an Intel CPU?!


Anyway I deleted it off and put it back to how it was. Now despite stating this I have read some little snippets that there has been a big push by AMD for drivers on Linux. Probably because of the hge cock up that is Windows 8 along with the announcement by Valve Software of a STeam Operating System to run games, along with the imminent Steam Boxes for games too?

So things are looking kind of cool but I find some of the things stated somewhat misleading.

That chap that left the comment with the insinuation may well have been the writer of the articale or a big fan of them, I don't know and I don't particularly care. The fact was it was wrong to do it and I have been stunned by many things I had read, so much so that when I pick up a magazine these days I wonder if ots worth my money and will it be full of crap?

This leads my straight back to the AMD Kaveri chip, namely the A10-7850k APU. I find it stunning that they say the things they do about it considering the cash it costs, especially as you can add a cheap graphics card the vastly increases the graphics power.

Now currently the two cards that work are the R7-240 in dual graphics but I would suggest not to bother. Then there is the R7-250 which I have seen benchmarks that can raise the frames per second from anoywhere around 10 to 20 and that is significant if you having difficulty playing a game with the settings on full.

Added to this there is no reason why a driver update will not be realeased to allow the Kaveri to pair up with an R7-260? Some stated that you cannot use graphics cards that use DDR5 and has to be DDR3 but I read one guy that said he got his DDR5 card to work. Odd.

What I see is loads of bold statements ad arguing and then when something happens out of the ordinary all the technical tomfoolery stops being flung around and everyone stops and goes, 'oh?'.

They might also release I higher clocked R7-250 that will be better still in Dual Graphics mode with Kaveri though I wish they would hurry up as this is my conundrum I would have to face if I built one!

Another little fact I have come across is there seems to be a belief in some quarters that there is more to the Kaveri chip and I do find this quite intriguing. It seems that peoples maths and study of the chip has worked out that the size and the tranistor count do not match up. But I have heard this before with AMD and not too long ago in fact.

So there was some speculation and discussion on one forum about whether or not the chip had more to it that had been swicthed off?!

Now this could turn out to be true because of a heat issue.

However if this turns out to be the case there is one good reason for it that not only makes the theory some bright sparkes have come up with but that it also explains something that AMD states would come out down the line and not too long ago.

The consoles!

It might be that the two big console companies made AMD sign an agreement that they would not release the full version of the chip because their own ,achines were imminent and they did not want potentional customers going off and building a PC instead. AFter all the new consoles are very PC like, are they hot?

Also if anyone remembers when askeed about the customised chips in the consoles AMD stated that a PC desktop version would be made for sale further down the road?!

Now what I find interesting is this ...

1 There has been precious little in rumours regaqrding any more desktop APUs or CPUs from AMD for the rest of 2014 and I find this bizarre. I cannot recall a time that this has happened in recent years but I do have abad memory! Lol!

2 Any release of any chip like this would surely have to happen prior to Carrizo being launched which everyone seems to anticipate has taking place around January 2015?!

Hmm interesting, so I might dive in and buy a cut down Kaveri only for the chip I really want to be released a couple of months later?! Bah-humbug!! Lol!

Food for thought though.

The videos of New Vegas on an AMD Radeon 5470M at 1600x900 2xAF 3xAA, I think or near as damn it and should be in the screen shots above anyway...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I will have to apologise right now as I cannot remember which ones of these show the faults that I was getting on my Advent Tegra Note?!

I know several were and possibly all were but I uploaded them all and as these were done prior to sending it off and I have had the Tablet back a few weeks now it was a while ago and I forgot all about these videos! They were filmed using my Moto G so sorry about quality and it was only because I was uploading videos I did of The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, The Shard building and HMS Belfast on my visit to Guy's Hospital's Rheumatology Department to have my suspicion of Fibromyalgia confirmed that I came across these videos.

Not the only ones either as the were also videos of Mata Mata Turtles and Spotted Turtles to go on my Reptiles, AMphibians and Fish blog?!

I am one dumb-arse forgetful sone of a bitch! Lol!

Thursday, 8 May 2014


After a bloody annoying screen blackout that kept occurring while playing Fallout New Vegas I ended up doing something I swore I would not do. I even said as much to somoene earlier the same day.

I dismantled my laptop.

I figured there was a chance it was likely down to dust or something stupid, turned out to be someone stupid and dishonest.

The be more accurate it was a company. I shall explain...

I have had this lapstop for two years and is a HP Pavilion DV7. I bought it as an ex demo, as this is what they told me, and it later turned out to be refurbished. I noticed this little fact when I pulled the receipt out as the hard drive had just failed and then clearly understood why I had, had my first ever hard drive fail along with the dent in the lid!

Basically I was completely ripped off by PC World, who like so many others I have had issues with with other devices as have people I know. It gets worse...

When it went in to be repaired it was supposed to have the left hinge repaired as it had seized, the guys told me they would not fix that and I said well thanks for warning me as if they refuse they can give me my money back. They actually asked why and I said without a hinge its merely a grossly underpwoered and obverpriced PC and I would rather have a deskptop. No hinge working and it renders its portability impossible and I am surprised I would have to explain this!

I made sure their DONTKNOWHOW team was aware of this fact and I got the laptop back being informed it was done along with the hard disk replacement. Luckily for them I did not use my laptop anywhere other than at home and it was ages before I realised they had not replaced the hinge asd so much time had passed by that it would have ended up in a heated argument despite being ripped off and when I know I have had immoral things done against me and expecially fraud or physical the anger and use of long sarcastic words can be accmpanied by a want to be physical to. Being a resposible human being, unlike tyhose that think that lies and fraud  and leaving you with years of pain in various places is OK but physical violence, just anger or bad language is not, oh I forgot diagreeing with them that is a new one, I thought it better to stay off the front pages. Plus if someone takes a swing at me I do have a tendency to bkack out only to come to and realise I have done a great deal of damage. Admittedly the situation does have to be extreme but any situation involving conflicting opinions where mine or solely fact and truth and ... well it wont end well as I just see the person before me as being evil, amoral and criminal. Not a good scenario.

Fast forward to present day, about two years, and I have my laptop apart, except just as I feared, I could not figure out quite how to seperate the motherboard from the casing, despite the thirty small black identical screws, six wide headed silver ones and two identical in size and shape but black?!?!

Now knowing the proper procedure I did not want to damage anything thus completely destroyinh the laptop altogether? I am sure thay make them deliberately hard to get into so you go into PC World or whatever store and pay money for a bunch of Chimpanzees on spliffs to screw around with it?

I managed to get the corner apart where the heatsink and fan was luckly in close proximity to. I managed to get a flat brush inside and got between the heastsinks fins as well as the blades on the fan. Now I have NO IDEA as to which of the main two processor chips the heatsink and fan were cooling. I did not notice any dust coming out of the tiny gaps between the heatsinks fins. There was some dust on the baldes of the fan but nothings that should have caused a problem, still I managed to get it all off.

Now I then decided that was the best I could achieve when suddenly I realised something! The heatsink and fan were millimetres away from the very hinge that spent the last two years pulling the case apart!! Despite the fact that I only had a half inch gap to deal with I noticed this. Now here is the frustrating part that only maes PC World and its IDIOT TEAM look all the more incompetent! No ifs and no buts ... IDIOTS!

All they actually did was undo the casing on the bottom and put in a new hard drive and did not take cate casing off at all! Plrus when I handed it over to them they forgot to have it picked up and it was two weeks I went without it! Two weeks for a pipss ant job I could have done myseelf and they could have just posted me the damned hard drive the blithering morons!!!

Now remember I have a Tablet PC thats come back and all they have done to that is rest the fucking thing to how it was when I bought it and the typing issue and the memory card issue are not only STILL THERE bout the former problem has got worse making typing impossible!!!

Pay peanits you get fecking chimps!!! My bloody god what a bunch of incompetent twats they really are!!!

Anyway how about a set of pictires showing you all this and where I am talking about? Oh and despite thinking that what I did made a difference the laptop was so silent when it came on I thought I had pulled out the fan lead?! But here is the weird thing ... I HAD NOT!!!

Not only is it working again but it is working better, noise wise, than it did when I bought it?! I was REALLY convinced it was going to overheat and cook the processor ... until the fan eventually came on and even so at a low RPM?! Even right now its eerie as I am so used to listening to the fan but I hear nothing!

AS soon as I switch on I hear it!

So ... this is what I think has occured, due to the close proximity of the parting case and the fucking idiots that make monkeys look like Charles Darwin down at PC Worlds KNowhow team I think something got sucked inside, or something was loose inside and got jammed?!

I am willing to lay money that it was a loose object probably stemming from the same thing that caused the hard rive to fail and also the dent on the lid! It was dropped and the idiots did not know. I do not work at PC World, fortunately, or the KNowhow team but if someone walked in my house with this model and was making noise I would immediately know where to look and solve the problem.

So what are these blithering idiots think they are doing?

Oooh are they going to get one hell of a ticking off from me and I can assure you I will use lower to the level of some name calling, all the ones I use here I assure you of that!

Just cannot take anyone's word for anything anymore and after the fiasco with Nikon along with that went on with Olympus, I dare say others have some stories too, you cannot trust the manufacturers!

Anyway some pictures and a video or two ...

The case corner where the seized hinge is located and the ... damage it caused my thumb is resting on the heatsink, any dummy would look at this and realise that the hinge being seized will likely cause problems in time.

Eventually I can see the fan and heatsink, this is the fan.

All the screws I removed. There were some left over when I put it back together?! Weellllllll you always get a few things left over?! LMAO!

... and it still works!!

.. in fact it works better?! Must have been those few screws?!?! LOL, I am joiking of course!

Bloody Mess video ...

Silent Runnings video ...




Moths because I am involved in chasing them about though in all honesty this is the area of two brothers, who I believe we'll take over this particular blog one day but still have my involvement.

Mothman to pay homage to what I think I'd one of the greatest films, as well as one of r the most eerie, I have ever watched in my life! This is of course The Mothman Prophecies starting Richard Gere and Laura Linney and boy did I find her dreamy!! I am never one for watching movies repeatedly and too close together but this one broke the rules!  I shocked a fair few others too by getting them to watch it. The atmosphere and eerie feeling could not have been bought across better by the superb music created by someone, or a group but more likely duo lol, called Tomandandy!

I digress, to pay homage.

Memories because of my own and asking with the eerie feeling I get whenever it plays up, which is a great deal and had become much more frequent recent years.

This should be evident throughout the life of this blog going back right to the beginning and long before? Of course little could I have guessed that this would be a condition let alone being linked to my Plantar fasciitis!! But linked they are!

No this post is all about one simple bag of sugar. Yes you read that correctly I did indeed type a 'a bag of sugar'!

The two most common things sugar is used for is for making tea, and/or coffee, and then cereals. Not eating so much in the way of cereals and I cannot drink coffee anymore, well I could only in the mornings I guess, so it's solely for tea. Both normal and decaffeinated tea.

Now here is the thing to make you bake the grey matter!

Today I came home with four pints of milk as yesterday morning I noticed I was getting low. Yesterday morning. But when I left the house it was one of two items I needed and the other one being sugar which I intended to buy each morning since last Saturday!!

I have left the house to buy sugar for six days and somehow M's snagged to rent ever the milk and still forget the forget the sugar!

So it could be argued that I has age the memory of a Moth and that to have that of a Goldfish would be an improvement at times!

Yesterday I returned inside my house three times and when I got to where I was heading I realised I had still left tree woo items in the house, sorry three and now remembered it was four, no five!!

See what I mean?!

Both phones, tablet PC, camera and back up battery!! No wait? Missing something ... umm two ticks? Ugh! Idiot two phones makes 5, 5 minutes later!!! Lol!

I cannot emphasize enough how frustrating this is! The memory thing, Fibrofog add they refer to it. This is why I used to get so frustrated with GPs as for ten years I would walk out of the surgery and realize I had forgotten something because they rushed me out the door. When I had Doctors tell me they only deal with one thing at a time outer appointment coming from a Doctor this stunned me! Like I said to all that stated this, will if these thinks are linked your never going to diagnose it with that rule and that is a waste of both our times! Also what about prior that do have memory issues? I imagine that a fair percentage of mental health sufferers have memory issues?

Little did I know that I did indeed have a condition that explains my forgetful nature that had been like that for over 15 years at a guess. But then my family members would have an accurate idea of that because I famously forget, or they thought didn't bother, with Birthday and Christmas Cards. I told them it was of because I hate Christmas because due to not seeing my daughter for so long. Which was true but not the real reason as simply telling people you forgot their birthday I see as being potentially hurtful.

So the memory and the sleep issue is a real stumbling block for keeping to any arrangements, new or even on the same bloody date each year! Today I was trying to figure out if it was Tuesday or Wednesday and decided it must be Wednesday. That is until a mattress wife mentioned it was Thursday!!

If it had never occurred to anyone you will find that this blog well show you that I hate appointments and specific times and dates because it's a worry every single day that I will either forget it entirely or not fall asleep til the next morning and wake up without enough time to make it!

So you can imagine me shaking my head when they made the appointment for this condition at 9AM in the morning? Lol!

Yeah right, that's never going to happen! Unless I traveled there the night before and sat in the hospital all night which I would be fully prepared to do. But this would make me cranky and short tempered which would not be a good idea, unless that was what they were going for?! Lol! Then a few sharp comments on the patronizing side would set me off like a rocket while they stand there licking each one of a pile of labels and start whacking them on my forehead when it came into range?!


Nothing would surprise me anymore, nothing. Well until another part down the line stating I was wrong?!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Well I must say something very odd had happened in the last few days and I am still pondering to the cause.

I have mentioned recently to friends, cannot remember if I mentioned it in this blog but did on my corruption blog, about deciding to build a computer and then changing my mind.

Then there was a court case by a large public body. Who had taken me to court and obtained a liability order from the court quite illegally. It turned out that courts, rather conveniently, do not keep record regarding reasons they grant orders leading me to demand to know how anyone can keep a check on them and can break the law and not be a arrange to anyone. It then turned out that the whole thing was reversed, the bailiffs called off and turns out they admitted to owing me money, yet the figure is only a fraction of a percent of what they alone owe me, ten percent if they are not to blame for freedom pass refusals! Yes I am speaking of Enfield Council and Council Tax of course.

I had decided to try somehow to build this dammed computer I not only need but have wanted to build for 7 years now!!

This back pay, though smaller than the real figure, meant this gathering of hardware would be less painful than previously thought. Only less painful and die what will be in essence a budget PC except for one single component that for me if the most wanted and most necessary in my next computer. The overall price will still be budget of that I can assure you!

Now one of the things I am going to do is to use an AMD APU in my new system. This would be a budget processor costing presently around £125 as opposed to buying an Intel Core i5 or i7 for between £200 to £600 where even the latter to me is nothing, sorry from the fact I do not have it. I am a computer specialist and there are processors that cost a couple of grand and motherboards with two or more sockets so that you can have multiple chips!

An Apple equivalent would like like the new Mac Pro with the cheapest version costing likely the grand and the mid level model costing £7,500. I think we can not bother with the top model as you get the idea.

The other thing that the AMD APU is good fur is also having a built in graphics chip, which is why they are called APUs instead of CPUs. Both sections of this cheap would be a very big leap forward on what I currently have but I'd bit the premium item I referred to. That will be a switch from a Hard Disk Drive which contains several metal platters containing your data magnetically like that of audio tape. The disks all spin and just like a stylus arm on an old record player there is one inside a hard disk. This arm shoots in and out between the separate disks to access data to load up. As you work your way from the hard disk to the processor itself you jump into different types of ever faster memory chips.

From disk it goes to buffer memory chips on the hard disk.

From the Hard Disk Buffer Memory it loads into RAM.

From RAM memory it then moves to Cache Memory.

From Cache Memory it then gets fetched to the core engines inside the processor ... for processing!

As you move down from each line to the next there us a jump in speed but for some time now hard disks have lagged, sorry for the pun, behind! I stared at university that there will come a time when the hard disk will get dumped and chips used instead. It to longer than I thought however!

A couple of years back these drives started coming out but we're tiny in memory and bloody expensive too! Plus there were issues with them and their drivers and controllers along with other things despite the speeds. Something like a 60GB SSD, add they are called standing fur Solid State Disk, cost a grand. I received a shock several days back when I spotted that even the fastest SSD drives of 250GB in size can be bought for a little over one hundred pounds!

Now currently Windows 7 plays up and I cannot figure out why. It takes around 7 minutes from start up before I can do anything too. When trying to take a day of rest I play games my laptop is barely able to run. These are Elder Scrolls Skyrim that I recently have a rest and decided to go back to Fallout New Vegas. The later hit left because stupid Valve and their stupid Steam software failed to save the saved games of Fallout and I had to start at the beginning! This engaged me no end and after I realised this I went to Skyrim, possibly buying Skyrim because of that?!

Yesterday I was playing Fallout in the afternoon and had my two companions of Veronica of the Brotherhood of Steel, who I had previously, and the eye-bot Ed-E. I had not long found out something about Veronica I did not know before, that she is GAY and I laughed and thought "bugger me even my computer girlfriend is of limits?!" when a little while later my screen went black and there was a beep!

Now this had never happened to me before. On any computer! The computer was still on and hard drive light was on along with the fan and I thought my screen has gone?! It would not do anything so I forced a shut down and rebooted. Everything was fine and worked as normal and I it it down to some freak crash in Fallout, add it does crash a hell of a lot. I fired up Fallout and ten minutes into gaming it did it again! So I turned the damn thing off and went off to do something completely unrelated to computers as what with the fecking crap phone and the issues I have with the tablet PC too I am not sure who I would like to give the hardest kick in the nuts, Steve Ballmer,  who got slagged off quite accurately by an Amazon reviewer, or Erik The Viking?! Sorry Schmidt!

Today I had my bike out ready to go out and I took so long finding things and then remembering nothing was charged up that street an hour and a half I decided it was a waste of time and out the bike back in its hiding place! Yes days really can be like that for me!

I fired up the laptop went oat the now regular message of Windows not shutting down properly to me muttering "Yeah, yeah you halfwits!" and fired up Fallout! This time everything was OK and I was relieved ... until I had been playing for about an hour and if it went again?!

Now I do not know what is going on. It had stumped me in all honesty and I will have to pay attention to the not up screen as I suspect that one of the main chips is overheating? Now because it's a game many people would probably think that it's the graphics chip but not necessarily so. The CPU can be just as stressed out in gaming as the GPU. At the end if the day what it means is that I now cannot use my laptop for gaming.

It could turn out that Ubuntu broke my laptop is it did shut down several times with a message about overheating! If you stared this to Canonical they would simply point the finger at AMD. Maybe they would be right? My system did get hot!

But at the end of the day all chips get hot and you really on the savvy and professionalism of the manufacturer building it so it does not get bloody hot! There were far more powerful laptops than this one when I bought it. It was also a PC World refurbished laptop but lied and said it was ex demo on the day. Would never have bought a refurbished laptop in a million years and now you know why. This is the forth thing to happen to this laptop since purchase and I have only ever had one thing in seven years with my last one. This one has had four in two years now.

So very weird that I have had this sudden urge to build a computer telling myself off for relying on that crappy laptop for so long and that I need a proper system, but won't be building that lol! Only to then have the laptop do something catastrophic. Now if it turns out to be the thermal paste on either of the two processors then this sitting off well become more frequent! That would be catastrophic for me in terms of both work and entertainment.

So it seems I really have no bloody choice now I will have to build this budget system. My work on all my blogs have been increasing and will continue to do so for the next four months or more. Was not the best time for it to do this!

I might run Skyrim tomorrow and see if it dues it again using that game? If not I will go back to Fallout and try again and then look to see if they're are any overheating messages? But I cannot see that because in the event if overheating the system shuts itself off but maybe it does not do this for the GPU? I can tell you that the metal casing would have burnt my hands has it been any hotter. Not felt heat like that before I must say.

If it is the GPU then this is not too bad as it had a list powered GPU in it so can still work in it. Just anything intensive in graphics would be impossibly including gaming, image editing which I do actually now do. Videos I do bit normally use and not sure, higher resolutions could be problematic if running more than thirty minutes.

Why does nothing ever work and why are these laptops made like utter crap? Eh, Hewlett Packard? Why have your laptops gone back to bring made like shit?!?!


Sunday, 4 May 2014


I saw this report a couple of days ago somewhere else and thought it was a typo or something?

Surely the technology journalists cannot be that bloody stupid?! Hmm on second thought...

I am afraid to have to point out to these journalists that Internet Explorer and Windows XP are very separate things!!

You were posting attention over their being fine for including Internet Explorer on a Windows installation and not their rivals?! Lmao!

Quite how this made the news with everything wide that due not I just don't know!

Quite his they made the mistake of being surprised that a separate piece of software installed on Windows XP is to get an update?! Saints preserve us!!

Of you are going to report about all the software that will get updates while being installed on Windows XP you need to rearrange your app because there won't be space for anything else!

When I first glimpsed this I thought they must have made a mistake and many XP gets an update?! No, it was worse than that!

Oh how is tech people cry out for decent tech journalism! I just resided the only one I pay attention to are two chaps on Canada. The Tech ... Err something, Lol. They are followed by me, subscribed to I should say, on YouTube! I also have realised I have not had a notification so not watched a report by them for quite sometime now!

I need to look into this.

Windows XP users to get Explorer fix

Saturday, 3 May 2014


Well it seems like my old favorite brand which became a not trusted brand are too predict bad news as regards their takings.

I do not know what idiot took charge of Sony but an idiot they are add they, or he/she, had been warned over and over again and even by me on occasion.

However this could be a problem whereby either the receivers of warning said warnings are either idiots our have no care about the company they work for? I say this because there is no chain of communication and there are some things received that is above their pay grade and should go up the hierarchy?

Put simply it does not and the options to open up a line of communication is held back or hidden! Even when you do find it you do not get the courtesy of a response! Though this last dig was more a habit of Nikon Japan. Obviously think they are too good for mere mortals? Well either that or I scared the living bejesus out of them?

Back to Sony. Falling sales of Blu-Ray discs? As always Sony and no doubt been told by others the pricing is to expensive and all over the bloody shop! Though this could be partly down to greedy movie studios, like Disney for one?! I find it quite unpalatable that they over price kids movies and keep them up for lengthy periods! Also target odd is how certain movies disappear from shelves for months on end before reappearing and still the same price they were two years before?!

As for your TVs? Until now, crap, bland and over priced!

Your attitude and skullduggery with your PlayStation OS I am amazed has not lead to you losing sales there?! But then you have two choices of a rock and a hard place, with Microsoft! Lol!

Your VAIO range used to be nice only now the whole range had to big a premium even the really crap laptops?! Over two thousand pounds for a small laptop just because it has a carbon case?! You obviously think the public ate fools that somehow managed to acquire more money than the sense they possessed?! Yeah like that was ever going to work! That price did not include the several add-ons like a box with the graphics chip in and an optical disc. No doubt the times the price of standard ones?! Lol!

Hmm now let's move onto music?! Your Walkmans of recent years have all been abysmal but to the muted sound volume! But to be fair you probably ate not alone on this depending on the location of the moron that decided on this? Even so that still does not excuse the premium prices once again on the extra memory and nor does it excuse the extremely bland styling!

If you have doubt's over that, Mr Idiot Sony Executive, then I can tell you I bought a second hand version of your A Series Walkman because not only was it about the only stylish thing you have produced outside of two over expensive laptops but it's replacement was BUTT UGLY! LOL!

I could have purchased a brands new Walkman for little more than I paid for the one I have!

If I thought about it long enough and searched my older memory banks I could probably come up with quite a few things. I won't mention that their Cell Processor was not the super chip it was supposed to be? I could state I heard it was a pain in the arse to code for? I could state about how they snoop on what you do with your PlayStation and then punish you for buying a second hand PlayStation that was previously Jail-broken?! The fact that you bought this in a high street store and paid VAT on it does not really count for anything. Your buggered and should have realised it was previous jail broken and reset back to normal before it was flogged to a store and then flogged to you?! Yes there must be a kit or sensor device you can buy? No?! Are you sure?! Because Sony already have the software to detect it and you would think they would release it as an App for your Sony phone so you can tell ... LMAO, sorry I just cannot keep that up!

I really could go into a whole reel like that for just about everyone I have battled with! I could be very sarcastic and can continue along like that for some time!!

Hmm maybe I could create a series like that?! I would have to spend a long time with dynamically growing lists of their foibles and idiosyncrasies and then write a monologued piece fur each one just based on sarcasm ... Oh OK taking the right royal piss then?! LOL!

I will have to see! I would have to make sure there was a continuous flow from one thing to another and it would have to be damn funny from one sarcastic line into the next!

For instance I find it strange that front line staff in public offices like councils look down their noses at you because your not in overpaid work for sitting on your fat arse taking for fecking ever and a fecking day to do everything and anything, too?!


Sony predicts bigger full-year loss


Here is a BBC report that desire me reading it twice I have absolutely no idea what they are on about!

Maybe my Fibromyalgia is finally scrambling my grey matter but all I can see from this report is that someone has been arrested for malicious messaging, or tweets, and they mention the teacher who was murdered. They fail to mention on the sentence regarding the teacher why they were mentioning her, i.e. she was stabbed, nor do they mention what the messing was!

I could imagine someone returning to the UK who has not heard about the death of that poor teacher and reading this thinking the BBC have completely lost the plot!

It beggars belief this one.

The only reason I have posted this link is because of how badly I think it had been written and presented!

If you cannot do it well then do not do it at all.

Teacher death message man charged

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Will this is a pleasant surprise!

The first time I have actually witnessed honesty and professionalism being rewarded! At long last there is a message out that it is the thing to do and give others something to look up to and say to themselves ...

'I want to be like that! I want to be highly regarded and not a figure that the public would rather see stained to death or burned at a stake!'

The nurse behind blowing the whistle on the Staffordshire Hospital fiasco is awarded the title Order of the British Empire, OBE.

I do hope letters and titles are enough for others?! Lol!

Nurse whistleblower collects OBE


I have stated for bloody years before I even started this blog and every now and then during its life that by bit keeping the status quo among everyone you are sleepwalking into a nightmare.

I have repeated this many times to petiole that should know better as well as think they know better...

The Law Society, Community Legal Advice, Citizens Advice, Solicitors Regulatory Authority and dozens and dozens of solicitors.

All of the above like to talk using words they think makes them fat mire intelligent than the next person to come along. All think they know better. None do!

I used the words 'status quo' rather deliberately to bout be so obvious but make people immediately think of a level playing field.

A level playing field tends to invoke images of scales.

Scales are the very symbol that represents justice in the United Kingdom and yet for up to three decades now it had been eroded and the scales tipped heavily to one side!

For me those members of the above organizations should be utterly ashamed of themselves for their lack of sincerity along with their turning away, or being incompetently blind, for what had been going on for a long time now!

I wrote this post after seeing a report on the BBC App about a fraud trial being halted amid the emerging fact that their is a lack of legal aid meaning the trial would not be fair.



Or perhaps I would be more correct in saying that this is the first case that was getting media attention where they had no choice but to do what they did for fear of repercussions?!

It beggars belief that many people work for an industry whose very symbol is justice for all and yet have gone completely against the fundamental principles for its very origins and yet walk around and act as if it is them and not the scales that should be revered and command respect?

Maybe if you one day start to act like it once again that respect may return. However systematically destroying justice while approaching one of the worst financial times in recorded history was a powder keg slap bang in the centre of the smoker's lounge at the local school!!

Speaking of schools it was dreadful what happened to that poor teacher and I was worried about something like this happening and then getting worse. I have a few predictions regarding this but not enough had been released in the mainstream media about it for any suspicions to be confirmed.

I am worried however that this may become more common place if the situation with the UK remains as it is for much longer.

So below is the link to the fraud trial which for halted over lack of legal aid!

Stupid, stupid overpaid fools with delusions of grandeur.

I recently thought I had won a major victory recently after receiving an email but then could not read it for a couple of days. It was 3AM when I read it so was out of it as I am currently in a very bad period oh sleepless episodes.

I shall pay about this in the next couple of days but it's not a big a big victory as I first thought! It is still a victory but not one whereby I receive something of what I lost, despite the fact I now recall that it is actually two things I lost each year for 7 years!

I shall email them back punting out this oversight, probably blame me and state it was my responsibility to do re-do it, so to speak. But they have now admitted it was there mistake and then asking with reminding them off this I will point out the errors of their comments based on the facts known of my condition!

Fraud trial halted amid legal aid row