Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I will have to apologise right now as I cannot remember which ones of these show the faults that I was getting on my Advent Tegra Note?!

I know several were and possibly all were but I uploaded them all and as these were done prior to sending it off and I have had the Tablet back a few weeks now it was a while ago and I forgot all about these videos! They were filmed using my Moto G so sorry about quality and it was only because I was uploading videos I did of The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, The Shard building and HMS Belfast on my visit to Guy's Hospital's Rheumatology Department to have my suspicion of Fibromyalgia confirmed that I came across these videos.

Not the only ones either as the were also videos of Mata Mata Turtles and Spotted Turtles to go on my Reptiles, AMphibians and Fish blog?!

I am one dumb-arse forgetful sone of a bitch! Lol!

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