Saturday, 3 May 2014


Well it seems like my old favorite brand which became a not trusted brand are too predict bad news as regards their takings.

I do not know what idiot took charge of Sony but an idiot they are add they, or he/she, had been warned over and over again and even by me on occasion.

However this could be a problem whereby either the receivers of warning said warnings are either idiots our have no care about the company they work for? I say this because there is no chain of communication and there are some things received that is above their pay grade and should go up the hierarchy?

Put simply it does not and the options to open up a line of communication is held back or hidden! Even when you do find it you do not get the courtesy of a response! Though this last dig was more a habit of Nikon Japan. Obviously think they are too good for mere mortals? Well either that or I scared the living bejesus out of them?

Back to Sony. Falling sales of Blu-Ray discs? As always Sony and no doubt been told by others the pricing is to expensive and all over the bloody shop! Though this could be partly down to greedy movie studios, like Disney for one?! I find it quite unpalatable that they over price kids movies and keep them up for lengthy periods! Also target odd is how certain movies disappear from shelves for months on end before reappearing and still the same price they were two years before?!

As for your TVs? Until now, crap, bland and over priced!

Your attitude and skullduggery with your PlayStation OS I am amazed has not lead to you losing sales there?! But then you have two choices of a rock and a hard place, with Microsoft! Lol!

Your VAIO range used to be nice only now the whole range had to big a premium even the really crap laptops?! Over two thousand pounds for a small laptop just because it has a carbon case?! You obviously think the public ate fools that somehow managed to acquire more money than the sense they possessed?! Yeah like that was ever going to work! That price did not include the several add-ons like a box with the graphics chip in and an optical disc. No doubt the times the price of standard ones?! Lol!

Hmm now let's move onto music?! Your Walkmans of recent years have all been abysmal but to the muted sound volume! But to be fair you probably ate not alone on this depending on the location of the moron that decided on this? Even so that still does not excuse the premium prices once again on the extra memory and nor does it excuse the extremely bland styling!

If you have doubt's over that, Mr Idiot Sony Executive, then I can tell you I bought a second hand version of your A Series Walkman because not only was it about the only stylish thing you have produced outside of two over expensive laptops but it's replacement was BUTT UGLY! LOL!

I could have purchased a brands new Walkman for little more than I paid for the one I have!

If I thought about it long enough and searched my older memory banks I could probably come up with quite a few things. I won't mention that their Cell Processor was not the super chip it was supposed to be? I could state I heard it was a pain in the arse to code for? I could state about how they snoop on what you do with your PlayStation and then punish you for buying a second hand PlayStation that was previously Jail-broken?! The fact that you bought this in a high street store and paid VAT on it does not really count for anything. Your buggered and should have realised it was previous jail broken and reset back to normal before it was flogged to a store and then flogged to you?! Yes there must be a kit or sensor device you can buy? No?! Are you sure?! Because Sony already have the software to detect it and you would think they would release it as an App for your Sony phone so you can tell ... LMAO, sorry I just cannot keep that up!

I really could go into a whole reel like that for just about everyone I have battled with! I could be very sarcastic and can continue along like that for some time!!

Hmm maybe I could create a series like that?! I would have to spend a long time with dynamically growing lists of their foibles and idiosyncrasies and then write a monologued piece fur each one just based on sarcasm ... Oh OK taking the right royal piss then?! LOL!

I will have to see! I would have to make sure there was a continuous flow from one thing to another and it would have to be damn funny from one sarcastic line into the next!

For instance I find it strange that front line staff in public offices like councils look down their noses at you because your not in overpaid work for sitting on your fat arse taking for fecking ever and a fecking day to do everything and anything, too?!


Sony predicts bigger full-year loss

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