Sunday, 25 May 2014


It seems that the chap I was mentioning before, at least I think I did (Fibrofog) is Jay Z Two Cents or something similar.

Due to the disappearence to the Canadian duo I have now added this chap to my susbscriptions, something I am very choosey about doing. However I liked his frank and funny approach to testing and reviewing things.

I am, I will admit, heavily looking into things right now and ... will be for the next couple of weeks to which after this I am going to be ... taking action regarding a few bits and pieces.

I have also been looking at more up to date games and even purchased a copy of PC Gamer recently. Now I had the first ever copy of that along with a few others. Some of these are no longer in existence and some are.

The titles I have read about have me somewhat excited I must say and I have a driven determination to try and achieve things over the next month!

However I do tend to like single player itles to multi player ones so I will have to check and make sure as to what is what and not make any mistakes in a months time.

But I do love flight Sims and am eager to see more about ...

Star Citizen (read its MMO :( )

Elite Dangerous (read its MMO :( )

Eve Valkyrie (MMO)

I was interested in X Rebirth as I played all the others but my word does it get a panning from people so ... maybe not?!

I also like Role Playing games along with open world games that can last you a long time, several weeks as opposed to several hours.

I love the two titles I have along these lines of

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 

Fallout New Vegas (played Fallout 3 too)

Deus Ex Human Revolution

None of the follow ups to these have been announced quite unfortunately. Many are stating they are some way off but I whink maybe as not as far off as many think due to the launch of the new consoles of the PS3 and XBone?!

I am interested in ...

Crysis 3

Farcry 3

But I will have to check them out further and was also interested in Metro Last Light.

There are the Wolfenstein and Watch Dog titles too. Dragon Age Inquisition along with Tom Clancy's The Division and Dying Light. Also the H1Z1 sounds interesting thus far. Also Project Cars or any ohter driving game I can find I think will be of major interest?!

I also have a rough list of things that comprise .. umm ... ten things ... ooooh wait no? THIRTEEN things, lol. These are not games!

There are a few others rumoured about that seem interesting however I have lost count of the amount of hype a imminent title has acquired only for it to be a let down upon release for one reason or another. These companies should really not sell themselves out to parent companies who will treat them like musians are treated and rushed something out that is unfinished.

What I also foind surprising is that in this day and age where you can write things to optical disks so easily or provide your own downloadable content that things are still squeezed in this way? Especially now that you have things like Kickstarter too where scores of people go wading through it for projects of interest!

I mean there is very big name in music that got around all this kind of thing and will not pander to the greedy execs wanting money immediately and not content to wait and that of course is Radiohead.

Whatever I do in about one month from now you can bet that my best camera will be at the ready and fully put to work! I am also leaning in a direction I have not done so before and never wanted to before. Yet I am pretty sure that this time around I am going to dive into that area?!

Also I am interested in looking into Dishonoured which I nearly bought when it came out but was not too sure, but now their is talk of Dishonoured 2 and hopefully this will be followed, or preceded, by Fallout 4 (read rumour Boston was scouted for this) and then Elder Scrolls 6?!

I have another blog whereby it always seems that everything I do comes togeether at the same time along with things being released in the media. Maybe this endeavour will follow suit?!

I might have to finally get a hard line?! (:-P)

Fingers crossed!!

One month from now this blog will get a great deal of content along these lines as will my YouTube account!

At long bloody last and should be the first of two, maybe more?!

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