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Moths because I am involved in chasing them about though in all honesty this is the area of two brothers, who I believe we'll take over this particular blog one day but still have my involvement.

Mothman to pay homage to what I think I'd one of the greatest films, as well as one of r the most eerie, I have ever watched in my life! This is of course The Mothman Prophecies starting Richard Gere and Laura Linney and boy did I find her dreamy!! I am never one for watching movies repeatedly and too close together but this one broke the rules!  I shocked a fair few others too by getting them to watch it. The atmosphere and eerie feeling could not have been bought across better by the superb music created by someone, or a group but more likely duo lol, called Tomandandy!

I digress, to pay homage.

Memories because of my own and asking with the eerie feeling I get whenever it plays up, which is a great deal and had become much more frequent recent years.

This should be evident throughout the life of this blog going back right to the beginning and long before? Of course little could I have guessed that this would be a condition let alone being linked to my Plantar fasciitis!! But linked they are!

No this post is all about one simple bag of sugar. Yes you read that correctly I did indeed type a 'a bag of sugar'!

The two most common things sugar is used for is for making tea, and/or coffee, and then cereals. Not eating so much in the way of cereals and I cannot drink coffee anymore, well I could only in the mornings I guess, so it's solely for tea. Both normal and decaffeinated tea.

Now here is the thing to make you bake the grey matter!

Today I came home with four pints of milk as yesterday morning I noticed I was getting low. Yesterday morning. But when I left the house it was one of two items I needed and the other one being sugar which I intended to buy each morning since last Saturday!!

I have left the house to buy sugar for six days and somehow M's snagged to rent ever the milk and still forget the forget the sugar!

So it could be argued that I has age the memory of a Moth and that to have that of a Goldfish would be an improvement at times!

Yesterday I returned inside my house three times and when I got to where I was heading I realised I had still left tree woo items in the house, sorry three and now remembered it was four, no five!!

See what I mean?!

Both phones, tablet PC, camera and back up battery!! No wait? Missing something ... umm two ticks? Ugh! Idiot two phones makes 5, 5 minutes later!!! Lol!

I cannot emphasize enough how frustrating this is! The memory thing, Fibrofog add they refer to it. This is why I used to get so frustrated with GPs as for ten years I would walk out of the surgery and realize I had forgotten something because they rushed me out the door. When I had Doctors tell me they only deal with one thing at a time outer appointment coming from a Doctor this stunned me! Like I said to all that stated this, will if these thinks are linked your never going to diagnose it with that rule and that is a waste of both our times! Also what about prior that do have memory issues? I imagine that a fair percentage of mental health sufferers have memory issues?

Little did I know that I did indeed have a condition that explains my forgetful nature that had been like that for over 15 years at a guess. But then my family members would have an accurate idea of that because I famously forget, or they thought didn't bother, with Birthday and Christmas Cards. I told them it was of because I hate Christmas because due to not seeing my daughter for so long. Which was true but not the real reason as simply telling people you forgot their birthday I see as being potentially hurtful.

So the memory and the sleep issue is a real stumbling block for keeping to any arrangements, new or even on the same bloody date each year! Today I was trying to figure out if it was Tuesday or Wednesday and decided it must be Wednesday. That is until a mattress wife mentioned it was Thursday!!

If it had never occurred to anyone you will find that this blog well show you that I hate appointments and specific times and dates because it's a worry every single day that I will either forget it entirely or not fall asleep til the next morning and wake up without enough time to make it!

So you can imagine me shaking my head when they made the appointment for this condition at 9AM in the morning? Lol!

Yeah right, that's never going to happen! Unless I traveled there the night before and sat in the hospital all night which I would be fully prepared to do. But this would make me cranky and short tempered which would not be a good idea, unless that was what they were going for?! Lol! Then a few sharp comments on the patronizing side would set me off like a rocket while they stand there licking each one of a pile of labels and start whacking them on my forehead when it came into range?!


Nothing would surprise me anymore, nothing. Well until another part down the line stating I was wrong?!

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