Monday, 19 May 2014



This video on YouTube was amazing on so many levels.

I still need to look into why the Canadian duo are not having their posts sent to me as I would like to hear their review on the new Kaveri APU.

But tonight, as I cannot get to sleep yet again, I find this guy and I was shocked. Funny and unbiased was one shock and then was the shock of the testing of the A10-7850k.

This funny chap fully admitted to being a snob when it comes to computer components and I an too. I just happen to dislike they give premiums you pay Intel and... well I don't like Intel, lol.

Yet both myself and the funny guy got a shock as he tested from a single overclocked Kaveri running Battlefield 4 to a dual graphics with a R7-250, then a R7-260 I think it was running alone without the integrated graphics and then a Geforce 780 card. As he did each test, and he had performed the same tests previously without being impressed, the frames per second continued to keep upwards! There was nothing in the way of bottlenecks at all?! Huh?!

I was certainly not expecting that and immediately I thought what could be possible if the iGPU could be coded for separately to the discreet GPU?!

After ask the whole plan for Kaveri is that the unused graphics compute units can be used in conjunction with the CPU cores!

This idea of having 12 cores in the chip being used when not playing games is a very big draw to me. It is a very clever idea and added to that a very energy efficient one too!

I bet many people did not imagine saying or reading that after the very energy sucky FX chips?!

Wow, I am actually quite stunned!! I must say they have been working their butts of on this idea and I am beginning to see why there had been no talk of FX chips.

In fact consider the remark I made about the opinion some have that the chip had more to it that have been switched off?! This usually done by a laser.

If so and a fully switched on Kaveri appears later in the year that would be quite something! Of this has been prevented by way of some agreement with Microsoft and Sony it's a shame because I would never but their machines anyway! Lol!

Now consider the possibilities I raise asking with that if others and this YouTube video and you might start realizing why Sony and Microsoft decided on AMD for their machines?

I am wondering that without actually refusing it despite them being around for a while that AMD have had another K5, I think it was K5, moment starting us all in the face?!

Now that I did not expect!

Crysis 3 on AMD A-Series KAVERI A10-7850K AND AMD…:

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