Thursday, 31 July 2014


Well it's gone slow again on here and YouTube, sorry about that.

Once again it's down to corporate greed I am afraid. Basically I was using two phones because Vodafone was shite. I have been putting off unlocking my Moto G and placing my Three sim inside it.

However very recently I was hobbling home when I suddenly found myself is a bloody horrendous storm. I had a military style rucksack and an umbrella. Did not help.

Cut a long story short and both phones for wet. The one I use for the tethered Internet connection got very wet. Inside acres was soaked as was the entire battery, or in other words remixing it had the inside of the battery covered in water. Tried to dry off and only got screen with white noise, thought it was dead for good?! Left it under a small spot light so it got very hot for several hours. Left it overnight and blow me down it worked the next day!!

Only it does not work fur very long and loses a charge very quick and is difficult to get to charge! So until I can unlock my Moto G, which I can't do to next week as I transferred last of my cash to my daughters account, due to her in a big court battle, can't do that for a few days.

Also I managed to get a copy of Dishonoured Game Of The Year Edition and on the current over clock it runs smooth as butter. I have not run Crysis 3 since I realised something reset the overclocking but currently nothing I play slows it down.

Oddly one game I am waiting to be released will likely need a lot mitre graphics power to run. This was due to the fact that they stated that they could bit release the game fur even the latest generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and XBox One?! Did not expect to ever read something like that and make me want to run it and buy a Radeon R9-290 but then the game won't officially be released until early 2015. So would be stupid to buy that card right now.

The game I am speaking of is Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

There is of course the other source sim of Elite Dangerous by David Braben which is estimated to be released in a couple of months time? Not sure what the predicted graphics requirements will be for that one.

I literally cannot think of anything else I want to purchase that week need greater power. Oooh that reminds my Fibrofogged brain that I also have not run Thief since I upped the GPU and RAM frequencies! Also I am sure I could up the GPU clock further and it is on 847Mhz currently, I think I stopped at? This was only to cure the speed issues with Fallout 3. Remember I run everything at 1080 currently.

During next week I wool have another rummage through titles and see if their is anything I might be tenured to order? I must admit them Bioshock Infinite never really appealed to me but the fact it is highly spoken of I might be tempted to take a look.

I have also been lax because of my daughter's court case, heat and humidity along with dreadfully heavy and close air pressure giving my dreadful headaches, not to mention my hunt for yet another GP, has held back many things I wanted to do or acquire.

I still need to get a large capacity, 1TB or more, Western Digital hard drive, blu-ray writer and gaming headset ..., think that is it, before I plum for the BT Affinity internet connection.

Of course there is still the conundrum of the graphics card!

I had intended to get the R7-250 but out if due to the difference in processor count, which I do find stupid if I am honest. Also after reading about Star Citizen and the fact consoles are not powerful enough then the recommended dual graphics route will bit be enough! I would be seriously pissed about this has I bought the dual graphics card! Anyone that has seen my reasons to corrupt public services or retail outlets on my corruption blog would know this is not the wisest thing to do.

I have also been in ... correspondence with two news media groups over my blogs and possibly a third? So the scraping by to acquire thugs due my other ... blogs may well be a thing of the past in a few months time?!

Fingers crossed!

I had a few frustrations with it but I am enjoying the Dishonoured game right now! It does remind me a lot of Thief, noooo Thief came it first and the latest one is the FOURTH title, but it dies not have the large open world, read sandboxed, I thought it would. Quite the opposite in fact and I suspect the world as actually quite small?

This is likely because like the other two titles I love it is published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I just assumed it would have a large open world like those two?

Also is bloody hard, that is in reflect of you get killed fairly often at times just trying to get a few dozen yards! Lol!

Still I have gotten used to the style of play and that's not so much of an issue now.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014



A few distractions lately.

Still to acquire things fur the new PC Gaming and Working RIG. DAMN IT!! Just remembered I mean to get a CD from Sainsburys, music that is, to see how fast I can concert music into FLAC files.

Anyway tonight I thought I would have a look at what games I missed I might want to buy, give me a little ... variety when I am stuck indoors or forcing myself to stay indoors.

Now it's a nightmare I find and I have to admit.

Now I have ended up taking some long pregnant pauses from gaming and so much so I had someone be very sarcastic over a video I put on YouTube about building my RIG purely because I was unfamiliar with micro atx and mini atx boards by the tiny picture I had to go on,_or failed to realise out of a bunch of letters and numbers that the 'M' stood for one of the smaller boards?! Stupid idiot!

"Obviously a newcomer to gaming" he starred with sarcasm. Yup never played things like FEAR, CALL OF DUTY 1 & 2, THIEF DEADLY SHADOWS? Ooh I an bit being fair! I should go further back to Shadow of the Beast (loads of know it alls all thinking 'what's that? That's not a game?!') in unison?! Lol!

How about Strike Eagle 2?

The list goes on and this is kind of the problem I have now! For instance today I was holding Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare while in my local game store. I had nearly ordered it online and now wondered whether to buying it again? But I could not shake the feeling that it was an old title and not what I built my rig for. Looking at the recommended specifications needed confirmed what I suspected with the highly recommended cards being several generations back! Annoying as I could have played this on my 5450 Radeon laptop! Has not realised it was quite that old.

But I am in a game store and holding it in my hands?! There are two mitre recent versions and one about to be released called Advanced Warfare! Only the later two get panned by players!

There in lies another problem!

Added to this is the fact that a game with older graphics can be highly playable but I am all for graphics power and photo realism, always was! But saying this it's no good if all it dues it look pretty and had no substance, gameplay, memorable moments or pant soiling moments!

Don't get me started on Minecraft!

Also and yet another thing I have noticed is that reviewers have been either getting things completely wrong ... a lot or even state something completely opposite to what players end up stating?! This is happening a lot ... a hell of a lot! With everything!!!

As an example I saw a magazine Menton that Google have a new Android version out in a few weeks called simply "L"?! What the feck? They said it will use less battery power and added to be a lot more stable and have less 'issues'?! What the fecking fuck?!?!

Everyone went Jellybean and KitKat crazy when these two came out and they are a big pile of steaming manure and anyone older then ten I would tell to avoid them like the plague, especially if you want to type a lot! Like I am doing now and KitKat cannot manage a single short sentence without a dozen mistakes!

Your paying book money prices for these fecking magazines too!


I completely forgot! One thing of note on this site if the title of Titanfall. This was mentioned everywhere and by all the magazines and they tend to do this. Then there was the merchandise of Titanfall keyboards, headset, mice and likely jockstraps?! Sorry I hate that and it's all so obvious to screw kids out of money and whip up a frenzy.

Only it does the opposite with me and I start to wonder what gives? Titanfall here on this site states a score of 86, thus was what the game seem to receive at abouts! So I ask imagine my raised eyebrow and how the hell is it that the players gave it 60?!

Like another blog I have where O often state what I am about to here ... it is absolutely stunning at how out of hand all this has got. I thought Titanfall had also not king been out and yet it had dropped by about £10 in price in Game?!

Now I already have one computing magazine I used to assure from launch being very wrong and stupidly obvious and must be doing over ask the free Intel chips and boards in their offices and seem to have become completely cut off from the very title of their magazine in more ways than one?!

There are mobile magazines that have received while seemingly having multiple orgasms each time a version of iOS or more importantly Android comes out only to then later two you the next one will fix the problems?!

Childish and amateurish is what it is with such wanton and obvious bias that word 'perks' along with either 'major' or 'many' spring to mind! Now many love to go into a rage of one degree or another about certain chip manufacturers stating one thing and the chips doing another?

Are you for real?! What about the magazines, man! These fuses are supposed to tell us their shit, not sing songs around the campfire about their shit while tripping over piles of the crap?!?!

I is not only so obviously biased but they also have no idea whatsoever about new technology. In fact anyone can do what they do ... play the shit for 5 minutes and then regurgitate and reword crap off the web. Possibly is already handed to them?

One magazine I famously pan on here are not a computer gaming magazine anymore, thigh they insinuate that they are. Because what they champion is nothing short of ridiculous and fuck all to do with gaming. I said it before and said it again! Also what the champion is way overkill but is mainstream in the magazine!

Sorry but you are Custom PC Magazine not Fastest PCs On The Planet Magazine! You need to go back to school on the technology front because you have kind of list your way, deliberately or otherwise!

The first two years of this magazine I never missed a single copy but the last three years I have not purchased a single copy!

While they come out with the same crap and talk to the readers like idiots I will go elsewhere than you very much. I can think of better ways to spend £6.00, or whatever it is, like buy a house?! Lmao!

End Edit.

So I kind of liked this following site as it had the usual scoring of games asking with user scores and you can see some big difference ...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Sorry but I forgot to post this!

Now T starred that I was upgraded to Catalyst 14.7 and that I had a shock when Fallout 3 took a big performance hit?

Well I sorted that by simply upping the iGPU to 850Mhz and the memory to 2133Mhz.

Umm sorry but my FIBROFOG is fogging this up and cannot recall if I performed an OC oh that?

Also I should point out that if I set the RAM to 2400Mhz then Wishes falls to load?! Bizarre!

So yes just a couple of simple overclocks and it is smooth as silk!

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Well would you believe it?

Would you ADAM AND EVE IT?!

What am I on about, I hear you asking? Well how about I just stated to Microsoft that I fully appreciate what they have done and what they have offered me as they are going to send me a complimnetary pack for my version of Windows?!

People of the wasteland ... prepared to be astounded, amazed and stupified (or something like that) -Three Dog from Fallout 3
I stated to Microsoft I appreciate what they have done and thanked them?!

Ladies and gentle people I am simply astounded! Last name on Earth that not only would I say that to but on all my blogs may well be the only occasion when I have stated that to someone?!

Wow ... just wow, lol.


Well I should give all those a little warning that I have noted a few things regarding my A10-7850K PC set up I feel could help others ...

First off I now have Catalyst Control Drivers 14.7, I think they were ... YUP. When I downloaded this I noticed a large performance hit in Fallout 3, nice going AMD!!

I only downloaded and installed this because the previous driver failed and yet Fallout 3 was playing fine?! Windows thre up a message that the driver was not working and the Catalyst Control Centre failed to run with the same message of the driver not working?! Nice going AMD!!!

Lastly I have noticed a major stuttering issue in Fallout 3 and it made the stuttering I experienced in Elder Scrolls Skyrim while playing on my Radeon HD5450M laptop look likes child's play?! After going straight for the obvious I then decided to turn off some AMD software I had recently turned on and this was Gesture Control and hey presto! It worked! Then I started to get some more stuttering and headed straight for more of AMD's software and lo and behold turning off Hydro in the Catalyst Control Centre also cured the stuttering completely!


Now I just need to prevent AMD's Gesture Control to not fire up on start up! NICE ...

Ooh you get the idea!

EDIT: I should also add that I can confirm a suspicion that AMD's Gesture Control turns itself back on in game after you have turned it off?! Just wait for the stuttering to be sure.

I have to admit to this being one of those things where you do just end up scratching your head over these big companies! How in the world do you end up releasing software like that which refuses to stay off and then interferes with your MAIN DRIVER when it is on?!

The mind truly does boggle at figuring out how some minds work! LOL!

Now after being interested in having this software on my system I now have to uninstall it! That is until they start to realise they just cannot keep releasing crap willy-nilly!

Friday, 18 July 2014


Well once again the writing was on the wall on this one!

It seems rather apt that this story is running when I am about to have a showdown with Microsoft?!

Well I how I am not but if the antics I get up to on my corruption blog are anything to go by I don't have a wall without worrying on it!

I recently built a budget PC and a very budget gaming PC, of you leave out certain ... peripherals that is!

I decided upon Windows 7 Professional as opposed to Windows 7 Home Premium, which I technically already own the licence to from my HP laptop!

Now as I previously stated I was not going to buy Windows 8 for the obvious reasons and the same ones many others do bit use it. It has not escaped my attention that Windows 8 sells fur surprisingly little money and I thought this would be a bonus as Windows 7 Professional would be very good value, a rare thing to state with anything created by Microsoft who got used to charging big numbers fur things that stinky was not worth it and grew to unprecedented proportions on now more than a handful of products. Some of these products steering to have very good alternatives appear for free if charge?! From one extreme to another then and I am bit fully comfortable with either one.

I found a company claiming to be selling Windows 7 Professional for a reasonable £45 and I thought what good value this was but though I liked Windows 7 to look at it was not without it's ... issues. In fact when I received my copy it was causing my problems from day one thigh it was awhile before I realised it was Windows doing dinner very of things without actually asking me or even warning me?! As I had still to acquire all the hardware it did not occur to me about the thirty day, or whatever it is, period. I also know that Windows gets a bit iffy about you changing or adding too much hardware to prevent someone from selling the licence on to someone else! Now where have we heard that before?

I never got all the hardware in time before the thirty days expired where I was immediately greeted with a message stating my copy of Windows was not genuine?! I contacted the seller on Amazon and received an email from Amazon stating they were sorry but he is not with them anymore?! He sold a fair few of these and when mine turned up it stated 'Dell' on the disc and I should have raised that selling this foot may have been ... iffy. But purchase of a licence is purchase of a licence at the end of the day and I am sure Microsoft do not send these things out for free!

So I had to have another go at Amazon for this counterfeit issue is their issue and they should be responsible ... STOP, NO! THEY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE! THE END!

We cannot see whether something is counterfeit or not and Amazon have no problems taking money fur counterfeit goods which the last time I looked was illegal in the UK.

I then clicked on the Microsoft button about the validity of the disc and they asked for me to fill in a form about where I bought it. They stated that if I did I would then receive a pack, complimentary, to turn my iffy Windows into a legal one! So I did it and it was like pulling teeth as the software refused to let me continue unless I provided all data in the fields! Any idea how hard it is to get emails, phone numbers and order details from a site like Amazon? No they do not and they all seen to be totally unaware that they all do the exact same thing in burying these details separately being many pages, if they provide it at all?!

To prove this point try to find an email to Facebook on their site?!

Any hoo I managed to acquire all the data, except the fans product key as I have admiringly mislaid it! Well I do have Fibromyalgia, it is on a ridiculously small piece of paper considering it's cost and they do insist in that annoyingly short and crap activation period!

Now I have to post the damn thing of to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland which one again mashes things difficult because it is not in the UK and make me wonder why they do this?! What Microsoft so not have a headquarters anywhere in the United Kingdom? So I cannot use the myriad of postage stamps I have here and since it in a post box and have to take it in a post office!

Now that I have no teeth left these tossers really need to change their tactics and not do everything based on everyone ends doubt things as they should when they themselves do not!

What made me laugh is they gave me the option to pay for it online but the price was the time that I paid for my copy?! Greedy bastards!

Mr Microsoft when something is old it reduces in price, not a little but a lot! I recently purchased Crysis 2 and 3 for £8 and although this was ridiculously cheap, leaving side that everyone says the third one is crap, you get where I am heading!

Well they would do this if it were not for the fact that they are trying to force people into buying Windows 8, not good, not clever and I feel an anti trust lawsuit conning in again?!

Or added to this they know kept ate still buying Windows 7 which is why the price is barely any different from Windows 8?!

I have been around computers since Windows 3.1 and moving to Windows 95 and I can tell you that there had not been a time when the prices of the new OS, remember it's on third or more version, is similar to that is the now very old one!

From being stupid, arrogant, over confident and the focus of an ex military man concentrating on shepherding users so they can spy on them, bullying others of the paying field and systematically destroying the company Windows 8 would never have happened!

If so then neither works my current predicament as I have never purchased the old OS for a PC before ... EVER!

Crap mobile phone OS's which restricted it's users fat, far more than its desktop software does and your just providing the longest nails for your own coffin. Simply have not accepted that petiole are doing things better, cheaper and even for free they persisted with their arrogance typical of Steve Ballmer and his twat like attitude.

Quite where they all fit the idea that they were untouchable and they could never feel ... I simply do not know? Whether this is from the military or not it was simply shockingly arrogant and would end in years eventually. The only thing of interest would be works they realise and have the time to out the brakes on, turn around and get the other way?

Did they really think that in the entire planet that another group of prior could not outdo them?

Well the link below sees them go against their own predictions after buying Nokia and they now minuscule 14% share in the operating system market is beginning to show the first signs of rot!

The question remains has the rot now spread too far? Well we will see if the last nail required for them will be brandished by their own hand in any discussion we have over my current predicament and the new Window really needs to be perfect and sooner instead of later!

Though as it states that 18,000 jobs are too go at Microsoft it does not look good and it matters but where the jobs are going. It is not so Nokia and around 6,000 odd going at Microsoft itself.

Anymore between now and Windows 900 coming out and the death throws will not be far behind, I fear?!

Microsoft set to axe 18,000 jobs

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I must admit I am getting a bit mad at myself for buying into AMD but this could be premature ... I shall explain ...

My AMD Kaveri APU has 512 Stream Processors.

By some unknown illogical thinking only AMD knows why you cannot get a card to pair of perfectly in dual graphics with the iGPU?

Scan have confirmed that the R7-250 OCs and the R7-250Xs do indeed differ a great deal! The formers 384 Stream Processors to the latters 612?! How the feck this makes any sense is beyond me but let us leave that alone. I have tried to find out if you can Dual Graphics a 250X and there are epople that has claimed it has been done but I am damned if I can find it!

So why a card that has not been released when the Kaveri was that had the same 512 shaders is beyond me and left people with something that will have its capabilities reduced in a dual graphics set up due to the only compatible chips missing around 130 shaders thereabouts.

It gets better.

Tonight while feverishly looking for evidence and ways to get the 250X in dual graphics I then learn that there is indeed a card coming out and mysteriously called the R9-255 which DOES have exactly the same shader count as Kaveri at 512?!

Suddenly everyything made sense and it just ook them time to get it out the door maybe? Still this mattered not for as long as I knew a suitable card to pair with the AMD A10-7850K, and the A10-7700 from what I have read, was coming I would happily wait. A good plan from AMD. Or so it seemed!

On furtheer research it also turned out that this car was going to be for system builders only?!

Cue line of impending despair ... 'Oh for FU...'


Now why the hell they would do this is an even bigger mystery and not a good idea if you ask me, and I am rarely wrong on these things. Why do things that will piss off even more people than those you already did with Bulldozer and Piledriver FX-8*** lines?!

Still I am going to go with the reports being wrong and that they will be followed, as I already spotted a PC with the R9-255 Radeon card in it on Amazon, by a standalone card? Or at least one might be able to be acquired from somewhere?

I can wait, sure Crysis 3 is extremely pretty but the lack of saved games and moaning by gamers about it leaves me a bit cold, it was just silly cheap when I bought it. Now with Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6 imminent I just might be producing house-bricks from very small orifices?!

Scan also could not answer my question about the 250X being able to dual graphics and started talking about me buying a Radeon R9-270 or 290, umm no! With nothing out that screams at me I need to buy one I am not going to, partly because the prices drop rapidly out of the blue and there simply is no need for it if a suitable dual graphics card becomes available, which it should!

Unless AMD really do love stirring up a mire of hatred towards themselves and get some kind of sadist kick out of it?!

In the meantime I will look for more concrete evidence of this R9-255 along with the even weirdly named and announced R9-260 card, as there is a R7-260 card?!

You will be able to spot gamers easily before very long and AMD products will come with health warnings on them because use of products will be able to induce the bad habit of head-scratching until bald!



Hmm it does not seem to state anything about the Radeon R9-255 being OEM only on AMD's site!

look here ...


Oh crap yes it does state OEM at the top in the menu on the left!

Look, A .. M .. D, I do not care which bloody card it is but can we have at least one card whreby your not losing stream processors of power of the iGPU in the AMD A10-78050K?!

I would much rather buy a card that takes a drop in power to match the iGPU that have the iGPU drop as I see this ans first off stupid and secondly inefficient!

Or I start hearing that the iGPU still still utilised for other tasks with a dedicated card in gaming using your new technologies? Like to GPU cores are used along with the CPU cores?!

That would be very cool just as a matching graphics card would be!

I hope it was not a ploy to make us buy the Kaveris and then have to go out and buy a R9 card?!


Monday, 7 July 2014


Today I completely forgot about something I wanted to post about.

This happened to my surprise and in my local PC World store as I was checking stock while feeling quite nauseous not realising my keys were in my bike lock 500 yards away and forgot completely when I had an argument with one hell of a brain dead, complete brain wave inactivity that would make an Ant chuckle that finally had it slip my mind.

The funny thing is this also cane about because I was checking something else, their computers and laptops. I had been finding it off that long after new chips were announced I would wander in to use their store as a yardstick to see if things were finally in sale in the UK.

This was a ... mistake. So much so I stated to check mire regularly fur completely different reasons.

I am about to describe an extreme example of what I was researching.

I have, for those that have missed it, a new PC. The CPU I chose was something referred to add an APU, or Advanced Processing Unit so called because the integrated ever more powerful graphics chips into the silicon. The first couple of iterations of this idea were fairly good but with the third one things suddenly feel into place and became interesting.

The chip I used is called the AMD A10-7850K and was launched on 24th January 2014. Ever since this date I have wandered into anywhere that sold computers and wandered past them quickly looking at the CPU/APU used. No, no, no, no, no ... was always the way it went.

A couple of weeks back I built the system I now very much fancied building. I have been filming myself building it, have filmed it running, played various games on it and still have several to do.

I noticed some time ago that PC World was bit getting in models with new chips just released in fur a very long time afterwards. Even just new models were taking months to appear!

As I posted about just prior to this one I was on my bike on my way home from a friends and was fed up with PC World not sorting out the refurbished, or second hand, keyboard they sold me I later found out from a very, very stupid and completely rude gentleman they had not a single one left in stock and not getting anymore in. Lucky I one of know how I am going to resolve the issue but not stating how. They have now done themselves out of several sales I intend to turn into thousands is sales. In fact I was intending to buy two things in there this week I dotted in store but now won't. I also won't ever be entering a PC World sure and will return to what I advised petiole fit over ten years ... DO NOT BUT ANYTHING FROM PC WORLD ESPECIALLY ANYTHING WITH THE ADVENT NAME ON IT.

I trust you noticed I bought 3 Advent Tegra Note Tablets recently and had to take 5 of them back?!

If not I will let you set back and try to fathom out how the weird mathematical problem I just hit you with can actually happen.

I digress.

I went looking for anything they had that had one of the new AMD KAVERI chips in especially as a couple of weeks back they announced ask the laptop chips.

Of the roughly ten chips now available how many did I spot? I did see several new machines that were not in there previously and thought I was going to see mitre than half a dozen?

None! Zero! Nada! Nil! Zilch!

Weird! Not so weird if you realise they are a megastore that simply sells refurbished and section hand goods as brand new for to money. Of that the things that they can devalue they have done in the UK while the one thing they cannot had risen in price exponentially, or at least feels like it.

Your energy prices. You can't buy that used!

Odd then that the few spending money keeping the economy crawling along are the ones paying the most fur it without realising it. Well not all do not realise obviously and I believe it's because of the even bigger idiots that are also wusses that are too blame for just letting them get away with it ... POLITICIANS!

I digress.


But there is a point to it! As I was walking around I prices a laptop that had Windows 8 desktop on it that looked a little different than before. I checked it out noticed the little Windows icon where the Start Button used to be and had a play around.

Better! Bit good enough but a lot better than before and I realised while tinkering around that this could not possibly be Windows 8 and must be one of the update ones. A quick check and sure enough it was Windows 8.1.

Now I know there have been a couple of updates and I fight they were 8.1 and 8.2 but I did not nor have not paid attention. I only need to see the comments and bottom line statements from the usual suspects I sort of trust and I jog on. I kind of expected this version to state 8.2 and when it did bit I wondered if I remembered wrongly and maybe this was 8.1.2, well you get the idea?

Still if there was yet another iteration I am at least niue half interested in taking a look at this!

Yes I cannot quite believe I stated that but I am still certain it will be a not far enough statement?!

Microsoft have made bad choice after bad choice over the Steve Ballmer years and had this been a much smaller company with much less wonga it would be dead in the water lying on the sediment in the bottom, make no mistake.

Microsoft may turn out to be one if these things, and a fecking big wake up call to bit only the American military but all intrusive power mad militaries that if you meddle where your big fat red nose dues bit belong not only can it backfire, not only can you systematically destroy something that was a worldwide household name but you can end up actually forcing that you were claiming to prevent?! After all could you imagine the Chinese conning up with a version of Linux really easy to use, everyone supports including all the genes companies and Steam OS turns out to be self obsessed bloatware?!

Dumb ... Arse ... Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Still it might not happen and they won't look like the biggest folks on the planet?!

If Microsoft was to collapse then they would have done some serious damage that week reverberate through history. Good knows how many people will be out of work. Good knows how many of them will have to leave the country to find similar pap?!

Well the meddling military state they did this 'for their country' which essentially is there people. They may even use the line 'for their people' but niue that they have ended up doubt the exact damage hey claimed to be protecting their people from week they then put their hands in their pockets to repair what they did?

Will they hell!

At this point they will show to the world that their idea of people is a very small network of friends, mainly those wanting to run around the worked buying up all businesses or running them out of town!

Maybe, just maybe everyone will realise that the American government's and their military's idea of friends is a very strange, limited, worrying and extremely dangerous and damaging one?!

Ooh that would not be good! Not be good at all!

I for one cannot wait for Windows 9, because they cannot take the chance and it simply had to be brilliant! It must be brilliant and had to be a 'you simply have to own me' product!!

If not we will be stepping back a couple of paragraphs and living though that possible outcome! But hey they will be an upside! ...

Governments will finally realise that they cannot influence, lure to the people, manipulate us like we are all twats without our own minds, even if the larger percentage currently ... or was! They will realise that they cannot get sections of society hero bent in facts, science, for other sections of society hell bent on falsehoods and manipulations of innocent petiole to sir their own narrow minded views of the world, religious fruitcakes no doubt?!

Funny how sections of society so intended and forceful about being right when they are so obviously wrong may finally have to gave the ultimate truth? If Microsoft does fail at least I have the ... FALLOUT from that as entertainment?!


I will stick with Windows 7 Pro even if it did a couple of things from day one that drive me up the wall! Ooh and then there is that annoying message but cannot find a single link to it anywhere ... yet. Don't comment starting the obvious they have verb done. I would have to check via another way watching each thing load and check ... ooh I just remembered how I find out ... I am a dumb arse ... err ooh crap that's not easy to find and I cannot remember what is called! Hmm its in administrative tools ... Hmm, lol!

Ooh yes I can't sleep despite no caffeine, did fair bit of cycling today (9 miles) and no getting up late either! Hmm something else ... oh yes n Restless Legs Syndrome ... ooh wrong blog, lol. The health aspects are meant fur the corruption blog, lol.


Right I am waiting for one program to start, it has been at this for several minutes and I am not getting a fail message, error message or even acknowledgement from Windows that it has even started!

So I am now installing something else to post an audio file of me ripping crap out of someone from PC World on the phone, someone who has already lies to me in an email and obviously an idiot!

However I had no idea just how much an incompetent idiot and twat this guy was, a fecking true DICKWAD KING!!

Here is why, now I managed to record some of this but there are some facts that likely did not make it onto the tape, sometimes I really do miss the best things!!

1 He did not know where I bought my item

2 He did not know WHERE I bought my item

3 He did not know WHO I bought my item from?! ASking it if was PC World or Currys as the two are different?!

4 He did know WHERE I lived, had to ask my postcode and did not have my details up?!?!

5 He did not know what I bought and said "Oh a Corsair K70 Keyboard'?!

Now keep those in mind and I was given the same two options I was told about over the email which I will get into in a moment but I want to point out that THEY DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE ONE OF THESE BRAND NEW KEYBOARDS IN STOCK ANYWHERE!!


Now think as to how they cannot replace this keyboard at all! How is this even possible?!

Now remember I have a condition that causes pain and nausea in unsuspecting situations and I was going to post about how I had been to PC World tonight to check out there stock. Only ... I was feeling odd and was only there because I was on my bike and the nausea was hitting me. Before heading home after visiting some friends I thought I was getting fed up with waiting for PC World to call me, and claiming they called me when they had not, and check to see if they had this keyboard in stock.

They did not.

They had a SteelSeries one I NEARLY bought instead of this but put it off because the keyboard was a rubber membrane one and do not tend to last with people that type or game alot and I do both! DUHHHH! LOL! This is about £80! So you see not the profe

They now had two or three Roccat Mk Pro Keyboards in stock which are normally £150 listed anywhere but on special offer, ooooh really??!, for 139.99 but are mechanical keyboards like this one!


Oddly they have the Sapphire R7-250 Boost Graphics Card which I was going to get for my PC but now not and it was listed as a nVidia Graphics card which is not even close and nor was the price!


Anyway ... I do not know WHAT I was typing before Google's increasingly crap software shut down Chrome while I was mid sentence in a blog, God is everyone bloody stupid today?! LMAO!

Right I will just finish up with the fact that you will hear the man complaining that he is only trying to help me ..

1 Despite knowing absolutely nothing of my transaction or how I bought it or even how it was delivered and where it was delivered

2 But I only have two options and he has had it explained that I suffer with a bad disability (left door keys in bike lock while I was in PC World ..... THATS what I was about tp type when Chrome shut down without warning)

My OPTIONS are ...

1 Take back to store for a full refund but phone up yet again and have a £120 Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard delivered to my house or local store, which takes about a week in all. I have to pay the extra too of course.

2 I have the keyboard picked up and have to mess around for a long time, his words, until I eventually get a Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard in my hands

Now remember I have already had him say that he has not looked at my blog, not looked at the video of me taking out of its sealed package and finding the solid metal dented, though I am not told as to why and why he is bothering to phone me anyway!

Remember this and then listen to the last half ofd tghe conversation that was already getting heated when he completely rubbished my claims about selling refurbed stock ...

1 First stating that they do not do it which is simply will have me thirsty for blood and I then say along the lines of 'oh yeah and like they are gonna tell you so how the feck would you know!' and aghast that he thinks its stupid to think that I ave not only proved it 100% of the time but despite everyone else being at it I am supposed to just take some idiot pissants word for it that because a man I have never met before tells me they do not do it I am suppose to then belive that pissed and pissed off Christmas elves got inside the box and bent the sold aluminium on the keyboard?!

Oops, that kinda ... run way from me a bit, lol.

Hmm now what was number two exactly Martin?

Oh feck it, here is the recording ...

This is a new way of sharing as my usual way, using Wuala by Lacie, does not want to run on my new computer?! LOL!

Any issues please leave in the comments and I will use an alternative sharing program, as it did not look like I could have an openly shared file or folder using Google Drive, which is a bit shit for me really, lol. Uploading it to alternative in case Google Drive is really crap at sharing and as really crap is what they seem intent in turning all their stuff into ...

... oh god, just had a thought. What about Chrome?! Lol, been OK but what if they screw that up?! Hmm hopefully Internet Explorer might be OK these days?! Yyyyeahhhh right, lol.


Oh and umm The Telegraph, now going up my ratings list, seems to have reported the same as me lol ...

OH FECK! Its from 2003?!?! How have they gopt away with this for so long?!


Do not, I repeat do NOT, go to these websites for anything anymore!

I have always recommended CNET to friends but now I take that back!!

I just wanted to download a audio cutter program and preferably the one I had, but stpudily forget I have a bad memory, yeah yeah go on laugh, and forgot what it was called.

I ventured onto cnet and then onto softonic and do no like the completely depraved and sad, pathetic sites they have become. Only they have now dropped even below these levels.

I downloaded one program from each and there is even more in the way of crap than they had before! It triesd to trick you into thinking that if you hit decline you wont get your software, try it! I pressed them 7 times before the software installed?! It DID install.

Only when I ran it it was absolutely shite in its GUI and best of all it would not work with WAV files?!

Then when I went to download the shite I then noticed that several things had been installed despite me clicking on decline every single time and something hijacked my browser and changed my home page and search provider?!

Now I reallyu, REALLY fecking hate it when they do that! Now they do it though yuou pressed no on eah button and I REALLY FECKING HATE THAT!

Punishment I think acceptable for wonkers like that? Bullet to the brain because I am in that sort of a mood tonight, lmao! Want to see why I am enraged? Check my next post!

So I had to go and change a few things and I then noticed that there were things I had just taken off a friends computer before the hard drive died. I know I recommended  CNET!

So I officially denounce both CNET and SOFTONIC for taking such sad and depraved routes! Funny how deception and tricks are things people normally hide from others but here on the Internet you can pick them out like apples on a tree!!

So in the case your loking for something and tosser companies like PC World, again see my next post, are not wanted then type the following, an example, into Google or that of any field for any search engine.

audio splicer freeware windows 7 -softonic -cnet

The minus sign immediately before a word will leave out all pages with that word. I did it here twice with both CNet and Softonic so that both depraved companies would be left out!

You can do this with any companies that sell refurbished goods for the full retail price like that of PC World (see next post), Argos, Very Catalogue, Littlewoods Catalogue or even B&Q.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Just a couple of videos of me plugging in things, one that I have not mentioned up until now but will as I will post about it this week are the SATA leads.

Not the leads as such but that they were having, umm have, a couple of Crucial MX100 SSD drives plugged into them which some of you will know are new drives and they are nice and they are fast. Admittedly I have never had SSDs before so have nothing to compare them with but Windows 7 Professional loads a damn site faster then the times I was expecting!

I went from several minutes on my laptop and wanted to get this down to the 30 seconds or so I was reading about but this is less than 10 seconds and NO they are not setup as a RAID ZERO! LOL!

Fans and Audio ...

SATA Ports ...


Remembering things for me is sometimes a problem due to a condition that I suffer from.

I have had this for way over fifteen years and been asking about it for over 13. I found out what this was and even though the NHS have conveniently not 'discovered' it in all this time now that I did they still refuse to give me drugs and treatment for it.

This is called Fibromylagia and it causes a dozen or more areas of pain along with dozens of other things, one is Fibrofog, where I have trouble remembering things.

Now I called this file 'SATA REMEMBERING' as I was having difficulty remembering ... SOMETHING, lol.

Anyway this really hit home that the memory thing was a problem because it was over things I thought I would never forget.

The loss is not permanent it just cant be recollected often why you need it most. You just see fog as you try to remember hence the term 'fibrofog'.

The number one drugs for dealing with the condition that actually deals with the source of the problem is Sodium oxybate which one GP with delusions of grandeur and oinly interested in his own ego and one specialist in Fibromyalgia in Guy's Hospital's Rheumatology department had never heard of the drug. Despite it being given out for Narcolepsy and in the NHS site for lsyed prescription drugs.

A second tier drug for it is Pregabalin which they lied and cheated me out of so therefore not only do I have a condition I have one that they lie about, that I had to diagnose and that they are refusing second rate drugs for!

So a condition without the proper drugs in other words, just so we are clear for anyone thinking of leaving smart comments, lmao.

Before anyone states anything about mad claims either then I suggest you listen to all I stated by their own admission as I recorded every appointment, meeting and test for the last three years!

People do not think before they leave comments, they do no consider they might be wrong, do not have enough information and even worse for them whether they end up looking like dick-wads at the end of it and that this will remain on there?!

God, people are so naive and narrow minded and yet so many have high opinions of their own intelligence and wisdom that strays way beyond reality! LMFAO!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Well would you look at this?

Still not sorted out my keyboard issue with PC World?

What keyboard issue I hear you ask? Exactly! I forgot to post it on here, though I did my corruption blog though! Numpty! Only found this out because I have still not had a reply from them I find satisfactory!

This is a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard which oddly has all the guarantees and warranties despite the fact it has been damaged out of the box by someone previous to me?!

This has now been seen up close by a couple of friends who see that it is metal and I have caught them telling others the story about how there is no mistake this time with what happened.

I filmed myself taking it out of the box which I will be doing every single time from now on.

That the section damaged is think, solid metal and buckled so that your finger rubs against it when adjusting the volume. To which I hear 'disgusting' which I am getting a great deal locally now regarding GPs and the Police and Courts, lmao!


Dear Martin, 

Thank you for your recent email. I would have spoken to you but could not contact you on the number that you have supplied. 

I was concerned to learn of the issues that you have had with your Corsair keyboard.  It is never our intention to supply faulty or damaged products and I am sorry that on this occasion you have experienced this.  As I am aware, from your previous correspondence regarding this matter, the keyboard is in limited supply within our stores.  It would not be possible for us to arrange an instant exchange within your local store as they do not currently have the replacement item, therefore, the only options available would be: 

1 - return the keyboard to your local store with receipt and card used for purchase and a full refund can be issued directly back to the card used for purchase. 
2 - We can arrange for the product to be collected from your home address and then a replacement delivered to you directly (subject to stock availability). 

As I was unable to reach you on the contact number supplied I would kindly request that if you require us to arrange a collection of the product, please call us on 0344 561 1234 and we will be able to arrange a suitable date for the product to be collected. 

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter. 

Kind regards, 

Gary Hughes 
The KNOWHOW™ Team 

How did I do? Leave your feedback here: 


Dear Gary Hughes

Hmm, interesting that you would use the word 'unintentionally'.

I believe that many front line staff of companies I have been in contact with and received refurbished products from likely do not know so themselves use the term 'unintentionally' quite sincerely.

Also I thought I explained previously that the phone was switched to silent mode and I hod forgotten to switch it back, this has now been corrected. This is 07920 526264.

Also it is strange that I keep explaining what needs to happen and you do not seem to take that on board. If I return with the keyboard for a refund I then have to wait several days for the funds to clear before I can then go and buy a replacement despite this not being my fault.

As movement of any kind and to varying degrees causes me pain and that I have a disability I am going to get enraged by things like this, so your option number '2' had better be that when you pick up the keyboard from my home you then come with a replacement?

This then leads me onto the fact you made a statement that proves that PC World does indeed knowingly sell refurbished stock as ytou said the line 'depending on stock levels' which means your unable to obtain items from manufacturers which is a dead giveaway I have spotted so many times before.

Please do not go into some lecture about suppliers as this would only make PC World look even more guilty along with being stupid in several ways because the suppliers are the UK branches of the HQ's, like Nikon UK for instance. I have already been way through this several times over with Argos, Shop Direct (who I beat in court and their Very Catalogue staff gave the game away that everyone was at it), B&Q and others.

God, if your gonna rip off and manipulate the wider public at least do it intelligently!

The only reason anyone would pay a share of profits to a middle man is if that middleman is supplying them with goods at a reduced rate. Ergo refurbished goods but here in lies the extremely funny thing ...

They have not been refurbished in any way 90% of the time which means these 'suppliers' have been ripping off all the above while continually dropping them 'in it', so to speak.

Failing this then you need to either start the process of refunding the money, it is on visa after all, PRIOR to me handing over refurbished keyboard as you have sto all stop this attitude that even when your caught red handed doing this, ripping the public off and also wasting their time this is at YOUR COST and not ours!

Your caught red handed so start acting like it and not all laid back like you do not care because everyone is doing it! Good God, your all so transparent.

Otherwise have a keyboard sent to my local store in Enfield, is you do not have one then you will have to supply something else, like a Razer Anansi Keyboard and refund the difference, though I am not sure I want to do this because just as I told you I do a blog and a YouTube account about corruption, lies and misleading of the wider public and as you have made no remark about that I suggest you go take a look at two in particular ... This is the video of me unboxing YOUR keyboard and then discovering, as do the viewers, that its damaged on the metal plate that runs across the keyboard!

Here is the link to the blog page which on my Computing and CPU blog I had forgotten to link this in which I would not have noticed had you come up with the solution I had requested, thank you! ...

Oh and those are nothing compared to my Corruption Dossier ...

Now can we please get this sorted out? Seems to be dragging on a bit, maybe to go over some time limit thing that I cannot return it? Twenty one days? Is non-applicable as I emailed PC World IMMEDIATELY ... and ... well I filmed myself and posted it the following day, as you can clearly see.

Now the options?


Martin Haswell BSc

Friday, 4 July 2014


The last couple of days I had changed my mind about what hardware I was going to purchase next, originally going to be a mouse along with something else I am know thinking get the Radeon R7-250 Graphics card to set up dual graphics with my AMD Kaveri.

Only I have been scanning on Scan, pardon the pun, and there seems to be a discrepancy in the number of stream processors for what is the same graphics chip and completely confused.

I will need to email them before I order!

If you pull up the Radeon R7 250 OC cards with the DDR3 memory it states that there are 384 stream procedures which, of true seems a bit strange to pair up with a chip that has 512 of them in the AMD A10-7850K?

But if you look up the Radeon R7 250X Cards it states they have 640 stream processors?!

This makes much more sense to pair up with a kaveri and wondering what AMD were thinking not getting out a suitable card for dusk graphics setups?

The X versions of these cards use DDR5 memory in half the quantities the others do.

The X versions are also stated by the vast majority of forums to boy work in dual graphics and yet there are reports of bit one but two or the people getting dual graphics working with the X series 250 cards?!

Meaning that the marketing is badly fine add AMD don't state this and the best of the two dusk graphics options bringing the graphics down a notch, whereas equal or slightly better would make more sense.

So this of course makes me think if I go for the lower one, bet your bottom dollar a card designed for the 512 stream processor kaveri will be announced. If I go fur the X getting it working week end up being mitre trucker than us worth and I have suggest had issues with this EUFI, out whatever it is, new BIOS type ... DOOBREY! LOL!

I had several occasions where I sparsity did not have a bootable drive?! Even at one point yesterday getting everything working, going out rusty to help with friends computers, coming home and the fang thing refusing to boot once again! Turned out I was making an error in boot selection, forgetting I did it due to a condition that causes memory issues, in me not computer, then siding about for the fifth or more time getting it booting again!

Did not help either when there was done work in the system that mean Windows could not detect a copy of itself?! I thought these EUFI, thingies, motherboards were supposed to make things easier? I think not!

This may be down to me not fully understanding what had changed with the introduction of EUFI but I don't call having a dozen issues, over hand if these with Windows not booting and several times not even setting an installation if itself despite it being right there, making like easier!

Sorry but it's a step backwards for me just as Windows H8 ... I mean 8 is.

Why don't these tech heads get feed a bit of reality wake up pie and raise they have to start getting things FECKING WORKING befit rushing then out the door to get money in befit the other guy? Just because they're are a bunch of idiots who have no patience whatsoever?! Lol!

So now I have to find out which is the best without causing niue bloody headaches?! I know so called hard core gamers think you can't be without tinkering but I think hard core gannets are those that her busy gaming, not wearing a black box as a weird looking helmet.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


The slightly tricky job of fitting and cooler onto the APU.

The fitments looked the same as they did last time I did this but a shame I could not bloody remember how they fitted.

It was few years back and an AMD Phenom II x4 and a couple other bits I changed over to speed up their system, which they had done previously but no dice but then crap upgrades. Took them weeks to get over how quickly they were placing new CDs onto their rotten Apples, lol.


Just a show of how easy it is to pout the APU in its socket.

This is an AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU going into an MSI A88XM Gaming Series Motherboard.

Think I forgot to mention that no Windows H8 for this me laddo! Nope Windows 7 Professional and it runs as smooth as a baby's bottom!


Well here it is, the one that at least a few people would have been waiting for, I know I have.

I find this chip truly fascinating and the one I kind of talked about at university back in 1998. Hmm yeah well it is minus a couple of CPU cores but, hey. This is a start and I believe that not only is this a capable and innovative little slither of silicone that prompted me to finally build the system I was after but will lead to far greater things with the next two successors. Waited for this for so very long now.

If I could build a PC capable of being able to run Crysis 3 as near as damn it then this would be ace because games would come out that were better coded, read efficient, and I immediately think Bethesda and Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps even Dishonoured 2?

That leads me onto the fact that outside of Bethesda and the Farcry series, have the first one here somewhere, I am totally unfamiliar with the games scene.

Interested in Metro. Crysis is OK but hearing it gets worse with each version and the graphics get better. Also hearing not good things about the company. But then because of the crap job they did of Crysis 3 I am not that surprised, so absolute NO-NOS where performed on that one that the person that suggested it should never be allowed to work in the gaming industry ever again.

As I paid £5.00 for it and £3.00 for the second installment in game, yes eight quid for both, I will not complain too much but you just do not include the ability to save your game.

What WAS that idiot thinking?

Anyway this is the bit I always enjoy the most is taking out the CPU I chose, sorry APU, and just holding it for a moment while studying it. Just thinking how much that one and a half inch square can actually do! The possibilities are also pretty grand too even on the desktop side and any software engineer worth his salt would simply want to code for all the cores capable of compute of which there are twelve. TWELVE!

When I think of that in a chip this size and price I truly wonder at others at their bemoaning and claims of championing and wonder of they truly get it or just looking at their boxes with rose tinted spectacles of love, lol.

As for the bottlenecking .. yes just don't, lol. I know that those stating these things really did not know the craft they laid claim to. JayzTwoCents, or whatever he calls himself on YouTube, already showed that this was utter bull. Mind you Linux Users might have an issue. However if the Steam OS comes out this should n longer be a problem. Of course if the rumours about Steam being done for nVidia re true this will not be good but rest assured this would not reflect well on Valve either, had to happen sometime and this might be it?


Here is the one part ... the only part of a rig that gives me a bloody headache!

Sorry but I find that 90% of cases are butt ugly even the ones that Custom PC Magazine or others give scores for, pissed or goodies no doubt.

I saw this case used in a Kaveri build in PC PRO I think it was and despite many reviewers still not cottoning on to how good the Kaveri is energy, innovation and power wise I like the look of the case with the fans on.

Oddly I had seen the case previously and thought, hang on I have seen that case in Maplins? It was simply OK on the shelf but the budget group test one which I think was actually called the Kaverian and by Dino PC I believe looked swish.

There are other swish cases but would cost in excess of £100 and one was £150 and another £100 more still.

You do get some nice cases but they are just a case at the end of the day and costing more than your main CPU/APU is stupid. Also overclokcing is a bit yesterday in all honesty and I think it will lose it pizazz. It has with me and many I attended university with will not believe I said that. Especially as we all use to pile around to see this new unit that sat at the base of you case that was in essence a fridge! Lol. I wanted one!

In case you missed it I will dual graphics up this rig. This should get Crysis 3 running in 1080p with only a few settings turned down, after all its doing it now in 1080p low to medium but not quite playable, lol.

Once the Mantle, hUMA and the like are all included in coding, which they will of course and doubting is , madness. I will likely then just put a Radeon R9 280X or R9 290X or whatever is out.

Any idiots that are tempted to say anything about bottle-necking ...STOP! JUST DON'T!

Anyway I am dead fussy as I stated and I really like things well made with good materials as well as looking smart, so the orange and other colours were out it had to be black, lol.

When you get these cases with the funny sharp edges and styling that end up looking like they belong on an kids desk with both the HR Giger Alien figurines along with those from Predator or the ones with the strips of light on the edges that look like a prop from an early seventies Doctor Who episode?!

Or at the other end just too plain as some of the Lian Li cases are. But I guess you can work with that and put the necassary components in to make something like really sweet.