Sunday, 6 July 2014


Remembering things for me is sometimes a problem due to a condition that I suffer from.

I have had this for way over fifteen years and been asking about it for over 13. I found out what this was and even though the NHS have conveniently not 'discovered' it in all this time now that I did they still refuse to give me drugs and treatment for it.

This is called Fibromylagia and it causes a dozen or more areas of pain along with dozens of other things, one is Fibrofog, where I have trouble remembering things.

Now I called this file 'SATA REMEMBERING' as I was having difficulty remembering ... SOMETHING, lol.

Anyway this really hit home that the memory thing was a problem because it was over things I thought I would never forget.

The loss is not permanent it just cant be recollected often why you need it most. You just see fog as you try to remember hence the term 'fibrofog'.

The number one drugs for dealing with the condition that actually deals with the source of the problem is Sodium oxybate which one GP with delusions of grandeur and oinly interested in his own ego and one specialist in Fibromyalgia in Guy's Hospital's Rheumatology department had never heard of the drug. Despite it being given out for Narcolepsy and in the NHS site for lsyed prescription drugs.

A second tier drug for it is Pregabalin which they lied and cheated me out of so therefore not only do I have a condition I have one that they lie about, that I had to diagnose and that they are refusing second rate drugs for!

So a condition without the proper drugs in other words, just so we are clear for anyone thinking of leaving smart comments, lmao.

Before anyone states anything about mad claims either then I suggest you listen to all I stated by their own admission as I recorded every appointment, meeting and test for the last three years!

People do not think before they leave comments, they do no consider they might be wrong, do not have enough information and even worse for them whether they end up looking like dick-wads at the end of it and that this will remain on there?!

God, people are so naive and narrow minded and yet so many have high opinions of their own intelligence and wisdom that strays way beyond reality! LMFAO!

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