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Well once again the writing was on the wall on this one!

It seems rather apt that this story is running when I am about to have a showdown with Microsoft?!

Well I how I am not but if the antics I get up to on my corruption blog are anything to go by I don't have a wall without worrying on it!

I recently built a budget PC and a very budget gaming PC, of you leave out certain ... peripherals that is!

I decided upon Windows 7 Professional as opposed to Windows 7 Home Premium, which I technically already own the licence to from my HP laptop!

Now as I previously stated I was not going to buy Windows 8 for the obvious reasons and the same ones many others do bit use it. It has not escaped my attention that Windows 8 sells fur surprisingly little money and I thought this would be a bonus as Windows 7 Professional would be very good value, a rare thing to state with anything created by Microsoft who got used to charging big numbers fur things that stinky was not worth it and grew to unprecedented proportions on now more than a handful of products. Some of these products steering to have very good alternatives appear for free if charge?! From one extreme to another then and I am bit fully comfortable with either one.

I found a company claiming to be selling Windows 7 Professional for a reasonable £45 and I thought what good value this was but though I liked Windows 7 to look at it was not without it's ... issues. In fact when I received my copy it was causing my problems from day one thigh it was awhile before I realised it was Windows doing dinner very of things without actually asking me or even warning me?! As I had still to acquire all the hardware it did not occur to me about the thirty day, or whatever it is, period. I also know that Windows gets a bit iffy about you changing or adding too much hardware to prevent someone from selling the licence on to someone else! Now where have we heard that before?

I never got all the hardware in time before the thirty days expired where I was immediately greeted with a message stating my copy of Windows was not genuine?! I contacted the seller on Amazon and received an email from Amazon stating they were sorry but he is not with them anymore?! He sold a fair few of these and when mine turned up it stated 'Dell' on the disc and I should have raised that selling this foot may have been ... iffy. But purchase of a licence is purchase of a licence at the end of the day and I am sure Microsoft do not send these things out for free!

So I had to have another go at Amazon for this counterfeit issue is their issue and they should be responsible ... STOP, NO! THEY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE! THE END!

We cannot see whether something is counterfeit or not and Amazon have no problems taking money fur counterfeit goods which the last time I looked was illegal in the UK.

I then clicked on the Microsoft button about the validity of the disc and they asked for me to fill in a form about where I bought it. They stated that if I did I would then receive a pack, complimentary, to turn my iffy Windows into a legal one! So I did it and it was like pulling teeth as the software refused to let me continue unless I provided all data in the fields! Any idea how hard it is to get emails, phone numbers and order details from a site like Amazon? No they do not and they all seen to be totally unaware that they all do the exact same thing in burying these details separately being many pages, if they provide it at all?!

To prove this point try to find an email to Facebook on their site?!

Any hoo I managed to acquire all the data, except the fans product key as I have admiringly mislaid it! Well I do have Fibromyalgia, it is on a ridiculously small piece of paper considering it's cost and they do insist in that annoyingly short and crap activation period!

Now I have to post the damn thing of to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland which one again mashes things difficult because it is not in the UK and make me wonder why they do this?! What Microsoft so not have a headquarters anywhere in the United Kingdom? So I cannot use the myriad of postage stamps I have here and since it in a post box and have to take it in a post office!

Now that I have no teeth left these tossers really need to change their tactics and not do everything based on everyone ends doubt things as they should when they themselves do not!

What made me laugh is they gave me the option to pay for it online but the price was the time that I paid for my copy?! Greedy bastards!

Mr Microsoft when something is old it reduces in price, not a little but a lot! I recently purchased Crysis 2 and 3 for £8 and although this was ridiculously cheap, leaving side that everyone says the third one is crap, you get where I am heading!

Well they would do this if it were not for the fact that they are trying to force people into buying Windows 8, not good, not clever and I feel an anti trust lawsuit conning in again?!

Or added to this they know kept ate still buying Windows 7 which is why the price is barely any different from Windows 8?!

I have been around computers since Windows 3.1 and moving to Windows 95 and I can tell you that there had not been a time when the prices of the new OS, remember it's on third or more version, is similar to that is the now very old one!

From being stupid, arrogant, over confident and the focus of an ex military man concentrating on shepherding users so they can spy on them, bullying others of the paying field and systematically destroying the company Windows 8 would never have happened!

If so then neither works my current predicament as I have never purchased the old OS for a PC before ... EVER!

Crap mobile phone OS's which restricted it's users fat, far more than its desktop software does and your just providing the longest nails for your own coffin. Simply have not accepted that petiole are doing things better, cheaper and even for free they persisted with their arrogance typical of Steve Ballmer and his twat like attitude.

Quite where they all fit the idea that they were untouchable and they could never feel ... I simply do not know? Whether this is from the military or not it was simply shockingly arrogant and would end in years eventually. The only thing of interest would be works they realise and have the time to out the brakes on, turn around and get the other way?

Did they really think that in the entire planet that another group of prior could not outdo them?

Well the link below sees them go against their own predictions after buying Nokia and they now minuscule 14% share in the operating system market is beginning to show the first signs of rot!

The question remains has the rot now spread too far? Well we will see if the last nail required for them will be brandished by their own hand in any discussion we have over my current predicament and the new Window really needs to be perfect and sooner instead of later!

Though as it states that 18,000 jobs are too go at Microsoft it does not look good and it matters but where the jobs are going. It is not so Nokia and around 6,000 odd going at Microsoft itself.

Anymore between now and Windows 900 coming out and the death throws will not be far behind, I fear?!

Microsoft set to axe 18,000 jobs

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