Thursday, 31 July 2014


Well it's gone slow again on here and YouTube, sorry about that.

Once again it's down to corporate greed I am afraid. Basically I was using two phones because Vodafone was shite. I have been putting off unlocking my Moto G and placing my Three sim inside it.

However very recently I was hobbling home when I suddenly found myself is a bloody horrendous storm. I had a military style rucksack and an umbrella. Did not help.

Cut a long story short and both phones for wet. The one I use for the tethered Internet connection got very wet. Inside acres was soaked as was the entire battery, or in other words remixing it had the inside of the battery covered in water. Tried to dry off and only got screen with white noise, thought it was dead for good?! Left it under a small spot light so it got very hot for several hours. Left it overnight and blow me down it worked the next day!!

Only it does not work fur very long and loses a charge very quick and is difficult to get to charge! So until I can unlock my Moto G, which I can't do to next week as I transferred last of my cash to my daughters account, due to her in a big court battle, can't do that for a few days.

Also I managed to get a copy of Dishonoured Game Of The Year Edition and on the current over clock it runs smooth as butter. I have not run Crysis 3 since I realised something reset the overclocking but currently nothing I play slows it down.

Oddly one game I am waiting to be released will likely need a lot mitre graphics power to run. This was due to the fact that they stated that they could bit release the game fur even the latest generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and XBox One?! Did not expect to ever read something like that and make me want to run it and buy a Radeon R9-290 but then the game won't officially be released until early 2015. So would be stupid to buy that card right now.

The game I am speaking of is Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

There is of course the other source sim of Elite Dangerous by David Braben which is estimated to be released in a couple of months time? Not sure what the predicted graphics requirements will be for that one.

I literally cannot think of anything else I want to purchase that week need greater power. Oooh that reminds my Fibrofogged brain that I also have not run Thief since I upped the GPU and RAM frequencies! Also I am sure I could up the GPU clock further and it is on 847Mhz currently, I think I stopped at? This was only to cure the speed issues with Fallout 3. Remember I run everything at 1080 currently.

During next week I wool have another rummage through titles and see if their is anything I might be tenured to order? I must admit them Bioshock Infinite never really appealed to me but the fact it is highly spoken of I might be tempted to take a look.

I have also been lax because of my daughter's court case, heat and humidity along with dreadfully heavy and close air pressure giving my dreadful headaches, not to mention my hunt for yet another GP, has held back many things I wanted to do or acquire.

I still need to get a large capacity, 1TB or more, Western Digital hard drive, blu-ray writer and gaming headset ..., think that is it, before I plum for the BT Affinity internet connection.

Of course there is still the conundrum of the graphics card!

I had intended to get the R7-250 but out if due to the difference in processor count, which I do find stupid if I am honest. Also after reading about Star Citizen and the fact consoles are not powerful enough then the recommended dual graphics route will bit be enough! I would be seriously pissed about this has I bought the dual graphics card! Anyone that has seen my reasons to corrupt public services or retail outlets on my corruption blog would know this is not the wisest thing to do.

I have also been in ... correspondence with two news media groups over my blogs and possibly a third? So the scraping by to acquire thugs due my other ... blogs may well be a thing of the past in a few months time?!

Fingers crossed!

I had a few frustrations with it but I am enjoying the Dishonoured game right now! It does remind me a lot of Thief, noooo Thief came it first and the latest one is the FOURTH title, but it dies not have the large open world, read sandboxed, I thought it would. Quite the opposite in fact and I suspect the world as actually quite small?

This is likely because like the other two titles I love it is published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I just assumed it would have a large open world like those two?

Also is bloody hard, that is in reflect of you get killed fairly often at times just trying to get a few dozen yards! Lol!

Still I have gotten used to the style of play and that's not so much of an issue now.

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