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Well would you look at this?

Still not sorted out my keyboard issue with PC World?

What keyboard issue I hear you ask? Exactly! I forgot to post it on here, though I did my corruption blog though! Numpty! Only found this out because I have still not had a reply from them I find satisfactory!

This is a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard which oddly has all the guarantees and warranties despite the fact it has been damaged out of the box by someone previous to me?!

This has now been seen up close by a couple of friends who see that it is metal and I have caught them telling others the story about how there is no mistake this time with what happened.

I filmed myself taking it out of the box which I will be doing every single time from now on.

That the section damaged is think, solid metal and buckled so that your finger rubs against it when adjusting the volume. To which I hear 'disgusting' which I am getting a great deal locally now regarding GPs and the Police and Courts, lmao!


Dear Martin, 

Thank you for your recent email. I would have spoken to you but could not contact you on the number that you have supplied. 

I was concerned to learn of the issues that you have had with your Corsair keyboard.  It is never our intention to supply faulty or damaged products and I am sorry that on this occasion you have experienced this.  As I am aware, from your previous correspondence regarding this matter, the keyboard is in limited supply within our stores.  It would not be possible for us to arrange an instant exchange within your local store as they do not currently have the replacement item, therefore, the only options available would be: 

1 - return the keyboard to your local store with receipt and card used for purchase and a full refund can be issued directly back to the card used for purchase. 
2 - We can arrange for the product to be collected from your home address and then a replacement delivered to you directly (subject to stock availability). 

As I was unable to reach you on the contact number supplied I would kindly request that if you require us to arrange a collection of the product, please call us on 0344 561 1234 and we will be able to arrange a suitable date for the product to be collected. 

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter. 

Kind regards, 

Gary Hughes 
The KNOWHOW™ Team 

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Dear Gary Hughes

Hmm, interesting that you would use the word 'unintentionally'.

I believe that many front line staff of companies I have been in contact with and received refurbished products from likely do not know so themselves use the term 'unintentionally' quite sincerely.

Also I thought I explained previously that the phone was switched to silent mode and I hod forgotten to switch it back, this has now been corrected. This is 07920 526264.

Also it is strange that I keep explaining what needs to happen and you do not seem to take that on board. If I return with the keyboard for a refund I then have to wait several days for the funds to clear before I can then go and buy a replacement despite this not being my fault.

As movement of any kind and to varying degrees causes me pain and that I have a disability I am going to get enraged by things like this, so your option number '2' had better be that when you pick up the keyboard from my home you then come with a replacement?

This then leads me onto the fact you made a statement that proves that PC World does indeed knowingly sell refurbished stock as ytou said the line 'depending on stock levels' which means your unable to obtain items from manufacturers which is a dead giveaway I have spotted so many times before.

Please do not go into some lecture about suppliers as this would only make PC World look even more guilty along with being stupid in several ways because the suppliers are the UK branches of the HQ's, like Nikon UK for instance. I have already been way through this several times over with Argos, Shop Direct (who I beat in court and their Very Catalogue staff gave the game away that everyone was at it), B&Q and others.

God, if your gonna rip off and manipulate the wider public at least do it intelligently!

The only reason anyone would pay a share of profits to a middle man is if that middleman is supplying them with goods at a reduced rate. Ergo refurbished goods but here in lies the extremely funny thing ...

They have not been refurbished in any way 90% of the time which means these 'suppliers' have been ripping off all the above while continually dropping them 'in it', so to speak.

Failing this then you need to either start the process of refunding the money, it is on visa after all, PRIOR to me handing over refurbished keyboard as you have sto all stop this attitude that even when your caught red handed doing this, ripping the public off and also wasting their time this is at YOUR COST and not ours!

Your caught red handed so start acting like it and not all laid back like you do not care because everyone is doing it! Good God, your all so transparent.

Otherwise have a keyboard sent to my local store in Enfield, is you do not have one then you will have to supply something else, like a Razer Anansi Keyboard and refund the difference, though I am not sure I want to do this because just as I told you I do a blog and a YouTube account about corruption, lies and misleading of the wider public and as you have made no remark about that I suggest you go take a look at two in particular ... This is the video of me unboxing YOUR keyboard and then discovering, as do the viewers, that its damaged on the metal plate that runs across the keyboard!

Here is the link to the blog page which on my Computing and CPU blog I had forgotten to link this in which I would not have noticed had you come up with the solution I had requested, thank you! ...

Oh and those are nothing compared to my Corruption Dossier ...

Now can we please get this sorted out? Seems to be dragging on a bit, maybe to go over some time limit thing that I cannot return it? Twenty one days? Is non-applicable as I emailed PC World IMMEDIATELY ... and ... well I filmed myself and posted it the following day, as you can clearly see.

Now the options?


Martin Haswell BSc

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