Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I must admit I am getting a bit mad at myself for buying into AMD but this could be premature ... I shall explain ...

My AMD Kaveri APU has 512 Stream Processors.

By some unknown illogical thinking only AMD knows why you cannot get a card to pair of perfectly in dual graphics with the iGPU?

Scan have confirmed that the R7-250 OCs and the R7-250Xs do indeed differ a great deal! The formers 384 Stream Processors to the latters 612?! How the feck this makes any sense is beyond me but let us leave that alone. I have tried to find out if you can Dual Graphics a 250X and there are epople that has claimed it has been done but I am damned if I can find it!

So why a card that has not been released when the Kaveri was that had the same 512 shaders is beyond me and left people with something that will have its capabilities reduced in a dual graphics set up due to the only compatible chips missing around 130 shaders thereabouts.

It gets better.

Tonight while feverishly looking for evidence and ways to get the 250X in dual graphics I then learn that there is indeed a card coming out and mysteriously called the R9-255 which DOES have exactly the same shader count as Kaveri at 512?!

Suddenly everyything made sense and it just ook them time to get it out the door maybe? Still this mattered not for as long as I knew a suitable card to pair with the AMD A10-7850K, and the A10-7700 from what I have read, was coming I would happily wait. A good plan from AMD. Or so it seemed!

On furtheer research it also turned out that this car was going to be for system builders only?!

Cue line of impending despair ... 'Oh for FU...'


Now why the hell they would do this is an even bigger mystery and not a good idea if you ask me, and I am rarely wrong on these things. Why do things that will piss off even more people than those you already did with Bulldozer and Piledriver FX-8*** lines?!

Still I am going to go with the reports being wrong and that they will be followed, as I already spotted a PC with the R9-255 Radeon card in it on Amazon, by a standalone card? Or at least one might be able to be acquired from somewhere?

I can wait, sure Crysis 3 is extremely pretty but the lack of saved games and moaning by gamers about it leaves me a bit cold, it was just silly cheap when I bought it. Now with Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6 imminent I just might be producing house-bricks from very small orifices?!

Scan also could not answer my question about the 250X being able to dual graphics and started talking about me buying a Radeon R9-270 or 290, umm no! With nothing out that screams at me I need to buy one I am not going to, partly because the prices drop rapidly out of the blue and there simply is no need for it if a suitable dual graphics card becomes available, which it should!

Unless AMD really do love stirring up a mire of hatred towards themselves and get some kind of sadist kick out of it?!

In the meantime I will look for more concrete evidence of this R9-255 along with the even weirdly named and announced R9-260 card, as there is a R7-260 card?!

You will be able to spot gamers easily before very long and AMD products will come with health warnings on them because use of products will be able to induce the bad habit of head-scratching until bald!



Hmm it does not seem to state anything about the Radeon R9-255 being OEM only on AMD's site!

look here ...



Oh crap yes it does state OEM at the top in the menu on the left!

Look, A .. M .. D, I do not care which bloody card it is but can we have at least one card whreby your not losing stream processors of power of the iGPU in the AMD A10-78050K?!

I would much rather buy a card that takes a drop in power to match the iGPU that have the iGPU drop as I see this ans first off stupid and secondly inefficient!

Or I start hearing that the iGPU still still utilised for other tasks with a dedicated card in gaming using your new technologies? Like to GPU cores are used along with the CPU cores?!

That would be very cool just as a matching graphics card would be!

I hope it was not a ploy to make us buy the Kaveris and then have to go out and buy a R9 card?!


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