Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Well here it is, the one that at least a few people would have been waiting for, I know I have.

I find this chip truly fascinating and the one I kind of talked about at university back in 1998. Hmm yeah well it is minus a couple of CPU cores but, hey. This is a start and I believe that not only is this a capable and innovative little slither of silicone that prompted me to finally build the system I was after but will lead to far greater things with the next two successors. Waited for this for so very long now.

If I could build a PC capable of being able to run Crysis 3 as near as damn it then this would be ace because games would come out that were better coded, read efficient, and I immediately think Bethesda and Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps even Dishonoured 2?

That leads me onto the fact that outside of Bethesda and the Farcry series, have the first one here somewhere, I am totally unfamiliar with the games scene.

Interested in Metro. Crysis is OK but hearing it gets worse with each version and the graphics get better. Also hearing not good things about the company. But then because of the crap job they did of Crysis 3 I am not that surprised, so absolute NO-NOS where performed on that one that the person that suggested it should never be allowed to work in the gaming industry ever again.

As I paid £5.00 for it and £3.00 for the second installment in game, yes eight quid for both, I will not complain too much but you just do not include the ability to save your game.

What WAS that idiot thinking?

Anyway this is the bit I always enjoy the most is taking out the CPU I chose, sorry APU, and just holding it for a moment while studying it. Just thinking how much that one and a half inch square can actually do! The possibilities are also pretty grand too even on the desktop side and any software engineer worth his salt would simply want to code for all the cores capable of compute of which there are twelve. TWELVE!

When I think of that in a chip this size and price I truly wonder at others at their bemoaning and claims of championing and wonder of they truly get it or just looking at their boxes with rose tinted spectacles of love, lol.

As for the bottlenecking .. yes just don't, lol. I know that those stating these things really did not know the craft they laid claim to. JayzTwoCents, or whatever he calls himself on YouTube, already showed that this was utter bull. Mind you Linux Users might have an issue. However if the Steam OS comes out this should n longer be a problem. Of course if the rumours about Steam being done for nVidia re true this will not be good but rest assured this would not reflect well on Valve either, had to happen sometime and this might be it?

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