Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Here is the one part ... the only part of a rig that gives me a bloody headache!

Sorry but I find that 90% of cases are butt ugly even the ones that Custom PC Magazine or others give scores for, pissed or goodies no doubt.

I saw this case used in a Kaveri build in PC PRO I think it was and despite many reviewers still not cottoning on to how good the Kaveri is energy, innovation and power wise I like the look of the case with the fans on.

Oddly I had seen the case previously and thought, hang on I have seen that case in Maplins? It was simply OK on the shelf but the budget group test one which I think was actually called the Kaverian and by Dino PC I believe looked swish.

There are other swish cases but would cost in excess of £100 and one was £150 and another £100 more still.

You do get some nice cases but they are just a case at the end of the day and costing more than your main CPU/APU is stupid. Also overclokcing is a bit yesterday in all honesty and I think it will lose it pizazz. It has with me and many I attended university with will not believe I said that. Especially as we all use to pile around to see this new unit that sat at the base of you case that was in essence a fridge! Lol. I wanted one!

In case you missed it I will dual graphics up this rig. This should get Crysis 3 running in 1080p with only a few settings turned down, after all its doing it now in 1080p low to medium but not quite playable, lol.

Once the Mantle, hUMA and the like are all included in coding, which they will of course and doubting is , madness. I will likely then just put a Radeon R9 280X or R9 290X or whatever is out.

Any idiots that are tempted to say anything about bottle-necking ...STOP! JUST DON'T!

Anyway I am dead fussy as I stated and I really like things well made with good materials as well as looking smart, so the orange and other colours were out it had to be black, lol.

When you get these cases with the funny sharp edges and styling that end up looking like they belong on an kids desk with both the HR Giger Alien figurines along with those from Predator or the ones with the strips of light on the edges that look like a prop from an early seventies Doctor Who episode?!

Or at the other end just too plain as some of the Lian Li cases are. But I guess you can work with that and put the necassary components in to make something like really sweet.

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