Friday, 4 July 2014


The last couple of days I had changed my mind about what hardware I was going to purchase next, originally going to be a mouse along with something else I am know thinking get the Radeon R7-250 Graphics card to set up dual graphics with my AMD Kaveri.

Only I have been scanning on Scan, pardon the pun, and there seems to be a discrepancy in the number of stream processors for what is the same graphics chip and completely confused.

I will need to email them before I order!

If you pull up the Radeon R7 250 OC cards with the DDR3 memory it states that there are 384 stream procedures which, of true seems a bit strange to pair up with a chip that has 512 of them in the AMD A10-7850K?

But if you look up the Radeon R7 250X Cards it states they have 640 stream processors?!

This makes much more sense to pair up with a kaveri and wondering what AMD were thinking not getting out a suitable card for dusk graphics setups?

The X versions of these cards use DDR5 memory in half the quantities the others do.

The X versions are also stated by the vast majority of forums to boy work in dual graphics and yet there are reports of bit one but two or the people getting dual graphics working with the X series 250 cards?!

Meaning that the marketing is badly fine add AMD don't state this and the best of the two dusk graphics options bringing the graphics down a notch, whereas equal or slightly better would make more sense.

So this of course makes me think if I go for the lower one, bet your bottom dollar a card designed for the 512 stream processor kaveri will be announced. If I go fur the X getting it working week end up being mitre trucker than us worth and I have suggest had issues with this EUFI, out whatever it is, new BIOS type ... DOOBREY! LOL!

I had several occasions where I sparsity did not have a bootable drive?! Even at one point yesterday getting everything working, going out rusty to help with friends computers, coming home and the fang thing refusing to boot once again! Turned out I was making an error in boot selection, forgetting I did it due to a condition that causes memory issues, in me not computer, then siding about for the fifth or more time getting it booting again!

Did not help either when there was done work in the system that mean Windows could not detect a copy of itself?! I thought these EUFI, thingies, motherboards were supposed to make things easier? I think not!

This may be down to me not fully understanding what had changed with the introduction of EUFI but I don't call having a dozen issues, over hand if these with Windows not booting and several times not even setting an installation if itself despite it being right there, making like easier!

Sorry but it's a step backwards for me just as Windows H8 ... I mean 8 is.

Why don't these tech heads get feed a bit of reality wake up pie and raise they have to start getting things FECKING WORKING befit rushing then out the door to get money in befit the other guy? Just because they're are a bunch of idiots who have no patience whatsoever?! Lol!

So now I have to find out which is the best without causing niue bloody headaches?! I know so called hard core gamers think you can't be without tinkering but I think hard core gannets are those that her busy gaming, not wearing a black box as a weird looking helmet.

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