Sunday, 6 July 2014


Just a couple of videos of me plugging in things, one that I have not mentioned up until now but will as I will post about it this week are the SATA leads.

Not the leads as such but that they were having, umm have, a couple of Crucial MX100 SSD drives plugged into them which some of you will know are new drives and they are nice and they are fast. Admittedly I have never had SSDs before so have nothing to compare them with but Windows 7 Professional loads a damn site faster then the times I was expecting!

I went from several minutes on my laptop and wanted to get this down to the 30 seconds or so I was reading about but this is less than 10 seconds and NO they are not setup as a RAID ZERO! LOL!

Fans and Audio ...

SATA Ports ...

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