Monday, 7 July 2014


Do not, I repeat do NOT, go to these websites for anything anymore!

I have always recommended CNET to friends but now I take that back!!

I just wanted to download a audio cutter program and preferably the one I had, but stpudily forget I have a bad memory, yeah yeah go on laugh, and forgot what it was called.

I ventured onto cnet and then onto softonic and do no like the completely depraved and sad, pathetic sites they have become. Only they have now dropped even below these levels.

I downloaded one program from each and there is even more in the way of crap than they had before! It triesd to trick you into thinking that if you hit decline you wont get your software, try it! I pressed them 7 times before the software installed?! It DID install.

Only when I ran it it was absolutely shite in its GUI and best of all it would not work with WAV files?!

Then when I went to download the shite I then noticed that several things had been installed despite me clicking on decline every single time and something hijacked my browser and changed my home page and search provider?!

Now I reallyu, REALLY fecking hate it when they do that! Now they do it though yuou pressed no on eah button and I REALLY FECKING HATE THAT!

Punishment I think acceptable for wonkers like that? Bullet to the brain because I am in that sort of a mood tonight, lmao! Want to see why I am enraged? Check my next post!

So I had to go and change a few things and I then noticed that there were things I had just taken off a friends computer before the hard drive died. I know I recommended  CNET!

So I officially denounce both CNET and SOFTONIC for taking such sad and depraved routes! Funny how deception and tricks are things people normally hide from others but here on the Internet you can pick them out like apples on a tree!!

So in the case your loking for something and tosser companies like PC World, again see my next post, are not wanted then type the following, an example, into Google or that of any field for any search engine.

audio splicer freeware windows 7 -softonic -cnet

The minus sign immediately before a word will leave out all pages with that word. I did it here twice with both CNet and Softonic so that both depraved companies would be left out!

You can do this with any companies that sell refurbished goods for the full retail price like that of PC World (see next post), Argos, Very Catalogue, Littlewoods Catalogue or even B&Q.

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