Monday, 7 July 2014


Today I completely forgot about something I wanted to post about.

This happened to my surprise and in my local PC World store as I was checking stock while feeling quite nauseous not realising my keys were in my bike lock 500 yards away and forgot completely when I had an argument with one hell of a brain dead, complete brain wave inactivity that would make an Ant chuckle that finally had it slip my mind.

The funny thing is this also cane about because I was checking something else, their computers and laptops. I had been finding it off that long after new chips were announced I would wander in to use their store as a yardstick to see if things were finally in sale in the UK.

This was a ... mistake. So much so I stated to check mire regularly fur completely different reasons.

I am about to describe an extreme example of what I was researching.

I have, for those that have missed it, a new PC. The CPU I chose was something referred to add an APU, or Advanced Processing Unit so called because the integrated ever more powerful graphics chips into the silicon. The first couple of iterations of this idea were fairly good but with the third one things suddenly feel into place and became interesting.

The chip I used is called the AMD A10-7850K and was launched on 24th January 2014. Ever since this date I have wandered into anywhere that sold computers and wandered past them quickly looking at the CPU/APU used. No, no, no, no, no ... was always the way it went.

A couple of weeks back I built the system I now very much fancied building. I have been filming myself building it, have filmed it running, played various games on it and still have several to do.

I noticed some time ago that PC World was bit getting in models with new chips just released in fur a very long time afterwards. Even just new models were taking months to appear!

As I posted about just prior to this one I was on my bike on my way home from a friends and was fed up with PC World not sorting out the refurbished, or second hand, keyboard they sold me I later found out from a very, very stupid and completely rude gentleman they had not a single one left in stock and not getting anymore in. Lucky I one of know how I am going to resolve the issue but not stating how. They have now done themselves out of several sales I intend to turn into thousands is sales. In fact I was intending to buy two things in there this week I dotted in store but now won't. I also won't ever be entering a PC World sure and will return to what I advised petiole fit over ten years ... DO NOT BUT ANYTHING FROM PC WORLD ESPECIALLY ANYTHING WITH THE ADVENT NAME ON IT.

I trust you noticed I bought 3 Advent Tegra Note Tablets recently and had to take 5 of them back?!

If not I will let you set back and try to fathom out how the weird mathematical problem I just hit you with can actually happen.

I digress.

I went looking for anything they had that had one of the new AMD KAVERI chips in especially as a couple of weeks back they announced ask the laptop chips.

Of the roughly ten chips now available how many did I spot? I did see several new machines that were not in there previously and thought I was going to see mitre than half a dozen?

None! Zero! Nada! Nil! Zilch!

Weird! Not so weird if you realise they are a megastore that simply sells refurbished and section hand goods as brand new for to money. Of that the things that they can devalue they have done in the UK while the one thing they cannot had risen in price exponentially, or at least feels like it.

Your energy prices. You can't buy that used!

Odd then that the few spending money keeping the economy crawling along are the ones paying the most fur it without realising it. Well not all do not realise obviously and I believe it's because of the even bigger idiots that are also wusses that are too blame for just letting them get away with it ... POLITICIANS!

I digress.


But there is a point to it! As I was walking around I prices a laptop that had Windows 8 desktop on it that looked a little different than before. I checked it out noticed the little Windows icon where the Start Button used to be and had a play around.

Better! Bit good enough but a lot better than before and I realised while tinkering around that this could not possibly be Windows 8 and must be one of the update ones. A quick check and sure enough it was Windows 8.1.

Now I know there have been a couple of updates and I fight they were 8.1 and 8.2 but I did not nor have not paid attention. I only need to see the comments and bottom line statements from the usual suspects I sort of trust and I jog on. I kind of expected this version to state 8.2 and when it did bit I wondered if I remembered wrongly and maybe this was 8.1.2, well you get the idea?

Still if there was yet another iteration I am at least niue half interested in taking a look at this!

Yes I cannot quite believe I stated that but I am still certain it will be a not far enough statement?!

Microsoft have made bad choice after bad choice over the Steve Ballmer years and had this been a much smaller company with much less wonga it would be dead in the water lying on the sediment in the bottom, make no mistake.

Microsoft may turn out to be one if these things, and a fecking big wake up call to bit only the American military but all intrusive power mad militaries that if you meddle where your big fat red nose dues bit belong not only can it backfire, not only can you systematically destroy something that was a worldwide household name but you can end up actually forcing that you were claiming to prevent?! After all could you imagine the Chinese conning up with a version of Linux really easy to use, everyone supports including all the genes companies and Steam OS turns out to be self obsessed bloatware?!

Dumb ... Arse ... Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Still it might not happen and they won't look like the biggest folks on the planet?!

If Microsoft was to collapse then they would have done some serious damage that week reverberate through history. Good knows how many people will be out of work. Good knows how many of them will have to leave the country to find similar pap?!

Well the meddling military state they did this 'for their country' which essentially is there people. They may even use the line 'for their people' but niue that they have ended up doubt the exact damage hey claimed to be protecting their people from week they then put their hands in their pockets to repair what they did?

Will they hell!

At this point they will show to the world that their idea of people is a very small network of friends, mainly those wanting to run around the worked buying up all businesses or running them out of town!

Maybe, just maybe everyone will realise that the American government's and their military's idea of friends is a very strange, limited, worrying and extremely dangerous and damaging one?!

Ooh that would not be good! Not be good at all!

I for one cannot wait for Windows 9, because they cannot take the chance and it simply had to be brilliant! It must be brilliant and had to be a 'you simply have to own me' product!!

If not we will be stepping back a couple of paragraphs and living though that possible outcome! But hey they will be an upside! ...

Governments will finally realise that they cannot influence, lure to the people, manipulate us like we are all twats without our own minds, even if the larger percentage currently ... or was! They will realise that they cannot get sections of society hero bent in facts, science, for other sections of society hell bent on falsehoods and manipulations of innocent petiole to sir their own narrow minded views of the world, religious fruitcakes no doubt?!

Funny how sections of society so intended and forceful about being right when they are so obviously wrong may finally have to gave the ultimate truth? If Microsoft does fail at least I have the ... FALLOUT from that as entertainment?!


I will stick with Windows 7 Pro even if it did a couple of things from day one that drive me up the wall! Ooh and then there is that annoying message but cannot find a single link to it anywhere ... yet. Don't comment starting the obvious they have verb done. I would have to check via another way watching each thing load and check ... ooh I just remembered how I find out ... I am a dumb arse ... err ooh crap that's not easy to find and I cannot remember what is called! Hmm its in administrative tools ... Hmm, lol!

Ooh yes I can't sleep despite no caffeine, did fair bit of cycling today (9 miles) and no getting up late either! Hmm something else ... oh yes n Restless Legs Syndrome ... ooh wrong blog, lol. The health aspects are meant fur the corruption blog, lol.

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