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A few distractions lately.

Still to acquire things fur the new PC Gaming and Working RIG. DAMN IT!! Just remembered I mean to get a CD from Sainsburys, music that is, to see how fast I can concert music into FLAC files.

Anyway tonight I thought I would have a look at what games I missed I might want to buy, give me a little ... variety when I am stuck indoors or forcing myself to stay indoors.

Now it's a nightmare I find and I have to admit.

Now I have ended up taking some long pregnant pauses from gaming and so much so I had someone be very sarcastic over a video I put on YouTube about building my RIG purely because I was unfamiliar with micro atx and mini atx boards by the tiny picture I had to go on,_or failed to realise out of a bunch of letters and numbers that the 'M' stood for one of the smaller boards?! Stupid idiot!

"Obviously a newcomer to gaming" he starred with sarcasm. Yup never played things like FEAR, CALL OF DUTY 1 & 2, THIEF DEADLY SHADOWS? Ooh I an bit being fair! I should go further back to Shadow of the Beast (loads of know it alls all thinking 'what's that? That's not a game?!') in unison?! Lol!

How about Strike Eagle 2?

The list goes on and this is kind of the problem I have now! For instance today I was holding Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare while in my local game store. I had nearly ordered it online and now wondered whether to buying it again? But I could not shake the feeling that it was an old title and not what I built my rig for. Looking at the recommended specifications needed confirmed what I suspected with the highly recommended cards being several generations back! Annoying as I could have played this on my 5450 Radeon laptop! Has not realised it was quite that old.

But I am in a game store and holding it in my hands?! There are two mitre recent versions and one about to be released called Advanced Warfare! Only the later two get panned by players!

There in lies another problem!

Added to this is the fact that a game with older graphics can be highly playable but I am all for graphics power and photo realism, always was! But saying this it's no good if all it dues it look pretty and had no substance, gameplay, memorable moments or pant soiling moments!

Don't get me started on Minecraft!

Also and yet another thing I have noticed is that reviewers have been either getting things completely wrong ... a lot or even state something completely opposite to what players end up stating?! This is happening a lot ... a hell of a lot! With everything!!!

As an example I saw a magazine Menton that Google have a new Android version out in a few weeks called simply "L"?! What the feck? They said it will use less battery power and added to be a lot more stable and have less 'issues'?! What the fecking fuck?!?!

Everyone went Jellybean and KitKat crazy when these two came out and they are a big pile of steaming manure and anyone older then ten I would tell to avoid them like the plague, especially if you want to type a lot! Like I am doing now and KitKat cannot manage a single short sentence without a dozen mistakes!

Your paying book money prices for these fecking magazines too!


I completely forgot! One thing of note on this site if the title of Titanfall. This was mentioned everywhere and by all the magazines and they tend to do this. Then there was the merchandise of Titanfall keyboards, headset, mice and likely jockstraps?! Sorry I hate that and it's all so obvious to screw kids out of money and whip up a frenzy.

Only it does the opposite with me and I start to wonder what gives? Titanfall here on this site states a score of 86, thus was what the game seem to receive at abouts! So I ask imagine my raised eyebrow and how the hell is it that the players gave it 60?!

Like another blog I have where O often state what I am about to here ... it is absolutely stunning at how out of hand all this has got. I thought Titanfall had also not king been out and yet it had dropped by about £10 in price in Game?!

Now I already have one computing magazine I used to assure from launch being very wrong and stupidly obvious and must be doing over ask the free Intel chips and boards in their offices and seem to have become completely cut off from the very title of their magazine in more ways than one?!

There are mobile magazines that have received while seemingly having multiple orgasms each time a version of iOS or more importantly Android comes out only to then later two you the next one will fix the problems?!

Childish and amateurish is what it is with such wanton and obvious bias that word 'perks' along with either 'major' or 'many' spring to mind! Now many love to go into a rage of one degree or another about certain chip manufacturers stating one thing and the chips doing another?

Are you for real?! What about the magazines, man! These fuses are supposed to tell us their shit, not sing songs around the campfire about their shit while tripping over piles of the crap?!?!

I is not only so obviously biased but they also have no idea whatsoever about new technology. In fact anyone can do what they do ... play the shit for 5 minutes and then regurgitate and reword crap off the web. Possibly is already handed to them?

One magazine I famously pan on here are not a computer gaming magazine anymore, thigh they insinuate that they are. Because what they champion is nothing short of ridiculous and fuck all to do with gaming. I said it before and said it again! Also what the champion is way overkill but is mainstream in the magazine!

Sorry but you are Custom PC Magazine not Fastest PCs On The Planet Magazine! You need to go back to school on the technology front because you have kind of list your way, deliberately or otherwise!

The first two years of this magazine I never missed a single copy but the last three years I have not purchased a single copy!

While they come out with the same crap and talk to the readers like idiots I will go elsewhere than you very much. I can think of better ways to spend £6.00, or whatever it is, like buy a house?! Lmao!

End Edit.

So I kind of liked this following site as it had the usual scoring of games asking with user scores and you can see some big difference ...

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