Monday, 30 June 2014


I have built, or in the process of, building a Kaveri system.

I have been posting videos of this and have twenty two parts this far but as I stated I am still in the process of building it.

Now this far the component list is as follows ...

AMD A10-7850K APU
MSI A88XM Gaming Series Motherboard
Kingston Hyper X Best 2400Mhz RAM
Crucial MX100 SSD 256GB x2
Coolermaster TX3 Cooling Fan
Corsair Graphite 230T Case
Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard
AOC Monitor (think it says 6 series Lol)
Akasa Memory Card Reader

I think that is it currently and so have side things still to get. Some of which I am using older tech I used with laptop, like my utterly appalling HP mouse I would certainty tell people to avoid, anything with this two letters on it!

Some things I have just wanted for awhile like a Blu-Ray writer. Currently using LiteOn external DVD writer but the time has passed by sine time ago that I need far greater capacity in a writeable optical disk! No doubt no sooner have I bought one a 4K writer week appear?! Lol!

Still even if it does I dare say that the unit and the disks week be expensive, as the tend largely is for the tech to start becoming expensive yet again!

I have watched the to end graphics cards go from the giggly silly £300 for a card to the cackling laughter until unconscious price of way over a thousand pounds?!

Sorry but tech magazines have key everyone down I believe, one in particular, in deciding to just wax lyrical over things like they are being paid to do so. A graphics card should never received mite than three stars that is above £400 in price. Of you have lost marbles and do not see the issue with graphics chips costing more than high end Intel chips then your not a full pack or being paid I am afraid.

It is not a Bugatti Veyron, it's a graphics chip your eyes won't see any difference with for two years or more and the chip will be a fifth of the price by then.

But I am posting this post regarding the above system and things I have seen period posting but forgot all about, sorry I have a condition that causes short term memory lapses! Sorry I have a condition that causes short term memory lapses.

Sorry I could not resist that, Lol. But the statement is unfortunately true though!

Anyway I spotted it again tonight and period are stating about experiencing various issues that were first put down to drivers and then to RAM.

Now just to clarify, the ram I listed is clocked at 2400MHz. Or I bought it as this speed as opposed to buying a lower speed RAM and overclocking it.

I have this far run the following games on both standard clocks and with a press of the OC Genie button, sorry not exactly sure what OCs this performs just yet.

Games played ... at 1080p

Fallout 3 (maxed out plays smooth)
Crysis (maxed out plays smooth)
Crysis 3(maxed out unplayable, low to med better not smooth enough not tried since OC Genie pressed)
Skyrim (maxed out smooth)
Thief (maxed out bit quite as bad as Crysis 3 but unplayable, not tried since OC Genie)

Now it was immediate to point from the graphics capabilities of Crysis on starting why it crawled with standard clocks. Once outside with the daylight and plants it was very obvious! Lol!

As stated not run since OC.

More importantly I wanted to point out, due to what I have been reading, that I have had no issues with the system whatsoever. No crashes, freezes or blue screens of death and until Crysis 3 no issues with gaming frame rates!

So not really sure why others are having issues with their systems but maybe it is because my components were all picked to work well?

I had originally planned on Vengeance Ram. Also a few other things too.

I also plan to upgrade my mouse to something particularly nice.

I also plan on an Radeon R7 250 OC 2GB DDR3 to use dual graphics and overclock the card to match the APU.

This should get Crysis 3 up to amazing levels but also playable? It's not that I want to be able to play Crysis 3, but I do, but just to know that this graphics are achievable in 1080p on my system so that I can test assured that when the next wave of games give out with these levels of graphics I can play them with those drool worthy looks. Maybe even better if, as I suspect, other gangs companies will code more efficiently.

Bethesda springs to mind immediately!

I won't be buying Watchdogs, Lol. Not a lover of third person, though admittedly I was enjoying The Witcher for awhile.

I shall update as and when I acquire the last bits. Some week be the end of next week, around the 11th July. Others will be 25th July.

Undecided which will be bought when right now.

Also my laptop might get sold so some things may arrive earlier than planned.

I don't have a good record for selling items it had to be admitted, Lol.

Will do some benchmarks once I have cleared up the ... FALLOUT that is my house since having my head inside a PC case several times in the last week to ten days!

Yes my medical condition makes this bloody hard to do to! :P

Apologies for the stubborn bold font but I am afraid that Google is systematically ruining all the properties it's purchasing fur done bizarre reading only know to them. Their Blogger App is utter shit and Android also thinks it's smarter when in reality the person that coded the swipe keyboard shootings hand his head in shame. Quite how you can take software that works fine and ruin it is being me.

As an example Americans must have a very funny English dictionary as it completely bloody ignores the first letter you touch and half the others and substitutes the word toy wanted and sword through for one that starts with a completely different letter to the one you stated with, are you fecking DUNCE?, and then gives me a word I have never heard of.

Though when I series (swiped) through Embody, Enrich, Anguish, Anguish, English it gave me Shiekh and then Anguish?! You can see the others as I could not be bothered and Jeff then in to price my point. Left them in to prove my point!

The best one is when you then highlight the word is it then immediately offers you the one that you did want and did swipe through?!

Like it is coded to deliberately wind you up?! It works because if a guy knocked on my door tomorrow and stated he was the coder for Google and was responsible for the keyboard, swipe and the dictionary I would want to punch him in the jaw hard enough to bloody well break it! Lol.

I would do that to the coder for their App too and for the one responsible for limiting the tags, or labels. Hmm WordPress don't have a minute dickweeds!

You would think they won't want to piss people off to go elsewhere but no. Over half a dozen updates and their OS is still shit. Sorry if your a fan, I was but it was good and worked when I was. Now its utter shit and frustrating and seven or more updates to Android and no visual clue to them whatsoever. I have no idea how many updates, if any, Blogger has had.

I think they have realised they have done so much damage to it they now can't be bothered?

After all they are working on an army of real androids to take over the world!


Sunday, 29 June 2014


Right now then!

The mystery of the missing drive is finally solved and as per usual and should have been bloody well guessed by a plonker that should now the drill by now ...

It was Microsoft Windows skullduggery yet again!

These are the new Crucial MX100 256GB SSD Drives and nothing to do with the drives themselves!

Anyhoo what actually happened, once my stress levels from previous attempts had dropped back to normal, is that Windows in its infinite wisdom decided to make a system partition of 100MB, yes one hundred megabytes, one one disk and ignore the rest of it!

Now quite why it did this only they bloody well know! What so if I only had one disk plugged in when I installed Windows 7 Professional (Professional? Huh, that is a joke, lol) it would not have been able to would it?! Dumb-arses!

Oh and I see that ten years late the magazines are beginning to see and report that Steve Ballmer's tenure at Microsoft single handedly sent the company onto the brink of extinction and ruined just about everything they have done!

Now I hope that the meddling fools behind the scenes take note of this because their will never be a better example of just how not o interfere with something because of what you think, sinister/skullduggery/secretly, would benefit you, the military or the country and the effect it has when you mess with things and formulas you simply do not understand?!

We can only hope!

Would be funny of the Chinese came up with an Operating System the world went nuts over and everyone started to leave Microosoft for to adopt? Espcially if it was the AMerica's own public?! LOL, now that would be funny.

Anyway I dive into the partition manager of Windows finally had the problem realised and I simply created a new volume and drive letter for he unallocated space, though why it did not list the drive in 'My Computer' ... err sorry 'Computer' is beyond me when Windows knew damn well it was there?!

After all on every bloody laptop I have bought in the last ten years Windows registers two drives which are actually just one and with a section reserved for the Windows installation which I hated form day one (lose drive and you lose Windows hard copy) and now I have it with two drives, can see two drives but lists it as just one, despite using BOTH!!

Skynet becoming self aware and taking over the world? Not with Microsoft they wont, lol!


And these would be the Power Supply Unit, the CPU (APU in this case) Cooler and the Memory Card Reader.

The PSU is in a red colour which, before anyone thinks sarcastic thoughts, took the place of a Corsair PSU at the last minute, the latter of which I did not hear many good things about, at around half the cost. AFter reading up on Ace PSUs I started to wonder if the ACE unit would last the week?!

It has an it has been surprisingly quiet I must say. I did up the wattage from the original 550 Watt to 600 Watt just in case and have yet to plug another graphics card into the system, which IS coming I assure you!

The Coolermaster TX3 Cooler was also a last minute switch and I did originally plan to get a Corsair closed loop water cooler and then decided on a heatsink and fan before I saw this one on Scan for around £16 I think it was! Meaning I could get the system up and running two weeks earlier than previously thought. I have since seen an advertisement for a Zalman Liquid Cooler in one of the magazines I recently bought I am interested in checking out. This cooler is also surprisingly quiet too and even with the MSI A88XM standard OC Genie switched on I get nothing in the way of noise I can detect at any time even with no TV or music playing!


Last is a schoolboy error of my memory card reader and a sure fire example of why the cheapest option normally does not work out that way. I purchased a Akasa Cooler not realising it was a 3.5 inch one and in all honesty I did not think they bothered with 3.5 inch bays anymore! My Corsair Graphite Series 230T case sure as hell does not have one! So a week after I bought it I had to buy a adaptor form Maplins that at £6.99 instantly made my Card Reader more expensive than most others on offer. Annoying me as I could have gotten a much more swish looking one, another technical term there with 'swish', for the same money. Plus the reader had to live in its bay for a week being held in place but a rigid lump of white foam! Lol!

Saturday, 28 June 2014


OK I have a weird one.

On this blog many do not know but I ordered a Crucial MX100 256GB SSD from Amazon who then screwed about with deliveries.

After lambasting them for claiming to have delivered and and not they sent out a second one on a Sunday and at the end of the day no delivery had arrived yet again but my account claimed that they knocked and I did not answer, which was a lie.

They then claimed they must have delivered the first one as the Geo-Tagging showed it was in the area.

A couple hours after the second one failed to arrive a gentlemen knocked on my door with the right size Amazon package for the SSD and the only other item on its way was RAM which was coming by Royal Mail, ergo they do not deliver Sundays.

Now getting internally angry as they seem to have lied yet again as here was the package I was expecting and therefore they could not try again the next day like they claimed they were going to do the man says, 'I found this in my back garden day before yesterday! I do not know what they think they are playing at?'?!

I do not know this man and never met him before back I think the back end of his garden is around 50 yards from my street door? So the driver realised he or she could not go back and say they could not find something, not the size of a house but a fecking house, and threw it over someones fence intending to claim they delivered it!

Planning to get another SSD later on anyway I decide to not tell them and let the second one arrive and install both drives, though really I was going to go for a 512GB one or there abouts as the second drive.

Only when I finally get the PC working and eventually click on my computer I notice it is only registering one drive! Now busy receiving the second phase of the build I decide to tell Amazon about their stupid delivery people, who defend them and say they cannot pick and choose what drivers deliver (or to my ears 'sorry but future deliveries will continue to be thrown over someone else's back garden for two days but claim they are delivered')

Deciding to only take out the drive when I am inside the PC next, as I do not know which one it is and they are identical, I leave it until I get something that has to go inside.

I end up with a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard that has a switch to BIOS setting acceptance as BIOS's do not like these types of keyboards. After a few days I notice in Device Manager in Windows 7 (Professional) that it is registering both Crucial Drives and states they are working perfectly, even though I am always complaining that these messages are never accurate in Windows and can never find the problem either when there is one!

I decide to overclock my system to see what Crysis 3 is like with it and go into the BIOS settings but then remember this mystery drive and change settings for the boot order to figure out which one works.

I reboot and suddenly everything is awry! I cannot get it to boot into Windows for love nor money and cannot even get into the BIOS, no matter what mode I set the Corsair Keyboard in the lights do not so much as flicker!

So I resort to the Logitech Keyboard I was using previously but to my shock and horror this fails to work too! I try placing the Windows disk in the LiteOn DVD Drive and this also fails to boot. I unpluig and replu in various internal devices and try various reset switches but nothing!

Now at this point I realise the only way I am going to get into the BIOS is with a wired keyboard, even though I have one right here! Due to the condition that causes memory issues I am sure I have a wired keyboard somewhere but cannot recall what it looks like so am unsure. I start to remember the look of a keyboard as I am looking around and then stumble across another keyboard I had forgotten I had and nothing like that I remembered! Stroke of luck but the normal weirdness with memory, hmm wonder if I can have RAM surgically implanted in my brain?!

Eventually I am into the BIOS change a couple things back and were all OK.

So then I decide to isolate the offending drive and take a guess which one it is, unplug it but Windows fails to boot, so I guessed wrong then! Only I plug it back in and then unplug the other one and Windows ALSO fails to start but with a different message this time?! HUH?!?!

That is funny, I think to myself, I am sure that in my computer it was reading 238GB? I must have made a mistake? It must have set up Windows in a RAID 0 array (striped) but last time I did this, albeit long ago, it ASKED me if I wanted to do this!

I go to my computer and it does indeed state that I have 238GB on the drive like I thought it said.

Currently the only alternative available to me is that the drives must be set up as a mirror but once again I would have thought it would have asked first and secondly I am damned sure that Windows would still load if one drive is missing, after all that is what a RAID 1 (Mirrored) array is bloody well for?!#

So presently I have a busted SSD Drive that Amazon wants back but which my system will refuse to start if I take it out and added to this I STILL do not know which bloody drive it is!

My tip for anyone setting up a system and starting off with two SSD's? DON'T!! Or at least buy different SSD's so you can work out which one is giving you grief!

The sole reason I am now getting grief from this? Because Amazon have drivers that toss your stuff into someone else's back garden and seem to think that this is OK?!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Well a little late but now I am posting up another couple in the stressful series that is my Project Zero. The system uses Windows 7 Professional and if anyone makes comments about Windows 8 ... well you will be just ... BARRED! LMAO!

This one involves the wrongly ordered Mini ATX motherboard of the MSI A88XM, yessss that is what the M stands for nitwit!, Gaming Series Motherboard. Once I realised I emailed Scan ( who very kindly rang me up stating it will still fit in the ATX case to which I then said 'oh well leave it as it is then!

Here is me showing it to viewers on my Youtube account where I will go through every section of the building process. This is admittedly a simple build so if its boring parts then do not watch it, lol. Though on some I think are too boring, like later when I post up the Akasa card reader and adaptor fitting, I will ramble on about stuff that was ongoing simultaneously involving other blogs!

In this way I hope to raise a few eyebrows of those that were totally unaware as well as using one video to feed two separate blogs?!

I am not German but I am efficient .. at times, lol.

As stated the computer is up and running! But it is not finished just yet and there are currently over twenty videos involving it and I have two parts turning up in the next few days. One major part to be posted later is the Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard and another one just a four pin fan splitter cable as my motherboard is missing a couple of ports! Lol!

I am very selective and thorough in my research of all things and not just tech and as stated I still have a few things to go, a Blu-Ray writer and a Mouse in two weeks time. I know what I am getting already and ... all in good time, lol. After all I do not know it may change? Some of that I did get were changes to earlier ones I decided on, though this was decided upon so that I could get the rig up and running two weeks earlier than I originally planned!

A miracle achieved as my daughter rang me twice in need which cost me £50 while doing this! Bad timing, not her fault as she did not know, lol.

Of course I have to acquire two normal hard disks to supplement the SSD Drive, a mirrored array to ensure no loss of data, I am using and likely another SSD Drive either equal to the 256GB Drive I have or 512GB?

Now I normally make a beeline for Western Digital with hard disks, though I have used Seagate and others. Though my system currently seems to make no sound ... oooh wait let me switch of my little fan I have on ... umm, there is a sound but it is very low and I cannot even work out if it is the PC or not?! Though granted I have nothing on and also I am not gaming right now and nor am I overclocked or have a separate card installed yet for dual graphics ... ooohh I forgot about that! Yes a second card will be bought in about a months time for dual graphics, lol.

But then it should be remembered that at the last minute I opted out of a Coolermaster, or was it Corsair?, Hydro 80 thigamajig (techie speak lol) closed water cooler at the last minute! This would allow me to get the rig running and added to this I was not sure about overclocking while using dual graphics?! So when I do whether it is an OC'd card that I then raise the APU up to match or have to do both then I will use the water-cooling idea. Possibly I may head up the scale higher to something else like the Alphacool stuff?! Umm I think it was Alphacool?! Lol!

Yes so I got a special offer at Scan ( for the Coolermaster Hype TX3 CPU cooling fan and decided on that at the last minute which was around £16 after VAT was added. Anything is better than the included cooler, lol.

There may well be a couple of other things that have slipped my, FIBROFOG, mind? Afterwards I am thinking of expanding into pod-casts but if I do this I want to do it with the utmost professionalism and using some unique things about my personality to boot!

Sometimes, like this time, the sections or jobs that I do end up in two parts and partly because I leave in the rookie mistakes I should be making because I am normally hard and critical of myself with a few jokes or names, though I never remember, lol. Sometimes because the damn memory runs out as I keep forgetting this is 1080p video here! Sometimes because it is just long and I try and break it up if I realise that is and do not get carried away with what I am doing?




Cannot recall WHY there is a part two but here it is ...

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Well I did not expect to be ever writing this post, not any time soon at any rate.

But I did see the chance to build a much needed PC rig and will be followed in the winter, hopefully, by another one too. I had completely forgotten until a couple of days ago that due to my purchase choices I got the new version of my old favourite, game, Thief for free. Yes that Thief of Thief 3 Deadly Shadows infamy.

After it stated there as a problem with my coupon and a couple emails back and forth with AMD I finally got around to downloading the game via Steam.

Upon the first running of the game I was surprised to see the graphics automatically set way down low on resolution at something like 1024 or 1280 across?! So I turned this up to the 1920x1080 native resolution and whacked everything up to max, thinking that even if it is a little too much I can just alter it later?

To my surprise the coders did a silly thing in that the first few minutes of the game you could not save it and get out to change the graphics setting, or at least I thought you had to exit the game to change the important ones. This was not the brightest idea in all honesty and I was surprised someone actually coded a game like that these days! Because i can make the first few moments a living hell instead of vastly enjoyable and exciting. Well it did!

Thief reduced my new PC to its knees!

This was a bit of a shock especially as the game appeared to be coded more for AMD's graphics cards over nVidia, judging from the logos presented? After the lengthy intro was over and I had managed to do the things I was forced to do during its run I saved the game and got out of it. After an initial loo around I discovered a few things. Thief runs OK now!

It seems the Super Sampling Anti Aliasing I think it is called or SSAA does not do much in the game and yet even on low uses a great deal of power. This is also true of the Contact Hardening Shadows and Screen Space Reflections.

I turned off all of these and viola! The game now runs amazingly better than it did before! In fact I think that with a slight overclock or the addition of the Radeon R7 250OC at a later date will have this running like silky smooth!

I also heard that Thief was bug ridden and crashed a great deal and yet this did not happen in the first couple hours of running it. There does seem to be a great deal of issues with the game and if you are one having issues the website I discovered that contained the solutions I mentioned to the performance issues is here ...

The page explains page file issues, crashes and black screening on start up. It mentions editing a file which may seem like a strange and daunting task, it is not. That is provided you follow one simple rule and that is make a copy of the original file. Easy way I do this myself when I have had to is make two copies and rename one with an additional character so the application wont use it. Mane alterations to the correctly named file and save. If the game fails to load, is worse than before or the same then you simply delete the file altered and rename the other file back to what it was, or taking out the letter or number I added to the file. These are normally files called '.ini' that are altered and it can be things like VRAM allocation or limiting the number of CPU threads. I had a game that refused to run without crashing on my laptop which was a Phenom X3 (three CPUs). Limiting the threads to 2 mysteriously solved the issue. Now as much as I love games and always have it does surprise me that you can buy a game in this day and age of multi CPUs and GPUs and yet this error occurred.

In the meantime I will be either on a bus or on my bike in 24 hours time attempting to find and buy a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard?! Plus I have to order a cooling fan splitter cable to get my other front mounted fan working. Not that I need to mind you as it as silent as a mouse with just the two fans and I have yet to hear any of the three fans operating to speed up.

So just to recap, my new rig is A10-7850K on a MSI A88XM Motherboard with 16GB of Kingston Hyper Beast 2400Mhz RAM (not 2133MHz OC'd but 2400MHz RAM) running off a Crucial MX100 SSD. No overclocking or dual graphics just yet. A months time yes but not right now.

Monday, 23 June 2014


OK then for you coming here from my computing blog it is high time I got around to both revealing what I have been doing, a couple days late I know, and posting pictures and videos.

Yes I have been working on building a new computer rig, going to upset many fanboys here, well over half of them at a guess.

But then I was never one for waffle and inefficiency, so there!

This system comprises of ...

AMD A10-7850K (Kaveri)
MSI A88XM (slight error in ordering) GAMING SERIES
CRUCIAL MX100 256GB SSD (DO not even get me started on Amazon here?!)
ACE 600W PSU (change at last minute from Corsair)
COOLERMASTER HYPER TX3 COOLER (Originally going to be Hydro i80 or whetever the closed loop watercooler is called, lol)

Now still to get, as its unfinished and YES its running but I have a fan splitter and a drive bay adaptor to buy (not enough fan ports and a schoolboy error)

Also on the hit list is the Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard in black with Cherry Red Switches.

Logitech G602 (err or was it G702? LMFAO!) Wireless Laser Mouse
LG Blu-Ray Writer Internal

RADEON R7 250OC for Dual Graphics

Audio Technica or Blue Microphone with Boom, Arm, Screen and Cage.

Camera for watching the wildlife in garden 24 hours a day, Logitech? LMFAO!

A professional microphone a serious thought now as I am thinking of news podcast type things. Technical term right there! Type things! Lol!

Oh and it plays Crysis (first one) on full settings rather well, with no overclocking or dual graphics, as I do not have the second graphics card yet and wont for about a month!

This was a big project for me made possible by a court case where I won out of court and I had to do a little saving too.

But it was a psychological thing I just had to achieve so that I can do this again with other things, hence why I called it Project ZERO?! Lol!

Oh and the Duronic Monitor Arm is bloody great except its not the one I orginally was going to get, as this was cheaper but also Duronic. Unfortunately using it for more than about twenty minutes and I get a massive pain in my neck that does not ease so easily.

This is likely down to either my Fibromyalgia Syndrome condition or its the part of my central nervous system in my neck that is damaged that causes the Fibromyalgia in the first place?! LMAO!!

I cannot get help as the NHS have tried once again to make me look like a liar by stating one thing to me and then contradicting me and insisting that they did not say it...

Unfortunately for them I had been recording everything I did for over 3 years so, oh dear NHS the party is most definitely OVER!! LOL!

Yes that was another issue that made this worse as I got kicked by my second GP in as many months because I would not accept being labelled as a liar, oh and I do mean literally here believe me. Lol.

So I was going through all that with Guy's Hospital and another corrupt GP Surgery that lies to you and looks you in the eye after lying and tells you they are not lying and have nothing to hide, lol.

I had thought that my new GP Surgery was not like that but I was wrong and this all occured while I was trying to do this and also an attempted burglary on my house that the Police dropped like the proverbial sack of hot sh... but which I later found out the truth about, lied to again.

Yes sorry, I have made an enemy of many public services purely because I can spot being lied to very quickly, do not like being lied to and simply want them to do the jobs they are paid for.

Because of those three simple things there are times lately when out of the blue when I least expect if they all seem to attack me at once! Lol! So that was what I meant by bad timing.

What none of them know, as not many visitors no especially the ones that disliked videos is that these videos are here to both counter and counter attack the corrupt morons in the UK. :)

Now I have explained what went on please remember that my condition also causes memory issues (loss basically and a lot) so bear with me in some of the videos as I struggle to remember things.

Oh and I have a few more things to acquire but the Kaverian PC is running!

There are more videos than I thought and as I have yet to finish the PC, two to four weeks, I am going to post up 3 videos and then do one a day, or try, for the next couple weeks?!

Hopefully there will not be too large a gap between too many videos of this build?


THE SMALL PRINT SECTION! (LOL) I am someone that says he can do all these things and claims he is an expert in many things but its just talk. This would not be the first time this has happened in my life and now I have let people think what they like as far as mine enemies are concerned. Though as many know if you had looked at my YouTube videos you will see and here me cover a great deal of things which include Reptiles (Herpetology), Amphibians (Batrachology) and Fish (Ichthyology) and also Orchidaceae or Orchids both Hybrids and Botanical (wild species). Added to this imy my ramblings, when I find the time and not being run ragged or in circles by the powers that be, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Japanese Maple Trees, Carnivorous Plants, Cycling and Wing Chun Kung Fu. HUH!! I was supposed to type music as the first one and I forgot FILMS too. There are a few others besides.

Monday, 16 June 2014


I have been playing Fallout New Vegas a great deal of late, to take my mind off other things.

It is interesting because there were several really nice things that I had failed to discover, down to me being away from games too long and off the pulse, so to speak.

I did not realise that The King's robot dog, Rex could become a companion. I had become obsessed with gunning down Deathclaws from afar with the Anti-Material Rifle and gathering as much loot as I could, especially as I realised that there is a place to store it all and that's in the Presidential Suite of the Lucky 38, as this appears to be mine now.

I also got some real shocks too! After a stint in that offshoot err add-on that I am just trying to buy time until I remember what it was called with the chips and the bald and mute lady and that ... ohh damn it. The one where your abducted and put a collar on by that Elijah bloke. Lol! You have to go through that town with those ghost type people but you have to do everything stealthily and at a snails pace.

That is the one thing that stands out as annoying is that walking in their games is extremely frustrating and you fell more like your dragging a leg. Running is OK but walking is a pin in the arse!

Now what I got a real refreshing surprise from was the other two umm oooh NUTS! The Canyon Wreckage one with Hopesville and errrrrrrrrr ummmmmmm that courier chap, I loved that! Way too short in my opinion and should have been much longer but I still loved it. The Divide! Brilliant, lol.

A complete contrast to this and equally as good and just as equally too dman short was the Northern Passage add-on. Or at least I think they were add-ons, lol. The Grand Canyon was beautifully presented but it was a bit light on a few things. Loved the Joshua Graham character and a shame it did not go a bit deeper into his character. I liked that snowchalk, or was it chalkcheese guy the one you meet when you first get there, oooh Zion that was what it was referred to as I remember now, lol. I thought I had done something so very wrong when we suddenly reached Zion and it was not what I expected at all. Everyone gets shot and I am getting ready to hit the reload as I thought I had missed something!

The funny thing was as I was gunning them down with a sniper rifle of some sort I was left with one guy and I knew I hit him and he was still standing?! I kept low and got a bit closer, took aim and shot him again and yet still he stood there?! I remember thinking 'Whoa! Hardly anything can survive a shot from this gun while hidden! That must be one tough mother?!' Turned out to be chalkcheese, Slowchalk or whatever his name was. Man, that was a pretty map whereas the Divide was interesting and menacing.

I must admit to having used Fallout to take up some time and I wanted to leave Skyrim alone for several weeks. Then I wanted to get the expansion disks.

However I was actually paying much closer attention than normal to the games that have been coming out and I did not realise that the graphics had moved on a whole Direct X number from Skyrim?! Mind you on the one hand people now state how old Skyrim is and its engine but not too long ago it was the bee's knees! For me when I saw the screenshots of Skyrim I could not quite believe my eyes! How far the 3D Engines had come since I built my last RIG, notice I said MY last rig as I did sort of build one for someone else a couple years back.

I could not help thinking that Skyrim for me, as I had been out of the gaming world for a few years, looked good on my system. As stated before my system is a Phenom X3 1.8Ghz with a Radeon HD 5450M graphics processor.

I never thought I would be able to play Skyrim on it in a million years and many people in the Internet said no way. All of them were wrong and I realised after first owning Oblivion and then Fallout 3 that the later engines were coded alot more efficiently than previously. Skyrim looks far better and runs a lot smoother than Oblivion on my laptop! Mad as it sounds, it is true.

So I could not help but think each time I played it just how good it would look with the settings on max?! Obviously there was no way that was going to happen on my laptop and I would not even get half way there, that much I knew! Then after I discovered that other titles were not only reported as having better graphics than Skyrim but also with the free roaming world idea I started to wonder even more! Mind you there is no point having a free roaming world unless you have a nice length main plot mission driver with other side plots to actually extend the main plot line!

Personally I hated these done in two days titles of old and I did not like it. Playing Oblivion and then Fallout and Skyrim this seemed to me to be the natural way to go and to extend the longevity of the game was a given and for me seriously needed to happen.

Years ago I was waiting for Half Life 2 with baited breath, do you know I just found the original receipt from PC World for my purchase of Half Life 2?! Yes it was good except for the fact I had completed it in just two days and yet at around that time I had the demo of a Real Time Strategy game Age of Empires II, I think it was, that I had played for around a month?!

I remember thinking how bloody stupid it was that this had occurred, I had paid 'X' amount of money and been forced onto a system, STEAM, I did not like and never thought would work, well it has not really and mostly full of crud lol, that was problematic at best t o play a game that was going to last in the hours and not even days for some.

Fast forward to present day and Bethesda's games are going for bloody weeks, but I would prefer months guys?! Lol!

In all honesty the maps are great and I am all in favour of bigger maps and more areas. Oddly I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Elder Scrolls online game had the entire Tamriel map? Stunning! However from a hort clip I saw the game looked like complete pandemonium and I will be honest here and stating that your charging for the software and then a monthly subscription on top?! Sorry there are absolutely no excuses for that and you will not ever get me paying out that money and those that do? Well your a few sandwiches short of a picnic! Well based on the video I saw and the way people are playing the game anyway they do seem to be minus those sandwiches?!

Why on earth would I pay to go into a game that instead of playing it with an interesting plot and getting together with other in a team or co-op type fair they're just running at each other in some massive drug influenced mad battle the likes of which reality has never seen and Napoleon Bonaparte would turn in his grave over!

These are obviously spotty teenagers that seem to hink that playing a game that way os the cool thing to do? Hmm maybe they should round up the players one at a time and do a psychological evaluation of them?! Lol. If any have dyed theur hair green then lock them up in a padded cell until a psychological evaluation is done.

I am looking arund currently trying to catch up on titles I have missed but that are not too old!

Not worked out FacrCry 3 yet as this gets some good reviews but then I see many are moaning because the plot was very thin and very short? I also here that rather surprisingly FarCry far was about to be, or has been, announced? I wonder if this is because of the things I read? I played the original FarCry and I am sure I got FarCry 2 but seem to remember it crashing and not completing it?

Similar to what I read about FarCry 3 was Thief! Now Thief, which I am most definitely getting, is an odd one because the graphics looked great and I was kinda hoping it was at least some of the original team behind it. I still have several copies, two came with two GeForce 6800GT's I used in my original SLI rig, today of the third instalment Thief III Deadly Shadows and this for me was one of the greatest games ever made! The best part was my sister laughing at me and said a game cannot be frightening so I let her play until cacking her underwear became a major problem as was the leaning to one side like she was going to dive under the kitchen table! I kid you not! She was not a kid either and was in full time work. She said she just never imagined a game could be scary!

Those reading this who played the game would have long since known that it was the asylum and they also would have known I was letting her play the part where you go up the spiral staircase!

But I hear the latest Thief is not all that. Well we will see before long.

Right now though it would be nice to know if there was going to be a Fallout 4 at some point and a Elder Scrolls?! Now what with the recent advancement of graphics and a couple of new graphics APIs of Direct X and Mantle along with HSA and hUMA I for one simply cannot wait!

Now the very idea of a title each of Fallout and Elder Scrolls with these technologies about makes me dribble like a madman! Lol! One thing I do feel sure about and that is that we will here something about BOTH titles before 2014 is through. I think that would give us all something to smile about?!

Now I have regained interest in Dishonoured and am looking for other open ended titles and see what is out there.

On another note I am getting excited about both Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, though I am sure it wont be called that, maybe STAR COMMANDER? Lol!

On the lookout for forthcoming car racing titles too and that Project Cars sounds good even if the title does not? Hopefully a decent Need for Speed? I love the Need for Speed titles but they have the whole old Star Trek thing going on! One good one and then one or to crap ones, or so they say. Never played a crap one myself but then I missed out on a great deal of titles over the last five years! I do have Hot Pursuit and that is good!

Shall return to Hot Pursuit in the next coupld of weeks!


I have been a little ...busy you could say.

I have been a bit off here for far too much and this is about to change in a rather big way, no talking about doing this or doing that, oh no no no. I have been busy.

I have been working hard, pulling my hair out at times, to try and accomplish something that will see this blog take off this year and starting in just a few days this will speed up a large amount in the coming months.

Without a doubt is what you will be by the end of this week when I announce some things and post some things. This will be provided with a series oe media and an explanation that this will continue on and a bit crazy like for a few weeks.

It will inevitably slow down but it wont stop, that much you will realise by the end of the week when it becomes clear what I have been ... doing, lol.

It is a shame that it has taken me this long to get here but at least I now have. What will be exciting will be the follow ups and extensions to my little project that will take place and some changes in ... my forms of communication! Ooh a cryptic clue? I like giving cryptic clues! Lol!

I think that based on my understanding of technologies that this is a very exciting time coming up and due to some things ... invented I was becoming a little anxious that I would be left behind.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014


And I am sorry to have to say this AMD but that was a let down.

It seems there were a couple of words missing from the orginal text that was discovered by others, rather conveniently, lol.

When it was found and as stated in my last post the words 'The most advance APU ever' were spotted and thrown around the Internet like confetti. Of course I could only come to the conclusion that this was something better and more powerful that the currect top APU which is the A10-7850K based on the Kaveri core.

Now there had been some mention that the size of the number of transistors in the top Kaveri did not add up correctly and fell short of the size of the die.

So I naturally assumed, quite wrongly I might add, that it was either a 6 Kaveri Core, or greater GPU Core or both. Then the ball looked like a Graphene molecule so thought this may have been implemented somehow to make them faster than the currect chip but with the same core counts? Wrong again!

Two or three wrongs, I could not be more wrong than a wrong person on wrong day!

I played Fallout New Vegas while the counter was counting down and I was way overtime so exited the game while in in interesting part, jumping in and out of The Divide looking for titbits and any missed weapons, and the first thing I see were just the words 'Don't Be So Impatient' which had also been spotted by some bright sparks early yesterday I think it was.

So I am sitting there thinking 'WTF AMD?' then jumped into the Semi Accurate forum I had been monitoring only to see some confused comments about the so called big reveal. Not just me then? Lol! They were talking about the mobile Kaveru chips and I thought 'It can't have been that, it clearly stated the most advanced APU ever?!'

But flicking back to the webpage I had not only been waiting impatiently for I had told one brother and a nephew about earlier in the day now had a movie running. Only now the words..

'The most advanced APU ever goes mobile'?!

Now considering they have not released a pure CPU FX chip in a while it was natural to think that the AMD enthusiasts out there, myself included, were patiently and eagerly awaiting the reveal of a slightly more powerful Kaveri desktop chip. But we all got disappointed.

Now quite what marketing idiot thought this a good idea I have no idea but not too bright. You do not tease a desktop chip and then go and announce a mobile chip!

I thought after recent times that this type of hyping up and letting down was at an end? Clealry this is not the case, lol.

Sorry AMD and God only knows where you get the marketing guys from but that was clearly stupid and that is a first for me. It wont alter the AMD products I intend to buy but that was a major disappointment, even for me!

So it seems my original shopping list is not going to be altered at all then?

This could have been a lot worse and far more annoying because if they had set that page up with say four weeks or more as a countdown people might have held off buying their products thining that a month is all they have to wait to get something better, even if its for more money?! If so then this would have been a right royal balls up in all honesty!

Oh well back to waiting for another year and hoping that the next, REAL, more powerful APU, DESKTOP, will plug into an FM2+ socket?!

Fingers crossed!

Now I have been forced out of my gaming for no good reason I think I will quickly see what else has been announced at Computex?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Well now the website I mentioned in my last post about counting down to the most advanced APU ever has been accompanied by a second one?!

Well I have my suspicions about the second one actually as it is totally different in design. There is a difference of several hours between the two reaching zero and the expected jokes regarding time zone mix ups have already been made.

However what I will say is that if this is indeed another work by AMD then I think they have been reading the things posted online in that people did not understand the ... err hidden message stating its the most advanced APU ever, ergo not a mobile chip, and put up another webpage to deal with the mobile FX APU's?

That would be my guess in all this, unless someone is aping the first to get hits which might be somewhat stupid considering how close to the launch/announcement date we are.

Anyway my money is on ...

The first announcement being a 6 Steamroller Core 10 GPU core A12 APU or possibly Excavator, second most likely is a strictly FX CPU on Steamroller or Excavator. Latter would make more sense due to the silence over the FX brand since those behemoth 220W CPUs.

The second one is going to be about the FX branded Mobile APUs which I am now leaning towards Excavator for.

These are the only things as near a dammit I can think of that does not involve Graphene in some form?

Monday, 2 June 2014


You know I have wanted to say it for a long time now but suddenly I come across a webpage that has lead me to say it early.

Software companies really need to pull their thumbs out of their arses and produce a well rounded and efficient operating system and stop with the update crap.

In fact this update crap everyone needs to stop with and stop now, it's annoying, off putting except for bloody planks that know feck all about their toys and seen by most for what they are, an excuse to drive people so mad they spend money on a newer model!

Ahem. Now I have stated previously that Google have been losing the plot for a long time. I stated that they have managed to run Android without any of the tech journalists noticing this, or mite accurately not mentioning add they do not want the free toys and fringe benefits to stop. It has now been going backwards for awhile now.

Now I spotted a webpage that had some surprising news, well the why is not surprising only the who is.

I expected phone manufacturers to migrate towards other operating systems and in all honesty I thought it would be a Linux based one. I had thought that Canonical having learned lessons from various crap Ubuntus might actually pull this off?

Before a certain idiot decides to come back and blab about things he does not fully understand you should make all the criteria absolutely clear and becoming a major player in OS's you do not misinform people, mess around and talk things up like they are something they are not when the closet Greeks think it's ready to become mainstream when they clearly have no understanding about GUI's and usability and obviously no training in this area at all. All based on the fact they 'they like it'.

Oddly enough another company is showing the way, or hopefully so, in Valve Software. They have also proved me correct in this regard because one of the issues with Linux was that it was not taken seriously by the companies that matter as regards to drivers, namely nVidia and more precisely AMD. Unfortunately wallies do not understand these simple rules and like to harp on all the same.

Now fast forward to Valve announcing their own Linux based OS called Stream OS and suddenly lots of things start to happen in a short space of time. Especially with drivers and suddenly out if nowhere not only does a company emerge like the proverbial Phoenix but it starts to look as if those drivers for Ubuntu never arrived because they were instead working with Valve. Or perhaps only saw Valve as being able to seriously cut into the percentages of the other major OS's Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Quite bizarrely it is Microsoft and Google who have dropped their balls mostly, sorry no pun intended, lol! As much as I hate to admit it Apple are only guilty of not moving their phone OS forward at all, especially in its design as well as it's iTunes. Oddly there was someone who never stopped harping on about Apple and iTunes and unfortunately I am not around anymore to point out why Apple have bought Beats Audio. For their download service of course.

All to often companies, or likely more accurately greedy and lazy board members once the shares have been bought up, think they can produce just one innovative thing that gets swathes of pause at the time and then continue milking it for the rest of their days running big companies while strutting about like the big I am!

Someone I think all the idiots with money need to be forced onto a course to be made to understand not only how innovation works but that you have to stay ahead of it or you will die, be it slowly or quickly. Then once the writing is on the wall all the trickery and mishearing of its customer base comes about via up on high and this only makes it worse. Because people are not fools even if some appear to be to begin with in time they come around and get it.

However for some reason these lessons have not only never been learned they ate doggedly refusing to learn them during the worst financial situation the world had ever seen. This is not the 1920's and there are far more people, to many in fact some have started to say but try telling that to the crazy religious types who do not believe in contraception and breeding like proverbial flies.

Operating Systems need to just work, it is as simple add that. They can be messed about with and tinkered with but are not created fur this as a primary reason because if they do bit work then they cannot be truly referred to add Operating Systems. The clue is in the title after all!

When these stupid updates are preformed incompetently enough that they start to make the things that you attempt to do harder and intensely frustrating then something is very wrong.

When your a very regular user of these things to the point it is like that is a full time job or intending for it to become a fill time job then it leaves the orbit of intensely frustrating and starts to become beyond ridiculous and possibly expensive to boot!

What makes it even more infuriating is that these morons then decide that certain aspects of computing will not apply to them because they want to remain aloof? Any chance of contacting them via the Internet is nowhere to be found and attempting to open a live if communication by post is not a possibility.

Oh great ones, we are truly not worthy to be in the presence of such divine and God like beings such as yourselves and even that of your minions?!

Haha, could not resist that one! But then they do kind if ask for it and I will continue on asking each of my avenues until common sense prevails. Actually that's not strictly true, lol, there is more to it than that of course as many on my corruption blog are all too aware, lol.

Any hoooo, below is a link of someone starting to gravitate away from Android and extremely suspiciously along with shockingly, for me, it is the last company I expected to do this due to a teen years agreement it had just signed with none other than Google!

So this tells me there is more to things going on that meets the eye and either the company pulling away has realised that the obe they have now signed a deal with have either been cheating, well no surprise there, or are going down the pan as I expected fur some time they would. Now though I state this it is not an overnight thing because of both their size and the number of companies they own. Yet the exact same company produced its own figures a few months apart that contradicted each other and only proved what I have been stating about them for around 18 months. Well on one particular subject that is!

So you may have worked out that I am on about the Operating System of Android but the surprise is for those unfamiliar with the signed agreement the shocking company now reported to be pulling away is the one that has suffered in the law courts at the hands of none other than Apple, Samsung!

On the link below you will see a new phone announced by them called the Samsung Z and it uses the Tizen Operating System?! Thought this was Samsung's own system but now discovered that this is a Linux OS and had now garnered my attention. Waterproof too and I might see this add the phone to go for down the line somewhere?

I dare say that a lot more in the way of details with all this will come out throughout the rest of 2014. Something tells me that the Big G will have turned out to have been very naughty and taken many liberties to which companies would rather take users of their systems to city over very stupid reasons than they would Google?!

Also Apple and Google are both American while Samsung is not and I find this fact along with the fat that Samsung paid dearly write disturbing. This especially in light if the corporate espionage that the NSA have been performing while using the American public's taxes to do it. Giving the American public a bad name while using their own money to do so?!

This is another unfortunate thing that occurs in the world as because if some evil company being caught red handed the public to the said country takes the blame in its entirety. This to me dies that this that would take your money and behave like this not only believe it is their right to do so but also do not give a flying feck about the safety of their own people while abroad.

I hope I live long enough to are these morons get it and finally it sinks in that you simply cannot do this? Better still I would like to see them overrun by do-gooders ego would tie them to crucifixes fur awhile to have then live in fear of what will come next before letting them go?! Lmao!

Well the trouble with stubbornness at the tops of these hierarchies is that they ignore and ignore the slaps in the face until the lengths taken to reach any humanity they may possess takes some very drastic measures? Like being tied to stakes Boudicca style as public suffering on a wide scale for long enough will see them regress into the animals we all once were in times long since passed by.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Right now then...

Of late I have been working towards something for several weeks now that is long overdue.

I have also been diving into PC technology of late as well as OPERATING SYSTEMS.
Now I have stated how I liked AMD's Kaveri but that I just wishes it was a smidgen better. I very much like their ideas and I do not listen to other people's ramblings about AMD especially when they're obviously fanboys, uttering things about technology they could not dream of understanding. I stated that had the frequency clocked a little higher, additional 2 cores in CPU and another 4 or 5 in integrated GPU and able to crossfire with an R7-260 this would be very cool.

Now let us remember that they stated that a desktop version of the chips found in the consoles would be released at a late date?

Also recall my ramblings, I think it was this blog but maybe not, regarding the discovery of Graphene and it's highly unusual properties and the endless number of potential things it can be used for?

Well tonight I was researching things all PC related and I stated previously that AMD were for once suspiciously quiet and no announcements about anything coming during 2014, other than the mobile chips that is. I thought about trying to build a system this year, yes, yes I do that every six months or so I know and it's boring, but could not shake the feeling that if I bought an AMD A10-7850K APU that within months, or even weeks, something better would be released? I decided that if not revealed I would have to just buy the better chip on release! Hmm costly possibly? Unless it was six months later or more.

Well tonight I discovered that a webpage they are claiming is AMD's is actually counting down to an announcement?! One smart Alec looked at the source code and found that it states 'the most advanced APU ever.'! That is quite something to announce and the fact that a webpage had been created to start up speculation seems to suggest that it will be something quite unexpected?

Am I going to get to see and hear about the APU I was expecting? Two extra steamroller cores, few more GPU cores and higher frequency?

Let us also remember that there was speculation regarding the die size of the top Kaveri being somewhat bigger than that needed by the included transistors and such?

Now it certainly looks like many little things discovered are building up an interesting picture of possibilities?
On the Overclocked forum below are a bunch of people now speculating as to what this announcement will be. Included speculation includes an AM3+ socket FX CPU with the Steamroller cores, starting this despite the fact that the code clearly states APU. But then there is a picture going about of a Hot Air Balloon with the AMD FX letters on it. Also the FX moniker dues seem to be being used for upcoming mobile chips too?
Also of surprise is that others have linked in the Graphene idea to CPUs like I did and they state that AMD have a license to use it. Someone else takes the piss by starting that yeah like AMD would be able to do that before Intel? Obviously this guy or gal fully understands the complex building blocks that make up computing chips? Obviously he or she has realised that these 3D gate transistors are of no issue to a new substance that only works when it is one atom thick? He or she also clearly knows that Intel would not underestimate AMD after managing to keep way ahead of them several times in the last five years? Oh no wait a minute? Lol!
The fact is that the difference in the sizes if these two companies were just as wide years ago when AMD DID leap ahead of Intel. So any build claims like this ate both naive and made on the assumption that AMD are unlikely to prove them wrong as for 5 years they have been behind. Well I say behind but then that rather depends how you look at it and I do not see it that way. In some non gaming situations Intel is ahead, yes and by a bit of a margin. In gaming they are not ahead at all unless you pair the Intel with a capable graphics card! So odd that gamers bleat on about Intel all the time.

At any rate you can read the discussion below and I am only half way through it and going that someone along the way had some hard or at least convincing evidence on some details?! Damn it I do not even know what today's date is?! Lmao!

Now I am going back to this discussion.

EDIT: Wow first of that is the frst time in a very long time that Google's Blogger App actually succesfully placed my keywords in there?! Thius iwas somewhat bizarre and I could copy and past the keywords elsewhere but they vanished upon posting! Hopefull this is at an end now and I do not have to worry about anything else?! Well except the formatting differences of course!

Secondly I just want to add that how mad this latest announcement of an announcement is! Boy am I feeling relieved right now that I had not gone ahead and started purchasing anything?! LMAO!

I have looked further and read a lot more and there are many guesses flying about as to what this announcement entails but they seem to be missing the simple and few facts we have already regarding this. 

It clearly states "The most powerful APU ever" along with comments about it being ahead of its time. So why people are banging on about mobile Kaveri's is beyond me. Surely it would state 'MOBILE APU' and this would also be an overkill?!

Also I was rather confused at the FX brand naming being used for upcioming mobile chips and think that this is a clue to be honest that should not be ignored lightly.

I stated in the edited text that I was glad I had not purchased anything and rhis is because I am fully convinced it is a desktop chip. I also stated that there was some rumour about how the die size did not match up and this was pointed out by someone on the forums, Seronx.

I was always surprised that AMD never announced a 6 CPU Core APU. I was also surprised that January's announcement had only two chips being released based on Kaveri, along with the drop in clocked frequency if I am honest.

I stated on this blog that the lack of anything to do with the FX CPUs was also a little curious and we all knew that a desktop version of the console chip, or chips, was going to be released 'at a later date'.

This last one seems the most likely in all honesty but I am crossing my fingers very hard for a 6 Kaveri core, 8 would have me pass out me thinks, and a few more graphics cores with a raise in the clocked frequency? I have also been wondering what the differences may well be if the decided to coat the tiny innards of any chips with a layer of Graphene? I mean we are only talking of a ingle atom here after all? Remember its as strong as steel reportedly? That last theory could be a lot quicker to implement, for now that is, than anything more ... adventurous in design?

After all its a known fact that the extremes in tempratures will force the silicon to fail, otherwise known as frying a chip, where the silicon fractures. Coating it in a layer of Graphene may reneder this possibility null and void?

I have no details and nor have a looked it up regarding the substance known as Grapehene and am merely speculating as to the possibilities. I know not the number of implementations that can be made to a processor regarding this substance I just simply realised upon hearing of its creation that there would be.

However an easy implementation of the substance could enable a number of things to take place that would make things radically change overnight?

I for one know that if this does indeed turn out to be the case I will be chewing my fingers off at the base for the other possibilities that could arise over the next couple of years and I am referring to a lot more than just COMPUTING here too!

Reading about Fullerene on Wikipedia was interesting, where Grapned is arranged into a tube like structure that could be used as the pipes within a processor.