Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Well now the website I mentioned in my last post about counting down to the most advanced APU ever has been accompanied by a second one?!

Well I have my suspicions about the second one actually as it is totally different in design. There is a difference of several hours between the two reaching zero and the expected jokes regarding time zone mix ups have already been made.

However what I will say is that if this is indeed another work by AMD then I think they have been reading the things posted online in that people did not understand the ... err hidden message stating its the most advanced APU ever, ergo not a mobile chip, and put up another webpage to deal with the mobile FX APU's?

That would be my guess in all this, unless someone is aping the first to get hits which might be somewhat stupid considering how close to the launch/announcement date we are.

Anyway my money is on ...

The first announcement being a 6 Steamroller Core 10 GPU core A12 APU or possibly Excavator, second most likely is a strictly FX CPU on Steamroller or Excavator. Latter would make more sense due to the silence over the FX brand since those behemoth 220W CPUs.

The second one is going to be about the FX branded Mobile APUs which I am now leaning towards Excavator for.

These are the only things as near a dammit I can think of that does not involve Graphene in some form?


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