Saturday, 28 June 2014


OK I have a weird one.

On this blog many do not know but I ordered a Crucial MX100 256GB SSD from Amazon who then screwed about with deliveries.

After lambasting them for claiming to have delivered and and not they sent out a second one on a Sunday and at the end of the day no delivery had arrived yet again but my account claimed that they knocked and I did not answer, which was a lie.

They then claimed they must have delivered the first one as the Geo-Tagging showed it was in the area.

A couple hours after the second one failed to arrive a gentlemen knocked on my door with the right size Amazon package for the SSD and the only other item on its way was RAM which was coming by Royal Mail, ergo they do not deliver Sundays.

Now getting internally angry as they seem to have lied yet again as here was the package I was expecting and therefore they could not try again the next day like they claimed they were going to do the man says, 'I found this in my back garden day before yesterday! I do not know what they think they are playing at?'?!

I do not know this man and never met him before back I think the back end of his garden is around 50 yards from my street door? So the driver realised he or she could not go back and say they could not find something, not the size of a house but a fecking house, and threw it over someones fence intending to claim they delivered it!

Planning to get another SSD later on anyway I decide to not tell them and let the second one arrive and install both drives, though really I was going to go for a 512GB one or there abouts as the second drive.

Only when I finally get the PC working and eventually click on my computer I notice it is only registering one drive! Now busy receiving the second phase of the build I decide to tell Amazon about their stupid delivery people, who defend them and say they cannot pick and choose what drivers deliver (or to my ears 'sorry but future deliveries will continue to be thrown over someone else's back garden for two days but claim they are delivered')

Deciding to only take out the drive when I am inside the PC next, as I do not know which one it is and they are identical, I leave it until I get something that has to go inside.

I end up with a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard that has a switch to BIOS setting acceptance as BIOS's do not like these types of keyboards. After a few days I notice in Device Manager in Windows 7 (Professional) that it is registering both Crucial Drives and states they are working perfectly, even though I am always complaining that these messages are never accurate in Windows and can never find the problem either when there is one!

I decide to overclock my system to see what Crysis 3 is like with it and go into the BIOS settings but then remember this mystery drive and change settings for the boot order to figure out which one works.

I reboot and suddenly everything is awry! I cannot get it to boot into Windows for love nor money and cannot even get into the BIOS, no matter what mode I set the Corsair Keyboard in the lights do not so much as flicker!

So I resort to the Logitech Keyboard I was using previously but to my shock and horror this fails to work too! I try placing the Windows disk in the LiteOn DVD Drive and this also fails to boot. I unpluig and replu in various internal devices and try various reset switches but nothing!

Now at this point I realise the only way I am going to get into the BIOS is with a wired keyboard, even though I have one right here! Due to the condition that causes memory issues I am sure I have a wired keyboard somewhere but cannot recall what it looks like so am unsure. I start to remember the look of a keyboard as I am looking around and then stumble across another keyboard I had forgotten I had and nothing like that I remembered! Stroke of luck but the normal weirdness with memory, hmm wonder if I can have RAM surgically implanted in my brain?!

Eventually I am into the BIOS change a couple things back and were all OK.

So then I decide to isolate the offending drive and take a guess which one it is, unplug it but Windows fails to boot, so I guessed wrong then! Only I plug it back in and then unplug the other one and Windows ALSO fails to start but with a different message this time?! HUH?!?!

That is funny, I think to myself, I am sure that in my computer it was reading 238GB? I must have made a mistake? It must have set up Windows in a RAID 0 array (striped) but last time I did this, albeit long ago, it ASKED me if I wanted to do this!

I go to my computer and it does indeed state that I have 238GB on the drive like I thought it said.

Currently the only alternative available to me is that the drives must be set up as a mirror but once again I would have thought it would have asked first and secondly I am damned sure that Windows would still load if one drive is missing, after all that is what a RAID 1 (Mirrored) array is bloody well for?!#

So presently I have a busted SSD Drive that Amazon wants back but which my system will refuse to start if I take it out and added to this I STILL do not know which bloody drive it is!

My tip for anyone setting up a system and starting off with two SSD's? DON'T!! Or at least buy different SSD's so you can work out which one is giving you grief!

The sole reason I am now getting grief from this? Because Amazon have drivers that toss your stuff into someone else's back garden and seem to think that this is OK?!

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