Sunday, 29 June 2014


Right now then!

The mystery of the missing drive is finally solved and as per usual and should have been bloody well guessed by a plonker that should now the drill by now ...

It was Microsoft Windows skullduggery yet again!

These are the new Crucial MX100 256GB SSD Drives and nothing to do with the drives themselves!

Anyhoo what actually happened, once my stress levels from previous attempts had dropped back to normal, is that Windows in its infinite wisdom decided to make a system partition of 100MB, yes one hundred megabytes, one one disk and ignore the rest of it!

Now quite why it did this only they bloody well know! What so if I only had one disk plugged in when I installed Windows 7 Professional (Professional? Huh, that is a joke, lol) it would not have been able to would it?! Dumb-arses!

Oh and I see that ten years late the magazines are beginning to see and report that Steve Ballmer's tenure at Microsoft single handedly sent the company onto the brink of extinction and ruined just about everything they have done!

Now I hope that the meddling fools behind the scenes take note of this because their will never be a better example of just how not o interfere with something because of what you think, sinister/skullduggery/secretly, would benefit you, the military or the country and the effect it has when you mess with things and formulas you simply do not understand?!

We can only hope!

Would be funny of the Chinese came up with an Operating System the world went nuts over and everyone started to leave Microosoft for to adopt? Espcially if it was the AMerica's own public?! LOL, now that would be funny.

Anyway I dive into the partition manager of Windows finally had the problem realised and I simply created a new volume and drive letter for he unallocated space, though why it did not list the drive in 'My Computer' ... err sorry 'Computer' is beyond me when Windows knew damn well it was there?!

After all on every bloody laptop I have bought in the last ten years Windows registers two drives which are actually just one and with a section reserved for the Windows installation which I hated form day one (lose drive and you lose Windows hard copy) and now I have it with two drives, can see two drives but lists it as just one, despite using BOTH!!

Skynet becoming self aware and taking over the world? Not with Microsoft they wont, lol!

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