Monday, 30 June 2014


I have built, or in the process of, building a Kaveri system.

I have been posting videos of this and have twenty two parts this far but as I stated I am still in the process of building it.

Now this far the component list is as follows ...

AMD A10-7850K APU
MSI A88XM Gaming Series Motherboard
Kingston Hyper X Best 2400Mhz RAM
Crucial MX100 SSD 256GB x2
Coolermaster TX3 Cooling Fan
Corsair Graphite 230T Case
Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard
AOC Monitor (think it says 6 series Lol)
Akasa Memory Card Reader

I think that is it currently and so have side things still to get. Some of which I am using older tech I used with laptop, like my utterly appalling HP mouse I would certainty tell people to avoid, anything with this two letters on it!

Some things I have just wanted for awhile like a Blu-Ray writer. Currently using LiteOn external DVD writer but the time has passed by sine time ago that I need far greater capacity in a writeable optical disk! No doubt no sooner have I bought one a 4K writer week appear?! Lol!

Still even if it does I dare say that the unit and the disks week be expensive, as the tend largely is for the tech to start becoming expensive yet again!

I have watched the to end graphics cards go from the giggly silly £300 for a card to the cackling laughter until unconscious price of way over a thousand pounds?!

Sorry but tech magazines have key everyone down I believe, one in particular, in deciding to just wax lyrical over things like they are being paid to do so. A graphics card should never received mite than three stars that is above £400 in price. Of you have lost marbles and do not see the issue with graphics chips costing more than high end Intel chips then your not a full pack or being paid I am afraid.

It is not a Bugatti Veyron, it's a graphics chip your eyes won't see any difference with for two years or more and the chip will be a fifth of the price by then.

But I am posting this post regarding the above system and things I have seen period posting but forgot all about, sorry I have a condition that causes short term memory lapses! Sorry I have a condition that causes short term memory lapses.

Sorry I could not resist that, Lol. But the statement is unfortunately true though!

Anyway I spotted it again tonight and period are stating about experiencing various issues that were first put down to drivers and then to RAM.

Now just to clarify, the ram I listed is clocked at 2400MHz. Or I bought it as this speed as opposed to buying a lower speed RAM and overclocking it.

I have this far run the following games on both standard clocks and with a press of the OC Genie button, sorry not exactly sure what OCs this performs just yet.

Games played ... at 1080p

Fallout 3 (maxed out plays smooth)
Crysis (maxed out plays smooth)
Crysis 3(maxed out unplayable, low to med better not smooth enough not tried since OC Genie pressed)
Skyrim (maxed out smooth)
Thief (maxed out bit quite as bad as Crysis 3 but unplayable, not tried since OC Genie)

Now it was immediate to point from the graphics capabilities of Crysis on starting why it crawled with standard clocks. Once outside with the daylight and plants it was very obvious! Lol!

As stated not run since OC.

More importantly I wanted to point out, due to what I have been reading, that I have had no issues with the system whatsoever. No crashes, freezes or blue screens of death and until Crysis 3 no issues with gaming frame rates!

So not really sure why others are having issues with their systems but maybe it is because my components were all picked to work well?

I had originally planned on Vengeance Ram. Also a few other things too.

I also plan to upgrade my mouse to something particularly nice.

I also plan on an Radeon R7 250 OC 2GB DDR3 to use dual graphics and overclock the card to match the APU.

This should get Crysis 3 up to amazing levels but also playable? It's not that I want to be able to play Crysis 3, but I do, but just to know that this graphics are achievable in 1080p on my system so that I can test assured that when the next wave of games give out with these levels of graphics I can play them with those drool worthy looks. Maybe even better if, as I suspect, other gangs companies will code more efficiently.

Bethesda springs to mind immediately!

I won't be buying Watchdogs, Lol. Not a lover of third person, though admittedly I was enjoying The Witcher for awhile.

I shall update as and when I acquire the last bits. Some week be the end of next week, around the 11th July. Others will be 25th July.

Undecided which will be bought when right now.

Also my laptop might get sold so some things may arrive earlier than planned.

I don't have a good record for selling items it had to be admitted, Lol.

Will do some benchmarks once I have cleared up the ... FALLOUT that is my house since having my head inside a PC case several times in the last week to ten days!

Yes my medical condition makes this bloody hard to do to! :P

Apologies for the stubborn bold font but I am afraid that Google is systematically ruining all the properties it's purchasing fur done bizarre reading only know to them. Their Blogger App is utter shit and Android also thinks it's smarter when in reality the person that coded the swipe keyboard shootings hand his head in shame. Quite how you can take software that works fine and ruin it is being me.

As an example Americans must have a very funny English dictionary as it completely bloody ignores the first letter you touch and half the others and substitutes the word toy wanted and sword through for one that starts with a completely different letter to the one you stated with, are you fecking DUNCE?, and then gives me a word I have never heard of.

Though when I series (swiped) through Embody, Enrich, Anguish, Anguish, English it gave me Shiekh and then Anguish?! You can see the others as I could not be bothered and Jeff then in to price my point. Left them in to prove my point!

The best one is when you then highlight the word is it then immediately offers you the one that you did want and did swipe through?!

Like it is coded to deliberately wind you up?! It works because if a guy knocked on my door tomorrow and stated he was the coder for Google and was responsible for the keyboard, swipe and the dictionary I would want to punch him in the jaw hard enough to bloody well break it! Lol.

I would do that to the coder for their App too and for the one responsible for limiting the tags, or labels. Hmm WordPress don't have a minute dickweeds!

You would think they won't want to piss people off to go elsewhere but no. Over half a dozen updates and their OS is still shit. Sorry if your a fan, I was but it was good and worked when I was. Now its utter shit and frustrating and seven or more updates to Android and no visual clue to them whatsoever. I have no idea how many updates, if any, Blogger has had.

I think they have realised they have done so much damage to it they now can't be bothered?

After all they are working on an army of real androids to take over the world!


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