Sunday, 29 June 2014


And these would be the Power Supply Unit, the CPU (APU in this case) Cooler and the Memory Card Reader.

The PSU is in a red colour which, before anyone thinks sarcastic thoughts, took the place of a Corsair PSU at the last minute, the latter of which I did not hear many good things about, at around half the cost. AFter reading up on Ace PSUs I started to wonder if the ACE unit would last the week?!

It has an it has been surprisingly quiet I must say. I did up the wattage from the original 550 Watt to 600 Watt just in case and have yet to plug another graphics card into the system, which IS coming I assure you!

The Coolermaster TX3 Cooler was also a last minute switch and I did originally plan to get a Corsair closed loop water cooler and then decided on a heatsink and fan before I saw this one on Scan for around £16 I think it was! Meaning I could get the system up and running two weeks earlier than previously thought. I have since seen an advertisement for a Zalman Liquid Cooler in one of the magazines I recently bought I am interested in checking out. This cooler is also surprisingly quiet too and even with the MSI A88XM standard OC Genie switched on I get nothing in the way of noise I can detect at any time even with no TV or music playing!


Last is a schoolboy error of my memory card reader and a sure fire example of why the cheapest option normally does not work out that way. I purchased a Akasa Cooler not realising it was a 3.5 inch one and in all honesty I did not think they bothered with 3.5 inch bays anymore! My Corsair Graphite Series 230T case sure as hell does not have one! So a week after I bought it I had to buy a adaptor form Maplins that at £6.99 instantly made my Card Reader more expensive than most others on offer. Annoying me as I could have gotten a much more swish looking one, another technical term there with 'swish', for the same money. Plus the reader had to live in its bay for a week being held in place but a rigid lump of white foam! Lol!

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