Wednesday, 4 June 2014


And I am sorry to have to say this AMD but that was a let down.

It seems there were a couple of words missing from the orginal text that was discovered by others, rather conveniently, lol.

When it was found and as stated in my last post the words 'The most advance APU ever' were spotted and thrown around the Internet like confetti. Of course I could only come to the conclusion that this was something better and more powerful that the currect top APU which is the A10-7850K based on the Kaveri core.

Now there had been some mention that the size of the number of transistors in the top Kaveri did not add up correctly and fell short of the size of the die.

So I naturally assumed, quite wrongly I might add, that it was either a 6 Kaveri Core, or greater GPU Core or both. Then the ball looked like a Graphene molecule so thought this may have been implemented somehow to make them faster than the currect chip but with the same core counts? Wrong again!

Two or three wrongs, I could not be more wrong than a wrong person on wrong day!

I played Fallout New Vegas while the counter was counting down and I was way overtime so exited the game while in in interesting part, jumping in and out of The Divide looking for titbits and any missed weapons, and the first thing I see were just the words 'Don't Be So Impatient' which had also been spotted by some bright sparks early yesterday I think it was.

So I am sitting there thinking 'WTF AMD?' then jumped into the Semi Accurate forum I had been monitoring only to see some confused comments about the so called big reveal. Not just me then? Lol! They were talking about the mobile Kaveru chips and I thought 'It can't have been that, it clearly stated the most advanced APU ever?!'

But flicking back to the webpage I had not only been waiting impatiently for I had told one brother and a nephew about earlier in the day now had a movie running. Only now the words..

'The most advanced APU ever goes mobile'?!

Now considering they have not released a pure CPU FX chip in a while it was natural to think that the AMD enthusiasts out there, myself included, were patiently and eagerly awaiting the reveal of a slightly more powerful Kaveri desktop chip. But we all got disappointed.

Now quite what marketing idiot thought this a good idea I have no idea but not too bright. You do not tease a desktop chip and then go and announce a mobile chip!

I thought after recent times that this type of hyping up and letting down was at an end? Clealry this is not the case, lol.

Sorry AMD and God only knows where you get the marketing guys from but that was clearly stupid and that is a first for me. It wont alter the AMD products I intend to buy but that was a major disappointment, even for me!

So it seems my original shopping list is not going to be altered at all then?

This could have been a lot worse and far more annoying because if they had set that page up with say four weeks or more as a countdown people might have held off buying their products thining that a month is all they have to wait to get something better, even if its for more money?! If so then this would have been a right royal balls up in all honesty!

Oh well back to waiting for another year and hoping that the next, REAL, more powerful APU, DESKTOP, will plug into an FM2+ socket?!

Fingers crossed!

Now I have been forced out of my gaming for no good reason I think I will quickly see what else has been announced at Computex?

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