Monday, 16 June 2014


I have been a little ...busy you could say.

I have been a bit off here for far too much and this is about to change in a rather big way, no talking about doing this or doing that, oh no no no. I have been busy.

I have been working hard, pulling my hair out at times, to try and accomplish something that will see this blog take off this year and starting in just a few days this will speed up a large amount in the coming months.

Without a doubt is what you will be by the end of this week when I announce some things and post some things. This will be provided with a series oe media and an explanation that this will continue on and a bit crazy like for a few weeks.

It will inevitably slow down but it wont stop, that much you will realise by the end of the week when it becomes clear what I have been ... doing, lol.

It is a shame that it has taken me this long to get here but at least I now have. What will be exciting will be the follow ups and extensions to my little project that will take place and some changes in ... my forms of communication! Ooh a cryptic clue? I like giving cryptic clues! Lol!

I think that based on my understanding of technologies that this is a very exciting time coming up and due to some things ... invented I was becoming a little anxious that I would be left behind.


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