Monday, 2 June 2014


You know I have wanted to say it for a long time now but suddenly I come across a webpage that has lead me to say it early.

Software companies really need to pull their thumbs out of their arses and produce a well rounded and efficient operating system and stop with the update crap.

In fact this update crap everyone needs to stop with and stop now, it's annoying, off putting except for bloody planks that know feck all about their toys and seen by most for what they are, an excuse to drive people so mad they spend money on a newer model!

Ahem. Now I have stated previously that Google have been losing the plot for a long time. I stated that they have managed to run Android without any of the tech journalists noticing this, or mite accurately not mentioning add they do not want the free toys and fringe benefits to stop. It has now been going backwards for awhile now.

Now I spotted a webpage that had some surprising news, well the why is not surprising only the who is.

I expected phone manufacturers to migrate towards other operating systems and in all honesty I thought it would be a Linux based one. I had thought that Canonical having learned lessons from various crap Ubuntus might actually pull this off?

Before a certain idiot decides to come back and blab about things he does not fully understand you should make all the criteria absolutely clear and becoming a major player in OS's you do not misinform people, mess around and talk things up like they are something they are not when the closet Greeks think it's ready to become mainstream when they clearly have no understanding about GUI's and usability and obviously no training in this area at all. All based on the fact they 'they like it'.

Oddly enough another company is showing the way, or hopefully so, in Valve Software. They have also proved me correct in this regard because one of the issues with Linux was that it was not taken seriously by the companies that matter as regards to drivers, namely nVidia and more precisely AMD. Unfortunately wallies do not understand these simple rules and like to harp on all the same.

Now fast forward to Valve announcing their own Linux based OS called Stream OS and suddenly lots of things start to happen in a short space of time. Especially with drivers and suddenly out if nowhere not only does a company emerge like the proverbial Phoenix but it starts to look as if those drivers for Ubuntu never arrived because they were instead working with Valve. Or perhaps only saw Valve as being able to seriously cut into the percentages of the other major OS's Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Quite bizarrely it is Microsoft and Google who have dropped their balls mostly, sorry no pun intended, lol! As much as I hate to admit it Apple are only guilty of not moving their phone OS forward at all, especially in its design as well as it's iTunes. Oddly there was someone who never stopped harping on about Apple and iTunes and unfortunately I am not around anymore to point out why Apple have bought Beats Audio. For their download service of course.

All to often companies, or likely more accurately greedy and lazy board members once the shares have been bought up, think they can produce just one innovative thing that gets swathes of pause at the time and then continue milking it for the rest of their days running big companies while strutting about like the big I am!

Someone I think all the idiots with money need to be forced onto a course to be made to understand not only how innovation works but that you have to stay ahead of it or you will die, be it slowly or quickly. Then once the writing is on the wall all the trickery and mishearing of its customer base comes about via up on high and this only makes it worse. Because people are not fools even if some appear to be to begin with in time they come around and get it.

However for some reason these lessons have not only never been learned they ate doggedly refusing to learn them during the worst financial situation the world had ever seen. This is not the 1920's and there are far more people, to many in fact some have started to say but try telling that to the crazy religious types who do not believe in contraception and breeding like proverbial flies.

Operating Systems need to just work, it is as simple add that. They can be messed about with and tinkered with but are not created fur this as a primary reason because if they do bit work then they cannot be truly referred to add Operating Systems. The clue is in the title after all!

When these stupid updates are preformed incompetently enough that they start to make the things that you attempt to do harder and intensely frustrating then something is very wrong.

When your a very regular user of these things to the point it is like that is a full time job or intending for it to become a fill time job then it leaves the orbit of intensely frustrating and starts to become beyond ridiculous and possibly expensive to boot!

What makes it even more infuriating is that these morons then decide that certain aspects of computing will not apply to them because they want to remain aloof? Any chance of contacting them via the Internet is nowhere to be found and attempting to open a live if communication by post is not a possibility.

Oh great ones, we are truly not worthy to be in the presence of such divine and God like beings such as yourselves and even that of your minions?!

Haha, could not resist that one! But then they do kind if ask for it and I will continue on asking each of my avenues until common sense prevails. Actually that's not strictly true, lol, there is more to it than that of course as many on my corruption blog are all too aware, lol.

Any hoooo, below is a link of someone starting to gravitate away from Android and extremely suspiciously along with shockingly, for me, it is the last company I expected to do this due to a teen years agreement it had just signed with none other than Google!

So this tells me there is more to things going on that meets the eye and either the company pulling away has realised that the obe they have now signed a deal with have either been cheating, well no surprise there, or are going down the pan as I expected fur some time they would. Now though I state this it is not an overnight thing because of both their size and the number of companies they own. Yet the exact same company produced its own figures a few months apart that contradicted each other and only proved what I have been stating about them for around 18 months. Well on one particular subject that is!

So you may have worked out that I am on about the Operating System of Android but the surprise is for those unfamiliar with the signed agreement the shocking company now reported to be pulling away is the one that has suffered in the law courts at the hands of none other than Apple, Samsung!

On the link below you will see a new phone announced by them called the Samsung Z and it uses the Tizen Operating System?! Thought this was Samsung's own system but now discovered that this is a Linux OS and had now garnered my attention. Waterproof too and I might see this add the phone to go for down the line somewhere?

I dare say that a lot more in the way of details with all this will come out throughout the rest of 2014. Something tells me that the Big G will have turned out to have been very naughty and taken many liberties to which companies would rather take users of their systems to city over very stupid reasons than they would Google?!

Also Apple and Google are both American while Samsung is not and I find this fact along with the fat that Samsung paid dearly write disturbing. This especially in light if the corporate espionage that the NSA have been performing while using the American public's taxes to do it. Giving the American public a bad name while using their own money to do so?!

This is another unfortunate thing that occurs in the world as because if some evil company being caught red handed the public to the said country takes the blame in its entirety. This to me dies that this that would take your money and behave like this not only believe it is their right to do so but also do not give a flying feck about the safety of their own people while abroad.

I hope I live long enough to are these morons get it and finally it sinks in that you simply cannot do this? Better still I would like to see them overrun by do-gooders ego would tie them to crucifixes fur awhile to have then live in fear of what will come next before letting them go?! Lmao!

Well the trouble with stubbornness at the tops of these hierarchies is that they ignore and ignore the slaps in the face until the lengths taken to reach any humanity they may possess takes some very drastic measures? Like being tied to stakes Boudicca style as public suffering on a wide scale for long enough will see them regress into the animals we all once were in times long since passed by.

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