Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Well a little late but now I am posting up another couple in the stressful series that is my Project Zero. The system uses Windows 7 Professional and if anyone makes comments about Windows 8 ... well you will be just ... BARRED! LMAO!

This one involves the wrongly ordered Mini ATX motherboard of the MSI A88XM, yessss that is what the M stands for nitwit!, Gaming Series Motherboard. Once I realised I emailed Scan ( who very kindly rang me up stating it will still fit in the ATX case to which I then said 'oh well leave it as it is then!

Here is me showing it to viewers on my Youtube account where I will go through every section of the building process. This is admittedly a simple build so if its boring parts then do not watch it, lol. Though on some I think are too boring, like later when I post up the Akasa card reader and adaptor fitting, I will ramble on about stuff that was ongoing simultaneously involving other blogs!

In this way I hope to raise a few eyebrows of those that were totally unaware as well as using one video to feed two separate blogs?!

I am not German but I am efficient .. at times, lol.

As stated the computer is up and running! But it is not finished just yet and there are currently over twenty videos involving it and I have two parts turning up in the next few days. One major part to be posted later is the Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard and another one just a four pin fan splitter cable as my motherboard is missing a couple of ports! Lol!

I am very selective and thorough in my research of all things and not just tech and as stated I still have a few things to go, a Blu-Ray writer and a Mouse in two weeks time. I know what I am getting already and ... all in good time, lol. After all I do not know it may change? Some of that I did get were changes to earlier ones I decided on, though this was decided upon so that I could get the rig up and running two weeks earlier than I originally planned!

A miracle achieved as my daughter rang me twice in need which cost me £50 while doing this! Bad timing, not her fault as she did not know, lol.

Of course I have to acquire two normal hard disks to supplement the SSD Drive, a mirrored array to ensure no loss of data, I am using and likely another SSD Drive either equal to the 256GB Drive I have or 512GB?

Now I normally make a beeline for Western Digital with hard disks, though I have used Seagate and others. Though my system currently seems to make no sound ... oooh wait let me switch of my little fan I have on ... umm, there is a sound but it is very low and I cannot even work out if it is the PC or not?! Though granted I have nothing on and also I am not gaming right now and nor am I overclocked or have a separate card installed yet for dual graphics ... ooohh I forgot about that! Yes a second card will be bought in about a months time for dual graphics, lol.

But then it should be remembered that at the last minute I opted out of a Coolermaster, or was it Corsair?, Hydro 80 thigamajig (techie speak lol) closed water cooler at the last minute! This would allow me to get the rig running and added to this I was not sure about overclocking while using dual graphics?! So when I do whether it is an OC'd card that I then raise the APU up to match or have to do both then I will use the water-cooling idea. Possibly I may head up the scale higher to something else like the Alphacool stuff?! Umm I think it was Alphacool?! Lol!

Yes so I got a special offer at Scan ( for the Coolermaster Hype TX3 CPU cooling fan and decided on that at the last minute which was around £16 after VAT was added. Anything is better than the included cooler, lol.

There may well be a couple of other things that have slipped my, FIBROFOG, mind? Afterwards I am thinking of expanding into pod-casts but if I do this I want to do it with the utmost professionalism and using some unique things about my personality to boot!

Sometimes, like this time, the sections or jobs that I do end up in two parts and partly because I leave in the rookie mistakes I should be making because I am normally hard and critical of myself with a few jokes or names, though I never remember, lol. Sometimes because the damn memory runs out as I keep forgetting this is 1080p video here! Sometimes because it is just long and I try and break it up if I realise that is and do not get carried away with what I am doing?




Cannot recall WHY there is a part two but here it is ...

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