Thursday, 28 May 2015


Bloody hell!

Right I decided to go off and do this QUEST I picked up to do with Master Armour, which I picked up by simply following the main quest.

Turns out you have to go bloody miles away onto in Island called Skellige or some such.

Turns out I have to use a boat...hmm could have warned me.

So I had to the beach and think I will scour the shoreline to find these boats...

Come across three groups bandits in damned quick succession and thought eff this, after being killed loads of times I will just run through the map...only there are bandit groups every few seconds?!

Ooh one left veer right, ooh one right veer left, ohh another left veer right. I then remember something else that is stupid about this game and it shows me it is even more stupid!! ...


Now I im in the middle of a forest sprinting at full pelt and at 90 degrees to Archers to either my right or left, so surrounded by trees! And yet I am being hit regularly! You would think you copuld get the use of a bloody Longbow in this game!

The archers are not only fecking good shots but have eyes a Golden Eagle would be proud of, at half a mile away, surrounded in trees or not they know EXACTLY who and where you are and start firing arrows at you...not very realistic!

It gets better as one time, and may be on one of the videos I uploaded, I am fighting a group with a couple of archers and I hide behind a massive tree trunk so that I can fight anyone coming around the tree but be protected by the trunk...

Except...the archers fire arrows directly at me, as if that is not bad enough then, the arrows go right through the tree trunk and hit me until I am dead!

I find the boat, go into a shack only to be followed in by something I failed to see, err Muncher?, DEAD. Apparently you need to do something to the sword which was fecked anyway and nowhere around to fix it.

I then get on a boat only to realise I am nowhere near the island I want and when I try to sail there keeps telling me Im old and cannot go that far?! Fecking weird as you have to go there its on your effing map!! Jesus bloody Christ, man!

It gets better still as I try to fast travel there and you cannot go there. So you cannot walk there, sail there nor fast ravel anywhere on the island?!

Oh and according to my local map I look like I am on a sea shore with a large delta, which is exactly what it looks like. Only the world map shows me being inland?!

frustration after frustration after frustration...seems like every five minutes!

You can see the amount of groups of pirates in the video and me flicking backwards and forwards trying to work out how to get to this island.

This is not open world and its confusing to the point when you think that travelling around is always going to be a pain in the backside.

Seems the same old monsters and only animals are Deer, Hares and Crabs. Well other than the Wolves and Wild Dogs that want to kill you.

Those reviewers that got excited over this and gave over 90% in scores might want to buy some defibrillators for one Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 arrive...just in case?!


Damn it, plans pushed back several weeks now by the Supreme Court! Simply cannot be driven up the wall by The Witcher 3!

Why can't Star Citizen be out yet?! WAHHH-WAHHH!! LOL!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Well this is weird.

One of the other things I was surprised to read concerning The Witcher 3 was all the DLC's being free?!

Now I'll be honest... I have not been impressed with anyone's DLC and I do mean anyone's, including Bethesda.

Now I'll be honest here and say that I really liked 'The Divided' one of Fallout New Vegas' DLC's. But firstly I got all of them thrown in with the Game Of The Year Edition. I like the other one too, the beautiful red desert setting one, lol.

However what I did not like about them was their length. They seemed utterly tiny compared to the main game and map.

This is worse still if I think about the pricing at the time of release. Not good!

I would have rather waited longer and had one fair sized Mao and campaign. If the divide had been three times the size... oh my word!

Now I read something somewhere recently about this and that is the attitude is to release a title that's only half of the full game at full prices and then release the rest piecemeal for ever more money. Meaning that by the end you have paid £60 to £80 or even more for your game! I could not have agreed more with this view.

So you could say I was both shocked and impressed when CD Project Red said what they did.

Except now they are not stating this anymore and that some big DLC's they are working on, referring to map sizes, will be "well worth the money". I doubt I will ever reach the end of The Witcher 3 which is not only a game series where I have failed to compete a title but have failed to complete every title!!

That's saying something right there!

So they said all DLC's week be free, won't matter much to be but I did not this, showed great graphics that the actual game did not come close to and likely paid many people to write glowing reviews or have them the game to play with some free class 'A' drugs to consume while playing?

Starting to realise why the game sold so well pre-order and the first few days! Lol!

I've had this feeling that something not only needs to be done/changed but soon will. I have noticed a lot of bad feeling out there over several titles of late. One I particularly noted and which stopped me from buying a title I really wanted to is Elite Dangerous and it's 11th hour announcement talking like they only just realised!

People don't like being treated like idiots or down to like idiots... especially the ones that are not idiots!

Also today and there coders and publishers are bloody stupid not to notice this but everything is much more closely linked. If a group or groups thinks it's being clever with some misleading crap to con you out of money or get more money then many people will bit only spot the different tricks but a list worked upon by a collective will soon be published and go around like wildfire.

Oddly the so called gaming and computer experts that review games should also see this too but don't.

So many IT and gaming firms are naive regarding the very technology they are bleating or bullshitting about.

CD Projekt Red must be planning a couple dozen DLC's because their next title, Cyberpunk 2077, had been put on hold after that video. Ooh I know why! They want to leave a long enough amount of time so that we forget the video because the game will only look fractionally better than The Witcher 3 and the gameplay and combat will be worse!



I really want to like this game.

No I really want to love this game!

But I can't and the people that give it the scores way above 90% are extremely suspicious characters indeed. Skullduggery must be at play are they have been starved of a half decent game for too long?! I do know that feeling.

The video below is me finally completing the Botchling and Lubberkin quests after getting some food.

Then within no time at all I am in a series of situations that show that the use of food and health in The Witcher 3 is dreadful, especially with the odd things in combat I describe below.

Its dreadful, you feel like you need to carry around fifty hot potatoes or bread and a couple dozen cooked chicken?! Although things like bread and onions are cheap anything decent costs as much as two dozen swords?! If this were even close to the truth I would have a dozen swords on my living room wall...but I bloody well DON'T! LOL!

And whats this with these hidden treasures and such and its a pile of shite?!

There is nothing worse in a game than beating your way to a chest or somewhere keeping loot and you loot it and say ... 'is that IT?!'

I must admit that Dragon Age Inquisition fails in this regard too.

After doing this in two Fallout titles and Skyrim its part of the fun and you want to get to the next one and then the next one to see what you find.

Yet others that have gone the open world design, which is great by the way, seem to have copied many things from other games but the most important and the most fun part they seem to ignore?!

After awhile you get bored of looking for the same old shit and its bloody annoying when you have to collect a bloody mountain of it just to buy a few damn chickens and some hot potatoes that do not last 5 minutes in your health bar. As groups of enemies seem to lurk around every corner you do not get far because at the difficulty I have set it your lucky to get through two groups without using up your food. Well what with the combat being as shite as it is ...

Once again the combat is shite.

However one of a couple of things in this clip, over than running out of health every one hundred yards are two others to do with the combat.

Forgetting it is clunky and not a patch on the previous game, despite feeling similar and I do not know quite how they did that but ...

I am often rolling in the wrong direction to the key presses I make and ...

In this video you see me take out the Tripack Wolf! That is what I am calling it ... hmm or were they dogs?


I am trying to find a boat to get to an island to get some tools, the quests really are all over the place. This in the no doubt vain hope to get some better weapons. But the guys on an island I did not want to go to just yet, or the game does not want you to go to. Still looking for a bloody witch, a wife and daughter?!

A mess.

Anyway I fight off the five or so Tripack Wolf. Then I though 'hey this is the Biwolf? Another pack attacks me and two packs do not live in the same hunting grounds.

There were two or three I think and then immediately there are some Drowners by some boats, which I'm thinking you need to get to the island? No.

At one point in the many repeated attempts to kill five or six Drowners more Wolves turn up, hence the naming of Tripack Wolf.

Now I am fighting half a dozen Drowners and some Wolves when I notice that once again my health is dropping like a lead balloon but Geralt is also putting his sword away?!


Got that? Lol!

I then realise that what is going on is where Geralt is switching between targets, which I have not asked him to do and nor am I pointing in the targets direction, what is so bloody hard about getting your character to slash in the direction your facing?

Anyway, he is switching between swords due to the fact one target is a monster, hence the Witcher's silver sword, and one is an animal, so pulling out his steel sword!

Jesus H Christ!

Then after beating them I try to free a man from a lynch mob and ... well me, with all my swords, steel armour, Witcher's powers and a little food left I get effing pistol whipped by a few farmers in ragged tee shirts and wooden pitch forks and the odd sword?!

These are bloody beggars more or less and the map is telling me I need to get to this point for the tool quest!

I thought 'I bet its a bloody sign for fast travel and I do not need to bother with these idiots?!' YUP!

Of course that is what you the player to what should be some hassle free fast travel but have some super powered vagrants with an odd sword and a pitch fork kick your arse!

People that give this game those high scores are bloody on drugs or something! Lol.

It is sooo frickin annoying and frustrating and I end up just coming out of the game.

Traversing an open world is supposed to be fun. Not dead every five minutes!

I do not know how they code to make the game tougher but I wish I had not knocked it up a notch when I started!

I must look to see if I can drop the difficulty down.

The combat is appalling, on the PC anyway.

The graphics are not all that.

It shoves you into sections without warning you need something for, so every now and then have to go back to an earlier saved game.

It is still forcing you to repeat bloody lengthy sessions of verbal diarrhoea. Well it is after the second listen to it all after that your whacking the space-bar like a nutter.

Though its OK at times and has good characters, voice actors and story this does not make it a great game.

In Dragon Age Inquisition it has some great moments and I have not even completed the game yet. First game to put a lump in my throat. Goosebumps and the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls had me on the computer every night until 2am or 3am.

This does not. Nor am I wowed by the graphics, though I will say that the use of light in The Witcher 3 is very good.

I just remembered...yes it has a great story and characters (oh and voice actors...well except for one that sounds like his batteries are drained) but then they never came up with them! Well I don't think so as I thought I read somewhere that The Witcher is a set of books?

Oh dear!

Well at least they have a skill for choosing a book story to base a game on. Maybe the next time around they might realise their mistakes and make a better game?!

Perhaps they will do it this time around with a patch?!

Here's hoping!

For the love of God, man, this was supposed to be a weeks enjoyment before I am off to do some pretty serious work on other things?

Instead I am waving my fist at the monitor every ten minutes, sometimes in quick succession every couple of minutes!


Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I seem to have found out... or rather stumbled upon something then realised, why my copy of The Witcher 3 was not updating.

Oddly enough it seemed to be telling me I was on version 1.03 when I was on version 1.02. When I decided to take another look last night it was now telling me I was on version 1.04?!

I read the game thinning I would at least be on version 1.03, but no, still the first one.

I did a quick look on the Internet but no one anywhere seen to mention what the problem was it even just explain how you get the update. I did wonder if you had to do it from the website? Like the old days? But could find nothing.

I took a look at GOG Galaxy again which is not intuitive and needs work, a lot of work. One button that was available kept taking me to a 'Redeem Code' screen. On the third or fourth time I ended up there something occurred to me ...

Umm...I just never asked me for the serial code. Yet I've been paying it for many hours.
Now just in case anyone had had s similar problem ...

I put the code in and VOILA! Suddenly in presented with ask these options and the DLCs I had not realised had been released!

Unfortunately the client program struck again!

I did not want anymore bloody mistakes so I download patch v1.03 first and one finished them I did v1.04. All done!

Ran the game, pressed space bar to get to the menu screen and ... still on version 1.02?!

I must admit I could not previously understand how some gamers for quite so frustrated and angry with the publishers and coders, though as I said before I fully agree with how shut shit things are and needs to stop. But then I had never bought a game that has so many difficulties with it from day one. Not after paying full price that is.

In fact the only other title that I had the most issues with was The Witcher 2, lol! This was not new, the enhanced edition in fact. But when I stated updating the many, many updates it refused to run if you went beyond v1.2 or v1.3. Can't remember exactly which of the two it was. I did think 'bloody hell, man! This is a game that's been out awhile! This should not be happening!'

After awhile suddenly GOG's Galaxy started downloading the patch to The Witcher 3?! Listed one as updating and I had already downloaded them once! Good job I am no longer doing this on movie broadband! Lol!

This time it finally worked.

I did notice things seemed to be better.

I went straight back to that infuriated umm... hill with the cliff ask around it and I first fell back without going off the cliff and then successfully got to the top! Marvellous!

The graphics had a notable improvement and I also realised that Geralt was constantly running before and changed a few key bindings. It seemed to say in the patch that you was unable to do this before? Mad. Suddenly I was not overshooting things and having to turn around each time I stopped... and sometimes overshooting them again and turning around again! Lol.

Then I decided to go back to the inn and disk to Veremir and end up in that punch up. Oddly I had been thinking about how the story would unfold. I wondered if Yennifer would be found at the end of the story only to find out she is really an imposter and some sort of demon?

Lol, so you can imagine my surprise when I left the inn and she turned up outside?! Joking to myself I said 'bloody hell, that was the shortest game I every played!' Lol!

Suddenly and with the few improvements the story and therefore the game get a lot more interesting too!

What a difference a day makes?

Still in future I really won't be so which to but a title and even if Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 were released in the Autumn I would not, once someone had bought me back with a defibrillator, but them the first day of release. And that would be damn hard to do!

So if anyone has had issues with patches... it won't do anything, despite that little dialogue box giving you the seriously wrong impressions, until you out your game code in!


Oops! No, just like the previous one it is a grind to a halt game with incredibly boring and repetitive beyond belief while unable to save and with no warning that this will happen or stretches of difficult sections! Now have tried two different options available to get through the section with the 'Botchling'. Get attacked by swathes of wraiths with no food to regenerate health, you would think that Geralt would know this?! Or it expands into a bigger monster and my silver sword along with cursed oil has no effect on the Botchling at all before it kills me?!

Tried the nicer option 6 times before getting annoyed and then trying the kill and collect blood four times!

BORING and stupid!

That is such bad thinking and design. I also just let someone die in a fire because someone else I needed to talk to was on the path to the stables! Extremely bad design yet again!

Free to make your own choices and forge your own path? Don't make me laugh!

Also I went to get some tools for a blacksmith but ended up getting side-tracked somehow, not sure how that happened.

After repeating the section of following the Baron ten times or more I got bored and exited the game.

I will have to go back to an earlier save and do things differently, like get some food first which is always for stupid amounts of money!

I did notch up the difficulty by one when I originally the game. So one up from the default difficulty and on this occasion I am really regretting that!

Sure everything has been tough but that is OK but when you get forced into these ... sections without warning and cannot go and get anything, despite the fact there are a load of boxes and sacks around with a dozen things not one in the least bit helpful in the section, like bloody food, it is a pain in the arse.

Bad design.

I am going to start stating in capital letters, to get it through their thick heads, 'DOES NOT HAPPEN IN A BETHESDA GAME!!'

Well except that it might? Lol! Only played last two Fallouts and last two Elder Scrolls. Maybe The Evil Within has bad sections.

Weird it is how some software houses just do not see that these are bad. Do they not even play Fallout and Elder Scrolls?!

Funny thing is I think they must be the only titles they have NOT checked because there are elements of other games in this thing. Like the leaves appearing on the mini-map and I always think of FarCry 3. The field of dead soldiers, and all those weapons and two or three trips that got me jack-shite in the way of cash, must be the bit that some reviewers said was like the loot cave from Destiny?

Would not know as I have not played Destiny. Just what some reviewer remarked on.

The difference it makes when you get the design wrong? Well here it is ...

Last night play for so long that it ends up 2am in the morning, not hard for me with very good games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Tonight could have been the same but right now at 8.56pm I have gotten sick of the repetitiveness in this section and exited the game and wondering what else I can do?

Well other than add this edit to this post that is?

Puts hands together and prays "Please Bethesda, please! Announce both at E3!! Lol! Me being funny as they will only announce what they have been working on...err the longest anyway, lol.


I kind of like to think that they, Bethesda, have worked and grown the teams a bit to get both of those titles into an advanced stage. Not running at the same stages, one a little behind the other. A new advance game engine probably took up some time, deciding or creating, and then I imagine they would get to work on both titles not too far apart from each other.

Well after all we did see two Fallout titles not far apart. A damn site closer in their release dates to each other than the time that has passed since New Vegas. Or even Skyrim.

Weeeell you have to find the possibilities to keep your dream alive!

Oh my God, could you imagine of they ruined both titles? Lol! From the last three titles I played though it is impossible to see that happen.

For me with 20% to 50% bigger maps, more diversity with animals and a melee combat like that of Techland's from Dead Island Riptide, not sure if first Dead Island has this, and Dying Light and I would expect scores of 100%!!

What do you mean no game should get 100%?! The Witcher 3 got ninety bloody seven in one score!


Monday, 25 May 2015


I think one of the biggest injustices in gaming reviews history has just taken place with The Witcher 3?!

I have been playing it for another couple of hours and it is utterly, utterly terrible.

Besides all the other little annoying and bad things I have noticed I have come across some very bizarre things.

Forgetting about the clonky controls, like when your right on top of something it does not highlight but will then highlight a chest or body ten feet away, I went looking for some loot this morning.

The combat is dreadful and appalling compared to The Witcher 2!

But I found his loot that was under a bridge so when on the bridge I jumped off it to the right into the water. Only to find that the loot was on the far side of a metal grate that every single arch had. When I then thought it would be simple enough to just climb back up and jump down the other side I discovered it was not?! I looked around and found that the river on both sides had very steep parts to get up?! I thought 'great, now I am going to have to go running a long way to just get back to the bridge I just jumped off!'!

There was nowhere to jump up and return back to where I jumped off and that stupid design where it then gives you the map to fast travel somewhere with a uttering about his advanced age.

Err only there were no points nearby to fast travel too!

Oh and I have not only hit the edge of the map within 24 hours but I also have hit invisible barriers...on roads?! And BRIDGES?! Umm...could you not have used the missed placed bloody cliffs you have scattered about? (see below). Morons.

It gets better.

I find some loot is in this castle looking like ruin on a hill...umm except it is not a hill. Several times trying to figure out how to get up there I die in several ways, one I did not know I soon found out was from arrows fired at me from people I could not see no matter how much I tried. The other way was falling down these cliffs you often do not see until its too late, stupid placings of plants and trees...the edge of a cliff?!

Then when I managed to find a way to get up onto this unbelievably tall platform where the ruins are the top has half a dozen deserters who miraculously spot you despite barely getting to the top! DEAD!

Try this again, only more deserters manage to live up this thing you cannot get up as well as find enough to eat and ... DEAD!

Now get this...

The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and SEVENTH time, maybe more, that I attempt this I cannot get up the same way that I did the first two?!

It gets better...

Right behind the bit you climb up there is ... wait for it ... an fecking cliff! Only its too far away to be any real concern ... or so it appears! Wrong!

Those times I failed to jump up where I mysteriously managed to do it successfully without problem the first two times and the collision detection and the wonky controls have you sliding ten feet away from the wall and ... WHOOPS ... off the edge of the cliff and ... DEAD!

In my thirty plus years of computer gaming I have never, repeat NEVER, known so many reviewers to get it so bloody wrong!

Also what is with those side quests on the notice boards? Half of them you do not understand what they are on about and the others seems to want you joining the army, or finding someones fecking shovel?!

Food is fecking expensive but unique items only one of the remaining few Witchers can find ain't worth diddly-squat?! I looted for hours and bought food without looking at the prices and suddenly noticed I did not have much more money than I did when I started?!

Ninety two to ninety seven percent? Are you taking the fecking piss?!

When Dragon Age Inquisition was given 85% I thought was a fair score, maybe a little low even and this for me is not even close!

Add in the ripped off graphics and you have one hell of a bloody mess here.

Also they state there is a major update to many of these things but ... err well I do not know how it installs...through GOG Galaxy! Added to this there is no way of looking for updates and even this gets better still ...

My GOG Galaxy says I am on version 1.03 but in the game it states version 1.02?! I do not know what the version is of the update they were talking about on-line!

I cannot help but wonder if a lot of reviewers are sitting their looking at their shiny new 8 thread CPU and dual Radeon R9-390 rigs or smiling about them soon turning up...for FREE?!

I even saw an honest reviewer on YouTube do a little rant at the state of reviews lately and something Intel might be doing with releasing two CPUs at the same time, Broadwell and Skylake, or whatever they are I get confused these days. He really repeated several times at how disgusted he was at some of the things he had seen of late. Even said that tech reviewers were feeling like they had been kicked in the teeth, by Intel but hardly surprising. Which is why I rip out fanboys as often as I do as they are complete idiots. Akin to Darth Vaders Stormtroopers. Cannon fodder and locust like.

I bought this to have a bit of enjoyment while killing a few days until I have to go and ... umm work on something...big.

That was a waste of £40!

Obviously game designers that are OK on a small scale as far as maps are concerned are obviously out of the depth with more open world type maps?

EDIT: I just walked away from the computer, put the kettle on before considering texting someone to meet up when I thought about all those people that have had crashing issues and other stuttering issues, on the cards the game claims to be best on by the way.

My word, I feel bloody sorry for all those people with those two extra issues!

But then I would say take solace in this, because maybe, just maybe, the update to fix it might fixx the collision detection, invisible barrier problems and the other things that ruin the game?

Fingers crossed!

Probably when I then have no time to play it I would wager?!


Sunday, 24 May 2015


Yesterday a series of bizarre things occurred that was topped off by the fact that Google and their ridiculous Blogger and crap app and operating system left me furious for losing several thousands of words of a post I typed out.

So now I am having to do it all over again.

Now I announced that I bought a game yesterday that, in my YouTube account at least, I said I had swore previously I would not buy. I was initially interested until playing the previous game to catch up to the story led to several sections grinding to a very frustrating halt. Added to that it was confusing in places and I am sure there was a glitch because it would not let me move forward in the story until I had done something I was sure I had already done and the game would not let me do?!

Eventually and after a week of going back in and trying to do the thing it would not let me do it eventually did it.

There was also a serious issue with running the game early on and inn fact if I installed beyond a certain patch number it refused to run at all.

Buggy, glitchy and absolutely the worst boss battles, which I do not like a great deal anyway, I have ever seen and I thought Deus Ex Human revolution was bad!

A few days before the game I bought was released I started noticing all the reviewers crowing on about how fantastic the game looked. Enough to raise an eyebrow.

Then literally a day or two before its release an unusual situation where suddenly there were a lot of reviews, which i thought a bit odd as the game had not released yet?! The scores were absolutely incredible and I simply had to take notice. Because across the board this game was getting between 92 and 97 percent and even a 10 out of 10 was spotted.

Thereby suggesting that it simply had to be better than both of Bethesda's top titles, Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

I had another extension to a few tasks I have to do have another weeks wait added to them. This was initially why I bought Dying Light in the first place. But this had become boring. Oh it was fun and I was surprised when the novelty wore off, though to be fair it did take a while, I am probably not far from the end of the game and ... annoyingly just as I started to get my favourite Katana sword.

So I decided to get this other game to fill in the 7 or 8 days in the periods, or days, when there was little or nothing to do and/or the weather was crap.

Only when I installed the game it did something rather strange and I thought I had stepped back in time by fifteen years. Still it installed without fuss, just a little odd.

I ran the game OK but while I was playing I kept thinking to myself 'No, this isn't right...I must have done something wrong in the settings?' which was to do with the graphics but I had put everything on 'Ultra'?!

I played for around three hours and that thought flashed through my mind a few dozen times and then some. But I did not bother looking back into it and decided I would look today.

The graphics were nothing like incredible and not even close and there were several other titles, some that were now considered old that were better! You do not call a games graphics incredible unless they are now the best graphics available in a computer game on a given platform. The END!

So they lied. Hmm?

I also started to think that a few other things that were mentioned about the game were a little off too, like the map size for one but hard to be sure right now. But I do have a map...and a physical one and it does not look that big. Also, and like its previous game, it does not tally up to the map in game. Bethesda have never had that problem but these guys have had it at least twice now.

Last night I was sitting on my bed when one of my apps sent me a notification about an article that had been published in PC Gamer magazine. It was their latest 'Face Off' article which I have always thought a little weird to be honest. I have often wondered if the article was genuine, or both sides were, or they just put an argument in to 'create' both sides of any given argument. When I saw the article's headline I raised an eyebrow!

It was whether or not it is right to show of a vastly advanced in graphics early demo of a game early on that looks nothing like it does when it is released! Ooh dear, I had to go and have a quick look as this was weird based on what I had been asking myself while playing this new title.

Now this was the closest to launch day that I have ever bought a title and these days and in all honesty I tend to like reading customer reviews instead of magazine reviews. Because they are more accurate and this has always been worrying. Now you can take it from me that I am somewhat of a authority on this as I have been into PC's and gaming a long time. Once upon a time I would end up with four or more copies of different PC gaming magazine titles in my house for the same month because of a game I was hugely interested in. I had PC Gamer's first issue, and may still have somewhere and used to but titles like PC Zone among others. Now there is only two magazines left and one is not specifically a gaming magazine anyway, which is PC Format.

When I saw the topic of this 'Face Off' I was like ... WTF?! A debate? How can their be a debate on something like this? What kind of idiot would actually put an argument in favour of gamers being duped and wound up quite deliberately by these greedy companies?! What sort of moron ... ahem, well you get the idea?

First off this is simply wrong because you have to create said false impression ion the first place and this costs money, so have at least some knowledge of business when you make statements like this.

Secondly these over the top previews are long before the games come out and your going to try and tell me that the coders had no idea what hardware was going to be out when the game was released? God almighty, even the gamers mostly know what is coming out and when and we always know things get delayed ... and delayed and delayed.

Thirdly, and despite the best intentions of the reviewers of magazines and sites...oh wait, did I say 'best', graphics cards have not moved on in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. come to think of it neither have CPUs and APUs either, despite what moronic fanboys who like working for free like to state constantly. So I am pretty sure the game coders have known for a few years that there is going to be a bit of a stagnation going on a couple of years?

So what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?!

Oh wait? I almost forgot! It gets better still!

As I am reading the article...I could not believe it when I saw the very same game mentioned several times that I had only just bought of which I was asking myself those exact same questions about and not even had time to go back into the options today and look into because I thought something was wrong!!

The Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt!

Err so what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?

Now I am not sure if anyone is aware of this but I have a blog and a subject that takes up a lot of my time.

On this blog what I do is I gather evidence and post it up. I often make long term predictions about this stuff and then spend months acquiring what I need to prove what I had earlier predicted.

This has had a 100% success rate thus far and in the next couple of weeks is going to go nuts and there is the likely possibility that the tabloids or TV News media may ba all over it like a rash? Jeez, I am not looking forward to that, let me tell you.

The subject?

Corruption in the UK among all of the public services I have dealt with and that is most including the NHS, four local councils, the DWP, Atos, two Police Forces, HMRC, secret services, debt collectors, bailiffs and all their associated ombudsmen along with half a dozen retail chains like Argos and PC World, among others. The Criminal Prosecutions Service and Cafcass are also under scrutiny right now. Now before you start thinking what most do...go back two paragraphs and read again...SLOWLY until it has sunk in!

Or in other words over 100GB of secretly recorded audio, some video even, letters, documents, emails, screen-shots and all other manner of evidence has been acquired and some go back 20 years. This will all become not only crystal clear but also become immediately obvious what is going in in a mere few weeks time.

My point here being that no matter where I have looked not only have things been corrupt but they have turned out far worse than even I imagine.

Everywhere, everyone gets screwed because for a very long time this was encouraged at first and then told that this was merely the way things are, sometimes with stupid lines like 'Oh well that's business!'

If your in the UK...well look where we are now? Even of late how many times and for how long now have we been told on TV and in the tabloids that things are getting better? From the moment they did that four years ago I cried 'foul!' I have now done this for the last four years.

One person looks correct while everyone else in the media look wrong!

You just have to love the Internet sometimes! At least I it it to good use, lol.

But like everything else I see and have dealt with those people that are supposed to be asking the awkward questions, are supposed to be their for 'us' the consumers or are tasked with being the watchdogs that dish out punishments for abusing the customer base...well, do nothing. Yet get paid for it?! Either via the public's taxes or straight from our own pockets!

Now I would have liked at any point in the past twenty years for a single body to come along and ask the right questions or make changes to bad things going on but out of personal gain and selfish attitudes no one has done this.

Around a decade back I decided that I would have to be the one to do it despite the fact it would cost me dearly, I wont get paid and people...well they just do not listen.

So I scraped together what I could and started mounting up data. In August 2012 I started up y corruption blog and started to publish everything I had and for the two years and ten months would continue recording, gathering and publishing.

What those I have attacked full on and front on did not know was this ... I had a court case going on somewhere that I had initially set up. This three year case is quite revealing, shocking and has a bar on it currently so no one can publish anything about it. It involves four of the above already names people. It has been won and has leapt from family courts, to crown courts to now a High Court with an involvement from the Supreme Court.

The legal team stated in the beginning that they were shocked how big it was.

Right now the legal team and the family court judge now say that it is far, far bigger then even the huge case they thought it was from the start and had seen nor heard nothing like it.

Oh and it is in its final week, two at the most.

Oh dear, does it all sound so far fetched now?! Lol!

Well think about it. It is just a worse case scenario similar in some ways the the bloody rip offs and lies we are being fed, even us gamers.

But getting back the that ever lasting point?

Well it just so happens that wherever I look it is rotten, corrupt and/or evil.

Now you know why I have attacked certain...publications from time to time and cried foul play?

Now you know why I did this with confidence.

Because I have yet to be proved wrong.

Oh yeah and I have attacked, fought and beaten some of the big organisations going and it is four out of four so far, in case you were wondering, and that does not include the four that have just lost this court case! Or the fact that my four dominoes have now been joined by a bloody great big one that is going to take out a whole list of other names when it clatters to the ground.

Oh dear.

Do you think it would be nice if one day all this crap stopped?

Well hold on there tiger, what do you think I have been doing the last decade?

You may have heard this but Rome was not built in a day? These organisations are big and famously take an inordinate amount of time to do anything, that includes fall into traps I set for them. But then I took and used this inordinate amount of time they take and found a way to turn this around so that this very attitude worked against them.

This year and next year, 2016, will see the first fruits of these labours. Hopefully in 2016 the bullshit surrounding games will stop and someone will have to grow some gonads and put a stop to these evil and greedy publishers who have nothing to do with the creation of a game. Well mostly...well not enough to give them the right to do what they do to us.

What games wont be created without them? Oh, come on now?


I call it all 'The Do Nothing But Get Paid Brigade'.

Saturday, 23 May 2015


I am not supposed to be ... well here.

Several weeks back something I have worked upon and waited upon for twenty years was coming to an end. Only it was only coming to one end. It was also not playing out how I thought it would.

So plans were delayed a couple of weeks.

This is how I ended up buying Dying Light.

I hated the fact I could not get a physical copy of Dying Light and I hate that.

Anyhoo I thoroughly enjoyed this game, even its precarious, head spinning and frustrating moments but after a couple of weeks playing it actually started to get boring. Oddly enough I had only had my favourite weapon of choice a few  days to a week when I started to get bored.

It was samey and become monotonous. Because you were always retreading the same old ground and the maps were confusing enough that you could not get any decent free-running runs down without making a mistake or turning the wrong way.

Also, despite their claim to this being 'the one' they had always wanted there was something else missing too which others have long since done...there were no animals.

If your going to claim to create a realistic environment then you should actually do this correctly before claiming daft things like that. Even with a zombie plague going on you would see domestic animals in a city or town milling around along with whatever wild mammals, birds and other things besides. I remember seeing fish while swimming, well at least they included that, and thinking 'oh god! There are animals in this game!'

Anyhoo it became boring but was damn fun for a time.

I went back to Dragon Age Inquisition for odd plays but this had also become boring too and I was only playing an hour or so every other day or three.

In the last few days I was looking at reviews for a game that was just about to be released. They surprised me no end. The game was getting scores of a minimum of 90% and mostly higher?! Even more surprising was that a few claimed this game was the best game ever made or best Role-Playing Game, RPG, ever made?!

Yet I swore I would not by this purely because of the previous two games!

I am speaking, of course, of The Witcher series by CD Projekt Red.

Would have gone down as classic games in their own right were it not for the immensely annoying moments when the games ground to a halt and refused to budge or move forward. At all! For weeks and even months at a time. This was how it was for me.

Also with games there is the sense of exploration and wonder. No one has ever done this as well as Skyrim. Unless your an idiotic bufoon.

Travelling to new areas resulted in new things to discover, new creatures to find and fight against and in these areas and as well as the storyline and scenery there was the LOOT!

In both Elder Scrolls and Fallout, well the last three titles in those series, got all these things bang on the money. Above all else that was captivating and interesting in its own right there was the excitement of finding a new favourite sword or bow. Though sword fighting in Skyrim was not great and I always used a longbow, I just have a thing for longbows and do not get me started! Lol!

I saw Dragon Age Inquisitions use of loot as both pointless and utterly boring.


Hmm that was something not mentioned in any of the reviews!

My bloody word, reviewers today! Where in the hell do they find these people?!

The game just stopped installing, I noticed by no drive sounds, and it was asking for a long winded in name file that was number '3' when I only had in disk '1'?! Suddenly thought it had played up and something had gone horribly wrong but I placed disk '2' in my BD drive and there it was ... file '3'!

Now why on Earth did it not just ask for disk '2'?

It almost seemed like I was installing a cracked game. Not that I would know about such things! Well not since my skint Amiga days anyway, lol.

Anyhoo ... yes the loot in Dragon Age's latest is truly terrible and boring beyond your imagination. You find the same old crap stuff that is no where near the stuff you have time after time. Your constantly crouching to pick up tons of stuff you use up at the rate of knots that shows nothing in the way of altering the game. There is an inordinate amount of time between levelling which is fine by me but you simply have to make it more interesting during this time!

Yet The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt only has two weapons and yet it is scoring so high across the board its truly staggeringly shocking!

I was expecting a score lower than Dragon Age and even that score was lower then I thought it would be, well in PC Gamer's review anyway. Cannot remember but it was around 82 to 85% when I had wagered it would be around 92 to 95. Before I played enough of it that is!

I thought that the third Witcher game would score around 78 to 85% and yet it has turned out higher than Dragon Age Inquisition and with one score a staggering 97 or 97.5 I saw somewhere?


I had swore I would not buy this game! Now something I was ignoring had my damned attention once again!

Then I saw that not only did you get a physical package but this was a bloody box with a manual, map, stickers and other stuff?!

Err ... guess what is installing?! LMAO!

So guess what most of the videos I post on my ever growing YouTube account are going to be on?!

I needed a time filler before my ... main event to do with corruption hits the fans and the headlines and I am busy and off doing other things! No Star Citizen yet so The Witcher III the Wild Hunt will simply have to do for the next 8 or 9 days! Lol.

Guess what this post is intended to do? Umm ... well ... time filler until The Witcher 3 has installed and patched itself up which according to the time left to install has now gone from 90 minutes to ... err ... 12 minutes?! Umm it said that 5 minutes ago! Oh dear!

Oh 11 minutes, lol, ... umm ... {twiddling fingers and finger drumming while thinking of something witty to type} 'My mother in law ...'. No I cannot do mother in law jokes as I never had one! Oh wait? That was a .mother in law joke' about not actually having one!

Hmm ten minutes?

Well time to post this up and then go and put the kettle on.

Friday, 15 May 2015


I simply had to do a post about the upcoming E3 in this year of 2015.

This is partly because there has been a great deal of talk and a mountain of rumours the likes of which I have never seen before.

There is so much talk about hardware that this alone is exciting what with virtual reality so close to being finalised as well as Microsoft and this Holo Lens gadget they have been working on that looks cool. Finally something similar to that seen in Iron Man films and The Minority Report.

Then there are the games rumours!

I have had trouble keeping track of everything and I seem to be finding out about something new every few days to a week.

I have stated before that I am excited over Star Citizen and that I have been around long enough in gaming, almost worked for Pivotal Games at one point, that I played the Wing Commander games and Freelancer.

I could honestly say that seeing Chris Roberts video about what he had been up to actually provoked me into building a new rig for the first time in quite awhile!

Frustrating that it is so far away from release.

I was also excited about Elite Dangerous but then started worrying about their announcement of no single player campaign and reviews by players static its galaxy wide and three inches deep, or something to that effect. Wanting to buy it to fill time until I go away over a humongous court case which will shock the nation I ended up buying Dying Light instead. Recommended by a brother who was always into consoles but made the jump to a PC.

As well as those two space sims there is also No Man's Sky which looks interesting but not too sure about. Now I find out about one more!

Starfighter Inc.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page for StarFighter Inc. ...

It is another Kickstarter project but this one has huge kudos behind it because its largely made up of the team that worked on the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series. A couple of guys also that worked on Crysis, Homefront, FarCry and a few others.

About bloody time some space sims got made and as well as them being missing there has been no flight sims for years either, the latter being what made me get into computers in the first place because I was obsessed with fighter aircraft, wanted to be one when I was a kid and had a famous great grandfather who was a test pilot. He worked for Avro and the RAF and was testing an aircraft called the Avro Manchester which they tried several engines with but it crashed and he died. They added two more engines after this fatality and the Avro Lancaster was born.

But I like a great deal of games and was obsessed with 3D also and owned one of the early Voodoo cards. I went through two if I remember correctly.

There are many games I love and fond of, despite some driving me nuts at times and I wondered what the designers where thinking of ... or smoking in some areas.

Some seem to be almost perfect but missing vital things. Like when I played Dead Island Riptide, and now Dying Light. I will now always remember Kick Zombie ... sorry I mean Riptide because I did not understand the game, frustrated the hell out of me and I left it alone for months. Then one day I went back to it and realised it was not just a game where you pick up a slightly better gun every now and then and you had to make cash and build weapons. Weapons that were mostly hand to hand close range stuff in a melee fashion. This to me was kinda knew and once I realised how it worked the game was transformed into something bloody fun.

The not so large map, well I did play Elder Scrolls Skyrim before this, looked pretty good and it made me wonder about how the next generation version would look. However it did feel like it was missing something to make it feel like a living breathing place to roam around. Something you get in Skyrim and Fallout ... animals. Wildlife. Ooh I just remembered I did see fish in Dying Light, lol.

As well as being surprised and falling in love with Bethesda and their two biggest properties in Elder Scrolls and Fallout I also loved Deus Ex Human Revolution but another one I was confused how to play to begin with. I did also like The Witcher but this was the most frustrating of all the games with some pretty horrible boss fights along with regularly being confused about what to do next and where to go. Some things being seeming impossible to find.

I also liked Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and noted there was nothing really about. I was interested in Project Cars but wanted something more open world. I also liked Dishonoured but in all honesty and even though I bought the game of the year edition with all DLC I thought it was way, way too short and with very small maps.

After the free running of Dying Light I am not interested in the Mirror's Edge series, lol.

Here is a list of things I have heard are coming at E3 or otherwise ...

Fallout 4 (I am betting game play)
Elder Scrolls 6 (I am betting cinematic rumour behind closed doors)
Deus Ex Mankind Divided (oh man am I excited over this)
Homefront: The Revolution (looks and sounds cool)
Star Citizen (looks and sounds the coolest)
Starfighter Inc. (could be surprise hit and BE the coolest?)
Dishonoured 2 (large open world map and plenty side quests and could be great)
Mirror's Edge 2 (sounds cool)
Mass Effect 4 (whats this? Oh just my heart stopping!)
New Need For Speed (Good one would be super cool especially if open world maps)
Cyberpunk 2077 (sounds cool but Witcher drove me nuts)
New Splinter Cell (as above lol, have blacklist and its BAD in places but super cool the rest of the time!)

I have included the unlikely title of Elder Scrolls 6 because it might not be that unlikely. I would have imagined that after the success of the last two Fallouts and the Elder Scrolls that Bethesda may have been able to expand their capabilities. There team, so to speak. Or pulled in other software houses that they may have previously worked with?

Like music label companies the publishing houses would be dead keen to get up to date versions of both of the two biggest and most popular properties out of the door and onto the shelves. You can bet your sweet arse that they would have been pushing for this and to achieve that you would need a bigger team or working with another software house.

I am sure you wont see anything more than some screen shots or some artwork or title, if that. But it may not be so long after Fallout 4 that you see the next Elder Scrolls released. Just my guess.

You just need to look at BioWare. Dragon Age Inquisition is still a new game but we know that Mass Effect 4 is coming and will likely see at at the E3 event. I would imagine that Bethesda is a bigger team now than BioWare and with them doing the old one-two with their two properties it simply is not implausible that Bethesda will do the same.

They also have that little event they announced that takes place a couple of days before E3 itself starts and this intrigues me no end. Yes an announcement of a Fallout 4 would be pretty big news but this in itself warranting a standalone event? No. Also makes it more unlikely when you hear about the fact that they have invited a bunch of people to see some stuff behind closed doors.

Fallout 4, they say it is that they are showing and not in game footage. Hmm ... yes quite bizarre. No I wonder if the surprise might turn out to be that the showing behind closed doors of not in game footage may well be something else. I think Fallout 4 will take centre stage and not shown behind closed doors. It is its own standalone event after all.

So a cinematic piece for what then, I wonder? Maybe that little thing behind closed doors might just be an Elder Scrolls 6 peak? I think its possible, as apparently it has happened before I read somewhere, that Fallout 4 is more or less done and the release will be sooner than expected and at the same time announce that Elder Scrolls is well on its way too and not far behind?

Bah! Maybe its just wishful thinking? Lol.

I do like to try to deduce little puzzles and am normally quite good at it. However much of that energy has gone into dozens and dozens of other areas all of which I allowed no margin for error. This will become extremely clear on my corruption blog and oddly enough within the next couple of weeks!

It is also about time we saw a load of stuff in the next generation of graphics and are long overdue it in my opinion. So it seems both likely and quite exciting that a Tsunami of announcements is upon us.

My head is spinning looking at that list alone and all I keep thinking is that most of that is likely to appear and a few things that were unexpected too?

In just three weeks we will find out and oddly I have my own exciting things going on that may lead me to head out of town for ... well an unknown length of time that could be ... well long.

I will still post about things and still be keeping an eye on events at E3.

However if I hear of a new decent flight simulator or two based on F22's, F35's or EFA along with maybe Apaches or Comanches I may not be able to post due to heart failure?!

Monday, 11 May 2015


I like to think that my playing style and method of dispatching zombies is fun to watch for many.

But failing that it never hurts to show a few completed quests going on, when I am not distracted at just standing in the middle of a town square in old town and taking on all approaching zombies.

If you missed how much fun it is to me try looking at the numbers in my inventory at moments when I am in them in the game and my amount of cash.

It takes me forever to do a quest at times, going over until the following day often, because it is just so much fun, lol!

So here are where you would find the Mayor's Key in The Bunker quest along with The Fan Zone, which was rather a nice touch I think and The Radio Transmission Quest.

Cannot remember the proper name of that Radio Transmission quest but its the big one where you have to ... err ... get a message out to the outside world. Not just across Harran.

I hope you have a head for heights!

Oh yeah ... and now I have my favourite Katana! Lol!

Thursday, 7 May 2015


I have to go out shortly ... to vote in my first ever General Election, in the UK if your from another county, lol.

I have a little time to kill and I was thinking about my playing Dying Light and that it is the only one I run on my PC presently. Now as we are into May, 2015, this started me thinking what it might be that I play next? I then started thinking about the next generation of GPUs, from AMD, in the form of the Radeon R9-390 and the CPUs that now must be within a year from release? As the Carrizo seems to be only mobile this means that the next step on the horizon is the often quoted Zen chip.

This has excited me, I have to admit, because all the signs are that this is going to be good and as the bulldozer design was good in some ways but only not so much in others this will be huge step forward.

My system runs on Kaveri, the AMD A10-7850K and I do not buy into much of the stuff fanboys seem to spout. Because that which they are using their PCs for wont see a difference to the naked eye.

In fact I can now tell you of an example I have only just remembered!

A game playing brother visited me a couple of days back and he also plays Dying Light only he has had issues with his one and had to limit the game to ... wait for it ... 30 frames per second to stop it juddering about something awful.

Now I was suprised to hear this for reasons I will go into in the next paragraph and let me tell you it will be a surprise, but I told him I had no issues at all and I was running everything on maximum. We were both surprised. Why?

The game is supposed to run better on nVidia graphics and you get the logo at the start. But his uses an AMD FX-8350 now, as he picked one up for £80. He also now has the nVidia 970 Maxwell card, the Strix model I believe.

Err unless you failed to pick up on it I have an AMD A10-7850K which has half the cores his does and a lower frequency. Oh my card? That would be an older than Maxwell Radeon R9-280. No 'X', just a 280.

He saw my game running and was shocked to see it running so well with half the CPU cores and a slower GPU!!

I built my system to play games on and I knew it would do that. But I knew also that in a couple of years there would be some new shiny kit I would want. There was nothing out that made me want to buy it, when I built mine, other than so very over priced kit from Intel. Eight cores and those expensive motherboards would have been the only other way to go. But the price! To see n o difference unless some software was running some numbers in front of my face. Something I grew out of and grew tired of some years ago now. The only time I want to see these numbers is when a new CPU or GPU is released. Then I want to see them only to compare them with the older versions and the rivals versions. That still interests me a great deal but unlike many I do not then hold onto the fact that one set of numbers is lower than mine, in case of a rival chip, and hard on about it.

So yes Intel is faster presently but you wont see it and it means that AMD have to focus on getting things better. Meaning that during 2016 there will be new and fast Zen processors that will then force Intel to bring out better gear. Something Intel fan-idiots would not otherwise get until probably 2019.

So yeah it is a bit of an exciting time but a bit of patience is needed.

We are now getting into a period whereby a new Fallout game is due which will mean that an Elder Scrolls game will follow before very long. The fact this has been under wraps for so long tells me that the games are likely coded for the next chips like the nVidia 980 Maxwell and the Radeon R9-390's.

By the time we have digested these announcements and any new titles not seen on the horizon then Zen will be staring us in the face.

The one thing I have found is that despite the new generation consoles and all the software houses harping on about coding for all platforms being easier ... well there has not been a great deal of stuff coming out. The graphics departments only seemed to be incremental too. As opposed to revolutionary that is.

Now I have a sneaky suspicion that Fallout 4, or whatever it will be called, will change this to a greater degree. All we need is something that changes things to a greater degree and then we now that everything that follows will be the same ... err to a degree, lol.

A new Deus Ex in Mankind Divided was pleasing to me in a big way. In a few weeks Fallout 4 could stand beside Deus Ex Mankind Divided in a dreamy vision of the not too distant future. Over the next 6 months I dare say there will be more.

There is still the Dead Island 2 game to come out that I am particularly interested in reading the reviews of, due to the love of the combat of Dead Island and Dying Light and curiosity ... well because of Dead Island and Dying Light, lmao!

Oh yeah and then there is Star Citizen!

Oh and I am waiting to see what Project Cars will be like along with the next Need For Speed title, I need a good car game since Hot Pursuit ... err 2? Lol.

Oh a good combat flight simulator would be nice too, based on an EFA, F22 or F35 or preferably all three!

Yes my games catalogue needs more diversity! It is great having two of three FPS games and RPG games but something very different to go with them like driving of flight simulation would be cool. I cannot think of anything to buy in all honesty.

Hopefully and soon I will be utterly spoiled for choice?!

Here's hoping!



OK I admit it was immediately infuriating when I was knocked out and left without my weapons but at least the section was not as bad as some I can remember. Now rather oddly I was automatically thinking Dead Island Riptide but when I gave it some thought I was only coming up with sections of FarCry 3.

This made me think of how many elements of Dying Light were copies of other games, like the antenna towers in FarCry 3 and 4. Yeeah I would not do that if I were you Techland ... because you may end up copying something that was ultimately shite and make it more shite.

Now here is a little tip to designers out there ... I have not been able to recall anything that was bloody annoying about either Skyrim or Fallout 3 and New Vegas. There is a reason, or indeed reasons, why these are always top of the majority of people's wanted lists when it comes to follow up games.

Though if you could implement the sword fighting from Dying Light and Dead Island into Elder Scrolls and Fallout then I think I would have died and gone to heaven, lol.

I had one of my two computer game playing brothers visit me the other day and he has played Dying Light, he has about a fortnight ahead of me. He asked if I had gotten to the second map yet and I said that I hadn't but that I had been wondering how you get to it and that I could not be far away from ending up there. I told him I like doing as many side quests as I can to increase the longevity of the game, especially when it is fun. Also you tend to find more interesting loot, except when it is Dragon Age Inquisition where, if I am honest, the loot side of things is abysmal. I lost count of how many hours I played to find a better sword than the one I had and never came close. In fact even when I go back to it I still have the same sword. If not for this then the slightly boring elements of the latest Dragon Age game would be non-existent.

Bloody good job the story is interesting then in Dragon Age!

Anyhoo. A couple of hours into Dying Light after my brother left and I found myself heading for Sector Zero ... after getting past some more bloody annoying bits especially one in the tunnels where I had to make a leap from one platform to another that seemed to have to be perfect down to the millimetre! Cue me landing in the water a couple of dozen times on one video on YouTube.

Finally getting to Sector Zero I died a ... lot! But then and shortly after annoying bit of bad design, where your encouraged to use the free running everywhere and run around a corner into an exploding zombie and die, not skills required, I then realised that the buildings in this pretty part of town can be scaled a damn site easier than in the slums!

I also failed to realise, or remember, I had the grappling hook too. The first time I used it was quite accidental and ... well I died, landing in a sea of zombies, lol. Now that I have used it a few times I am not sure I like it. In fact I am sure that if I used it a lot and it became second nature I am sure that I could drop my death rate to zero. Thereby feeling like it is a cheat of sorts. It is less a grappling hook and more a super fast pocket winch.

Anyway I managed to record some of my early days in sector zero, or the second map and thought that some gamers might like to see what goes on when I play, especially ones that find some parts a bit difficult.

Here are a couple of videos ..

Tuesday, 5 May 2015



I have a couple of videos up on YouTube of me playing Dying Light.

In one there is me getting to that part of the bridge that is broken away at two ends whereby you have to zipline over to it.

There are a few parts of Dying Light where you end up in a very high up and in a precarious situation on a ledge that is enough to literally make your head spin if you have a fear of heights, like me. Lol.

This is the quest where the two Russian, I think they are, twins ask you to get a sonar device of a military grade. The area also has a fair bit of loot to be found in the way of medkits, gauzes and a few Police vehicles too.

When I realised what I had to do to get over to this section of road I could not quite believe it and thought...'oh shit!'

Now in the other video I actually end up doing a number of things. Let me see now I had top collect some Lavender. I then ended up finally collecting Bolter Tissue as a strange opportunity presented itself to me, of course I was caught out after dark.

I leapt from a balcony I was hiding from and unfortunately got spotted by a volatile. There were a lot inn the vicinity, go figure, and I ignored being spotted and hoped to make it back to the balcony without being seen where I went. Unfortunately that did not occur but when the volatile followed me I managed to kill it, my first one too. Unfortunately a couple more heard the commotion and jumped onto the balcony and after searching the first volatiles body I then dispatched two more of them but two more arrived before I finished!

I lost count of how many I killed, three or four I think, and I then was killed and only managed to search one of the bodies and did not see what I collected from it due to the commotion.

In what seemed like no time at all the game also went into a higher gear than normal as I was carried along by a series of events. Cannot recall the exact order but I handed over tissue samples, was given a risky assignment to do, then had to go after someone from the Tower who, along with a small team, had decided to go blow some shit up and it went to shit instead. I then searched the bodies before moving on to somewhere else in search of the last one. Then I was suddenly given some bombs that were already on timers, because that is what you do when your stuck in a train carriage surrounded by not only set the timers on the huge explosives but you set them for 5 minutes.

Yeah, stupidity in the writing does seem to crop up from time to time.

While doing that the survivor I found took 'a turn' for the worst.

Then I had to go back and break the news as well as apologize for sort of causing it all and while tempers and sadness abounds more shit kicks off.

Funny how several things all happened with me being out at night when I was trying to avoid two quests that involve...well me being out at night, lol.

I do so much like this game and yes it still has its little issues but then what doesn't? I could do without the scaling heights crap ... well that is not strictly true but they do go a bit over the top about making it precarious. When your at the top of the bridge support, for instance, the shenanigans and contortions you have to go to to reach the ziplines, in both directions, is just plain stupid. Yeah so your the owner of the bridge and your going to send men up to those dangerous heights and they are going to fit some framework to make it difficult to get about are they?! Suuure they are! Lol.


Friday, 1 May 2015


I have another long zombie bash at Dying Light last night.

While recording I get another incident where I race to a building where there is an air drop, encircle the building half a dozen times trying to figure out how I get up there only to have the magic elven thieves who can turn invisible come along and steal it without me noticing!

My god that is bloody annoying!

I don't know if this is a really terrible design fault or oversight or there are tunnels going from building to building with some or I am supposed to go two buildings over and get there via a zip line? I say 'two buildings over' because I even got to the roof of the next building only to see the wire went over the building I was on to the next one along?! Lol.

Even so it still does not explain the magic invisible elven people.

It is funny how I also never read about this issue in any of the dozens and dozens of reviews I read? Weird.

Now that I realise this I really, REALLY do not want to go after them and even bringing them in seems to show no difference to the game other than the extra points. I do not know if it is imperative to the game or not. Does it effect anyone surviving in the game?

Because its nothing more than a long and highly repetitive distractions that detract from the gameplay and it seems that every five minutes or so you hear a plane, check to see where it is, think about getting there, check your maps to see how far, too far and forget it. Then leg it over there only to see that annoying message that it has been stolen. Which you also keep getting when you either ignore the air drops or fail to notice there has been an air drop.

Luckily the parkour element wass not implemented as badly, though there are still ledges that look exactly the same as 500 other ledges you have scrambled up but cannot.