Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Well this is weird.

One of the other things I was surprised to read concerning The Witcher 3 was all the DLC's being free?!

Now I'll be honest... I have not been impressed with anyone's DLC and I do mean anyone's, including Bethesda.

Now I'll be honest here and say that I really liked 'The Divided' one of Fallout New Vegas' DLC's. But firstly I got all of them thrown in with the Game Of The Year Edition. I like the other one too, the beautiful red desert setting one, lol.

However what I did not like about them was their length. They seemed utterly tiny compared to the main game and map.

This is worse still if I think about the pricing at the time of release. Not good!

I would have rather waited longer and had one fair sized Mao and campaign. If the divide had been three times the size... oh my word!

Now I read something somewhere recently about this and that is the attitude is to release a title that's only half of the full game at full prices and then release the rest piecemeal for ever more money. Meaning that by the end you have paid £60 to £80 or even more for your game! I could not have agreed more with this view.

So you could say I was both shocked and impressed when CD Project Red said what they did.

Except now they are not stating this anymore and that some big DLC's they are working on, referring to map sizes, will be "well worth the money". I doubt I will ever reach the end of The Witcher 3 which is not only a game series where I have failed to compete a title but have failed to complete every title!!

That's saying something right there!

So they said all DLC's week be free, won't matter much to be but I did not this, showed great graphics that the actual game did not come close to and likely paid many people to write glowing reviews or have them the game to play with some free class 'A' drugs to consume while playing?

Starting to realise why the game sold so well pre-order and the first few days! Lol!

I've had this feeling that something not only needs to be done/changed but soon will. I have noticed a lot of bad feeling out there over several titles of late. One I particularly noted and which stopped me from buying a title I really wanted to is Elite Dangerous and it's 11th hour announcement talking like they only just realised!

People don't like being treated like idiots or down to like idiots... especially the ones that are not idiots!

Also today and there coders and publishers are bloody stupid not to notice this but everything is much more closely linked. If a group or groups thinks it's being clever with some misleading crap to con you out of money or get more money then many people will bit only spot the different tricks but a list worked upon by a collective will soon be published and go around like wildfire.

Oddly the so called gaming and computer experts that review games should also see this too but don't.

So many IT and gaming firms are naive regarding the very technology they are bleating or bullshitting about.

CD Projekt Red must be planning a couple dozen DLC's because their next title, Cyberpunk 2077, had been put on hold after that video. Ooh I know why! They want to leave a long enough amount of time so that we forget the video because the game will only look fractionally better than The Witcher 3 and the gameplay and combat will be worse!


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