Thursday, 28 May 2015


Bloody hell!

Right I decided to go off and do this QUEST I picked up to do with Master Armour, which I picked up by simply following the main quest.

Turns out you have to go bloody miles away onto in Island called Skellige or some such.

Turns out I have to use a boat...hmm could have warned me.

So I had to the beach and think I will scour the shoreline to find these boats...

Come across three groups bandits in damned quick succession and thought eff this, after being killed loads of times I will just run through the map...only there are bandit groups every few seconds?!

Ooh one left veer right, ooh one right veer left, ohh another left veer right. I then remember something else that is stupid about this game and it shows me it is even more stupid!! ...


Now I im in the middle of a forest sprinting at full pelt and at 90 degrees to Archers to either my right or left, so surrounded by trees! And yet I am being hit regularly! You would think you copuld get the use of a bloody Longbow in this game!

The archers are not only fecking good shots but have eyes a Golden Eagle would be proud of, at half a mile away, surrounded in trees or not they know EXACTLY who and where you are and start firing arrows at you...not very realistic!

It gets better as one time, and may be on one of the videos I uploaded, I am fighting a group with a couple of archers and I hide behind a massive tree trunk so that I can fight anyone coming around the tree but be protected by the trunk...

Except...the archers fire arrows directly at me, as if that is not bad enough then, the arrows go right through the tree trunk and hit me until I am dead!

I find the boat, go into a shack only to be followed in by something I failed to see, err Muncher?, DEAD. Apparently you need to do something to the sword which was fecked anyway and nowhere around to fix it.

I then get on a boat only to realise I am nowhere near the island I want and when I try to sail there keeps telling me Im old and cannot go that far?! Fecking weird as you have to go there its on your effing map!! Jesus bloody Christ, man!

It gets better still as I try to fast travel there and you cannot go there. So you cannot walk there, sail there nor fast ravel anywhere on the island?!

Oh and according to my local map I look like I am on a sea shore with a large delta, which is exactly what it looks like. Only the world map shows me being inland?!

frustration after frustration after frustration...seems like every five minutes!

You can see the amount of groups of pirates in the video and me flicking backwards and forwards trying to work out how to get to this island.

This is not open world and its confusing to the point when you think that travelling around is always going to be a pain in the backside.

Seems the same old monsters and only animals are Deer, Hares and Crabs. Well other than the Wolves and Wild Dogs that want to kill you.

Those reviewers that got excited over this and gave over 90% in scores might want to buy some defibrillators for one Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 arrive...just in case?!


Damn it, plans pushed back several weeks now by the Supreme Court! Simply cannot be driven up the wall by The Witcher 3!

Why can't Star Citizen be out yet?! WAHHH-WAHHH!! LOL!

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