Wednesday, 3 June 2015


I don't believe it!

I was not existing this!

I thought it was a joke and fake fan video but the first link on Google had a trailer for Fallout 4 and being top was odd. Added to this it stated 'Bethesda Softworks' at the bottom. So I clicked on it.

I just watched a very awesome trailer!

Oddly I had played The Witcher 3 for the first time in several days and managed to get through a boss, though I will warn fanboys now that yet another problem occurred, lol.

Anyway I managed to get through the boss and grab dinner great and get back to a village. Can't remember it's name, the one with the Baron. I saved the game and was lying on my bed with my crappy, big ridden and curiously stuttering Tegra 4 tablet PC and decided to see a search for any Fallout 4 buzz, what with E3 getting ever closer.

Not only does the trailer for Fallout 4 look fabulous they even look like they are not far from a launch date as they are showing the boxes for the platforms of PS4, XBOX ONE and PC!


Now bizarrely there was someone ranting at comments that the graphics were crap?! Were they bloody pisses?!

If any of these are those lunatic The Witcher 3 fanboys who seen to feel like they have to call you names when you do not agree it's the best game in the world, it isn't, and point out faults and complain shot them, found another big one today, I will rip them a new one.

The graphics in The Witcher 3 don't look realistic in any way shape or form, the end. It looks like a water colour painting. It's pretty and colourful but not as good as several other games.

For those that do not know I have a passion for nature from animals to plants and I have several blogs about them and always in forests, swamps, lakes, ponds, dunes and all manner of other things.

I don't feel I'm in a forest ... hmm suddenly I'm trying to think if I saw any trees that actually looked like trees? Lol, well you know, big trees?

Maybe it will change as I venture further in the map but it mostly looks very similar either with water at your feet or not, lol.

Now I'm wondering when Fallout 4 might appear?!

Typical that I have to go away and I'm betting it will appear on the shelves while I am away?

I think I will go and look at that trailer once more!

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