Thursday, 18 June 2015


Leaving Fallout and Elder Scrolls alone my next favourite IP simply had to be Deus Ex.

In fact it might be a surprise to read that despite me owning two each of the main two Bethesda titles I actually own two Deus Ex titles too. But the only one other than Human Revolution was some time ago and is Deus Ex Invisible War. I am sure I played the first installment too and whenever I see the cover to it I remember it.

Not sure what happened to that case and disk.

I loved Human Revolution despite its flaws. One of these flaws was, as others have stated, the boss battles. But these were only annoying due to the fact that you sometimes needed a particular ability to defeat the boss. If you had no praxxis available and did not have the ability required you simply would not get through it.

The other thing I hated about it was the small maps and the game being short. Not as short as done admittedly but when you get a title you really like playing you want it to last and last.

So I was excited to hear that a follow up to Hunan Revolution was on the way and called Mankind Divided. The demo looked good desire the fact it was not a gameplay demo. Another one popped up at E3 in the early days. No gameplay though.

Tonight I was playing Fallout New Vegas as I reinstalled it to me about with some mods and then realised there was a section I never completed. I was shocked I failed to spot this earlier!

While I was playing a Steam message popped up to state that Square Enix and Eidos had shown a gameplay demo. But I only caught it briefly and thought I had read wrong?

When I realised I had played Fallout to until midnight again I came out the game and looked at my tablet PC while lying on my bed.

Bloody hell! There was a gameplay demo and what a body demo it was?!

Below is a link to the demo I watched on YouTube that lastest around 25 minutes and I watched every second of it! Probably watch it again tomorrow on my main desktop machine.

The graphics and style looked amazing and it appears at first glance like the maps will be bigger. The previous maps looked and felt claustrophobic. It looked like a massive open world but it was not. This looked extremely cool. Uber-cool!

Oddly another tithe I like suffered the same and is also getting a sequel and for that we had back to Bethesda.


I cannot believe a thought that went through my head as I watched the demo of the next Deus Ex. 'This might actually have a chance at surpassing Fallout 4 as my favourite game?!'

Both Deus Ex and Dishonored I found to be very stylish and with good story lines.

If these two along with Fallout 4 turned out to be bigger than The Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt I still think I've died and gone to heaven!

I also can't help but wonder, though I don't it, if a new IP might pop up between now and 2016 to equal any of these four titles?

To add to such a fantastic set of titles would be fantastic. I might actually doubt this but then I remind myself that three of these four are Bethesda titles. Imagine if each publisher could produce three titles to rival Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Dishonored?

Square Enix now look like they might have one.

Dragon Age was a bit but and miss, good ... even brilliant in places but it just lacked something. Well I think it lacked one thing to make it truly great and equal to Fallout and Elder Scrolls. The loot and weapons.

Will Mass Effect Andromeda rival the Bethesda titles? Could be, we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime this demo of Deus Ex Mankind Divided looks super cool!

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