Monday, 11 January 2016


I spent a very long time tonight reading an argument that went on forever in the comment section of a YouTube video that points out that gaming developers and publishers have been lying to the public for several years.

In this instance it is UBI Soft, oh surprise surprise, but they are all now doing it.

This chap points out that a game called The Division now looks a lot worse than the videos we were shown a year or two beforehand.

Now before this happened with a title called Watchdogs and as it turns out has happened several times since then. I noted it with The Witcher 3 also.

Now this argument started because of a couple of console fanboys that sounded like children, though one tried to insist he was in his thirties or more, did not like what the guy was pointing out in his video. Except ... he was merely telling and showing the truth. A bit like what I do on my corruption blog.

A couple of PC gaming people tried to point out what they were saying to him and that these next gen consoles were not as powerful as they first made them out to be.

Now you may have to look back on here but I certainly thought the specifications published before release looked surprisingly underwhelming and now they are proving to be the case.

PC gamers are pissed because they have spent large amounts of money on vastly overpriced graphics cards that tech journalists and gaming journalists also surprisingly talk up. Added to this another subject I see mentioned a great deal, 60 frames per second and higher, also cropped up.

It went on for absolutely ages. At one point one person pointed out it had gone on for several weeks!

But one of the defenders of the consoles became completely stupid and was quite obviously not taking things on board and kept sinking down to name calling and insulting.

This got so bad and so obvious that another console gamer that realised the truth came on, pointed out he was a console gamer and that this other guy...sorry, kid making out he was a middle aged man should not e arguing, that it has been obvious for a time that the console gamers were lied to from day one and be quiet. Surprise, surprise he did not get reacted to because he could not throw words like 'PC gamer' in his face.

Then a bunch of people came on at the end and pointed out just how corrupt and greedy Sony and Microsoft were, surprise, surprise once again, at cheating people and misinforming them about their hardware and then getting developers to make videos of upcoming games that look better than they will in the end to get people to buy the consoles.

I had never even thought about it that way, but then I have never bought a console machine.

There was a point they had missed, though one lady came on to point out the financial crisis and said this was why the both, Sony/Microsoft, elected at a lower powered machine.

The point they missed is that outside of the extremely overpriced Intel, none of the other players had shrunk their chips down as was usually the case every couple of years. In fact it has been more than five years since this last happened.#

The two graphics chips makers of AMD, who Sony/Microsoft used, and nVidia were both stuck with the same size chips at 28 nanometres, where Intel had shrunk theirs to 16nm, I think it was, a few years ago and left prices artificially high because they could. Yet you get idiots defending Intel too?! Such naivety out there in the world, there really and truly is.

And that ios why they do it and that is why they get away with it. Because they have too many brainless morons without any thoughts that are their own that leap to their defence when someone says something they do not like. Or thinks for themselves.

I even had an argument with a family member over Xmas, though not computing related but music headphones, I have had three times before because they believe that everything that is stated in WhatHifi is gospel. Even though we had a mutual friend who was into cycling, as am I, tell him fifteen years ago that you cannot go by what the reviewers say because they are all paid to type their crap out. We both had several things that contradicted what magazines we both purchased said.

So much so that with the sky high prices of magazines now I cannot bring myself to buy one because I am actually paying them to be lied to!

However it is refreshing to see that with this video on YouTube and the comments made along with a whole bunch of videos being made about Star Wars The Force Awakens that the majority of people are now realising how far and to what extent this corruption and lies reaches. Even some comments like "is the corruption really that widespread" I have spotted on the Internet and on YouTube. This was when large numbers of people realised that the latest Star Wars was a really bad rip off of the very first film and were asking out loud, not in their heads, why every single reviewer, even nromally over critical Mark Kermode, raved about the Star Wars film and getting in the nineties out of a hundred and fours out of five on scoring. In the USA, the UK, Europe and even Ireland and someone replied "well they were quite obviously all PAID to say that!"

While worrying about expected plans not happening, Christmas coming and going and getting a real shock over the Star Wars movie I had totally missed the fact that several games publishers and developers houses had struck not once but several times with their games! #FACEPALM!

I am also starting to wonder if this is why they keep pushing games back now as is the recent fad? I think it may well be down to the fact that they do not want the backlash from gamers ... well the ones with brains and free thinking that is?

I myself studied software engineering and the graphical elements to programming. I was well into all the modelling techniques years ago and so I watched this guy's video with a great deal of interest. He showed to a factual level that the dynamic lighting and destructible environments along with several other things they claimed their games had was nothing more than complete bullshit.

In fact I was aghast at how obvious it was and wondered how in the world these companies like Sony, Microsoft, UBI Soft and EA among others ever thought they would get away with it?

I also thinkk that they are a few months away from being dealt a sucker punch by Nintendo that neither Sony or Microsoft will ever forget!


Umm Nintendo NX, codename, comes out later in the year right about the time that all of the shrunken CPUs and GPUs alll come available? You work it out. I have not read of one person that has seen this one coming! Really ... no one!

Maybe then PC gamers can stop blaming consoles for crap graphics? Though they do have a point but at the end of the day its down to the developers or just how powerful their £500 plus graphics cards really are or that they lapped up the bullshit in a gaming magazine along with ten other people and no developer is going to put time, money and effort because ten people were stupid enough to spend over £500 on a graphics card. Or worse still TWO at that price!

I play all games at full setting despite having a AMD A10-7850K APU that all magazines state clearly you cannot game on and an out of date Sapphire Radeon R9-280 graphics card.

Yes every single tech journalist and games journalist said that you cannot game on the machine I built, except I knew that each and every one of them was talking utter bullshit. Worst offender was CustomPC Magazine.

So a shed load of PC enthusiasts went out and spent thousands of pounds/dollars and console gamers spent hundreds of pounds to play games with a visual perfection that were never going to arrive.

Everyone and their brother who bought along their gran went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens went to see what was billed as the greatest Star Wars movie ever made and ended up watching Star Wars A New Hope and left the theatres going "Err ... what?! Did I go into the correct theatre? I am sure I remember Boba Fett in that movie!" Peter Griffin will NOT be pleased! Lol.

So ... something seem to be going around now and picking up speed in both the movie industry and the gaming industry? Just to the lengths these companies and everyone else involved will go to to get your money out of you.

They are also realising what the consequences are of having no accountability.

Funny as I have been watching the old X-Files episodes again for the first time in years and every time I hear the line "Law doesn't apply to these men!" or "You can't bring these men to justice!" I laugh at now those lines are becoming common place, while secretly worried about it.

Well it doesn't, does it?

If someone wanted to do something about any of the fiascos of recent years you would have to band together with dozens, if not hundreds of others that felt the same way. In the UK they have been eroding your legal rights here for years, be bit by bit removing parts of the legal aid system. Even if you did you would likely get hundreds of fanboy idiots standing outside the courts willing to kick your arses for free and risk prison to defend these multi billion dollar companies?

I just hope the situation changes before it gets out of hand.

But then I think ... 'Why should I think that?' Maybe it is what these morons in power deserve? Just maybe it is the only thing that will stop them from doing what they do, for things to get very much out of hand?

But then I think deep down we all know that the laws only exist to protect them and not us when we find out we have been lied to and manipulated?

I know I do, lol.

Oh and if you look there are plenty of interviews and stuff from all accused about denials, despitye being proven, and even JJ Arbahams, or Jar jar Abrams as they are calling him, on why episode 7 is similar but not the same as episode 4. Yes mate, all movie goers are bind of course! Oh wait ... to be fair I did accuse Mark Kermode of being that ... and he did say this film was good! LOL!

Here is the link to that video about games and the lying...

and a few of the Star Wars fans that were disappointed ...

A young girl ...

From the era of A New Hope ...

And an young kid, the target audience ... quite funny but you felt for him, lol ...

I could go on and on with these and you could argue they are just a few. But then I would first ask you to type 'Star Wars The Force Awakens Sucks' into YouTube and see what you get.

I would also point you to the number of likes and dislikes each of these gets and you will note that around 70 to 80 percent like them, lol.

Public organisations or private companies ... they all tell lies and therefore they all ... 

I thought I had seen Disney sink as low as it could be charging such obviously forced premium prices on children's films ... but this?