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I simply had to do a post about the upcoming E3 in this year of 2015.

This is partly because there has been a great deal of talk and a mountain of rumours the likes of which I have never seen before.

There is so much talk about hardware that this alone is exciting what with virtual reality so close to being finalised as well as Microsoft and this Holo Lens gadget they have been working on that looks cool. Finally something similar to that seen in Iron Man films and The Minority Report.

Then there are the games rumours!

I have had trouble keeping track of everything and I seem to be finding out about something new every few days to a week.

I have stated before that I am excited over Star Citizen and that I have been around long enough in gaming, almost worked for Pivotal Games at one point, that I played the Wing Commander games and Freelancer.

I could honestly say that seeing Chris Roberts video about what he had been up to actually provoked me into building a new rig for the first time in quite awhile!

Frustrating that it is so far away from release.

I was also excited about Elite Dangerous but then started worrying about their announcement of no single player campaign and reviews by players static its galaxy wide and three inches deep, or something to that effect. Wanting to buy it to fill time until I go away over a humongous court case which will shock the nation I ended up buying Dying Light instead. Recommended by a brother who was always into consoles but made the jump to a PC.

As well as those two space sims there is also No Man's Sky which looks interesting but not too sure about. Now I find out about one more!

Starfighter Inc.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page for StarFighter Inc. ...

It is another Kickstarter project but this one has huge kudos behind it because its largely made up of the team that worked on the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series. A couple of guys also that worked on Crysis, Homefront, FarCry and a few others.

About bloody time some space sims got made and as well as them being missing there has been no flight sims for years either, the latter being what made me get into computers in the first place because I was obsessed with fighter aircraft, wanted to be one when I was a kid and had a famous great grandfather who was a test pilot. He worked for Avro and the RAF and was testing an aircraft called the Avro Manchester which they tried several engines with but it crashed and he died. They added two more engines after this fatality and the Avro Lancaster was born.

But I like a great deal of games and was obsessed with 3D also and owned one of the early Voodoo cards. I went through two if I remember correctly.

There are many games I love and fond of, despite some driving me nuts at times and I wondered what the designers where thinking of ... or smoking in some areas.

Some seem to be almost perfect but missing vital things. Like when I played Dead Island Riptide, and now Dying Light. I will now always remember Kick Zombie ... sorry I mean Riptide because I did not understand the game, frustrated the hell out of me and I left it alone for months. Then one day I went back to it and realised it was not just a game where you pick up a slightly better gun every now and then and you had to make cash and build weapons. Weapons that were mostly hand to hand close range stuff in a melee fashion. This to me was kinda knew and once I realised how it worked the game was transformed into something bloody fun.

The not so large map, well I did play Elder Scrolls Skyrim before this, looked pretty good and it made me wonder about how the next generation version would look. However it did feel like it was missing something to make it feel like a living breathing place to roam around. Something you get in Skyrim and Fallout ... animals. Wildlife. Ooh I just remembered I did see fish in Dying Light, lol.

As well as being surprised and falling in love with Bethesda and their two biggest properties in Elder Scrolls and Fallout I also loved Deus Ex Human Revolution but another one I was confused how to play to begin with. I did also like The Witcher but this was the most frustrating of all the games with some pretty horrible boss fights along with regularly being confused about what to do next and where to go. Some things being seeming impossible to find.

I also liked Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and noted there was nothing really about. I was interested in Project Cars but wanted something more open world. I also liked Dishonoured but in all honesty and even though I bought the game of the year edition with all DLC I thought it was way, way too short and with very small maps.

After the free running of Dying Light I am not interested in the Mirror's Edge series, lol.

Here is a list of things I have heard are coming at E3 or otherwise ...

Fallout 4 (I am betting game play)
Elder Scrolls 6 (I am betting cinematic rumour behind closed doors)
Deus Ex Mankind Divided (oh man am I excited over this)
Homefront: The Revolution (looks and sounds cool)
Star Citizen (looks and sounds the coolest)
Starfighter Inc. (could be surprise hit and BE the coolest?)
Dishonoured 2 (large open world map and plenty side quests and could be great)
Mirror's Edge 2 (sounds cool)
Mass Effect 4 (whats this? Oh just my heart stopping!)
New Need For Speed (Good one would be super cool especially if open world maps)
Cyberpunk 2077 (sounds cool but Witcher drove me nuts)
New Splinter Cell (as above lol, have blacklist and its BAD in places but super cool the rest of the time!)

I have included the unlikely title of Elder Scrolls 6 because it might not be that unlikely. I would have imagined that after the success of the last two Fallouts and the Elder Scrolls that Bethesda may have been able to expand their capabilities. There team, so to speak. Or pulled in other software houses that they may have previously worked with?

Like music label companies the publishing houses would be dead keen to get up to date versions of both of the two biggest and most popular properties out of the door and onto the shelves. You can bet your sweet arse that they would have been pushing for this and to achieve that you would need a bigger team or working with another software house.

I am sure you wont see anything more than some screen shots or some artwork or title, if that. But it may not be so long after Fallout 4 that you see the next Elder Scrolls released. Just my guess.

You just need to look at BioWare. Dragon Age Inquisition is still a new game but we know that Mass Effect 4 is coming and will likely see at at the E3 event. I would imagine that Bethesda is a bigger team now than BioWare and with them doing the old one-two with their two properties it simply is not implausible that Bethesda will do the same.

They also have that little event they announced that takes place a couple of days before E3 itself starts and this intrigues me no end. Yes an announcement of a Fallout 4 would be pretty big news but this in itself warranting a standalone event? No. Also makes it more unlikely when you hear about the fact that they have invited a bunch of people to see some stuff behind closed doors.

Fallout 4, they say it is that they are showing and not in game footage. Hmm ... yes quite bizarre. No I wonder if the surprise might turn out to be that the showing behind closed doors of not in game footage may well be something else. I think Fallout 4 will take centre stage and not shown behind closed doors. It is its own standalone event after all.

So a cinematic piece for what then, I wonder? Maybe that little thing behind closed doors might just be an Elder Scrolls 6 peak? I think its possible, as apparently it has happened before I read somewhere, that Fallout 4 is more or less done and the release will be sooner than expected and at the same time announce that Elder Scrolls is well on its way too and not far behind?

Bah! Maybe its just wishful thinking? Lol.

I do like to try to deduce little puzzles and am normally quite good at it. However much of that energy has gone into dozens and dozens of other areas all of which I allowed no margin for error. This will become extremely clear on my corruption blog and oddly enough within the next couple of weeks!

It is also about time we saw a load of stuff in the next generation of graphics and are long overdue it in my opinion. So it seems both likely and quite exciting that a Tsunami of announcements is upon us.

My head is spinning looking at that list alone and all I keep thinking is that most of that is likely to appear and a few things that were unexpected too?

In just three weeks we will find out and oddly I have my own exciting things going on that may lead me to head out of town for ... well an unknown length of time that could be ... well long.

I will still post about things and still be keeping an eye on events at E3.

However if I hear of a new decent flight simulator or two based on F22's, F35's or EFA along with maybe Apaches or Comanches I may not be able to post due to heart failure?!

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