Tuesday, 5 May 2015



I have a couple of videos up on YouTube of me playing Dying Light.

In one there is me getting to that part of the bridge that is broken away at two ends whereby you have to zipline over to it.

There are a few parts of Dying Light where you end up in a very high up and in a precarious situation on a ledge that is enough to literally make your head spin if you have a fear of heights, like me. Lol.

This is the quest where the two Russian, I think they are, twins ask you to get a sonar device of a military grade. The area also has a fair bit of loot to be found in the way of medkits, gauzes and a few Police vehicles too.

When I realised what I had to do to get over to this section of road I could not quite believe it and thought...'oh shit!'

Now in the other video I actually end up doing a number of things. Let me see now I had top collect some Lavender. I then ended up finally collecting Bolter Tissue as a strange opportunity presented itself to me, of course I was caught out after dark.

I leapt from a balcony I was hiding from and unfortunately got spotted by a volatile. There were a lot inn the vicinity, go figure, and I ignored being spotted and hoped to make it back to the balcony without being seen where I went. Unfortunately that did not occur but when the volatile followed me I managed to kill it, my first one too. Unfortunately a couple more heard the commotion and jumped onto the balcony and after searching the first volatiles body I then dispatched two more of them but two more arrived before I finished!

I lost count of how many I killed, three or four I think, and I then was killed and only managed to search one of the bodies and did not see what I collected from it due to the commotion.

In what seemed like no time at all the game also went into a higher gear than normal as I was carried along by a series of events. Cannot recall the exact order but I handed over tissue samples, was given a risky assignment to do, then had to go after someone from the Tower who, along with a small team, had decided to go blow some shit up and it went to shit instead. I then searched the bodies before moving on to somewhere else in search of the last one. Then I was suddenly given some bombs that were already on timers, because that is what you do when your stuck in a train carriage surrounded by zombies...you not only set the timers on the huge explosives but you set them for 5 minutes.

Yeah, stupidity in the writing does seem to crop up from time to time.

While doing that the survivor I found took 'a turn' for the worst.

Then I had to go back and break the news as well as apologize for sort of causing it all and while tempers and sadness abounds more shit kicks off.

Funny how several things all happened with me being out at night when I was trying to avoid two quests that involve...well me being out at night, lol.

I do so much like this game and yes it still has its little issues but then what doesn't? I could do without the scaling heights crap ... well that is not strictly true but they do go a bit over the top about making it precarious. When your at the top of the bridge support, for instance, the shenanigans and contortions you have to go to to reach the ziplines, in both directions, is just plain stupid. Yeah so your the owner of the bridge and your going to send men up to those dangerous heights and they are going to fit some framework to make it difficult to get about are they?! Suuure they are! Lol.


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