Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I seem to have found out... or rather stumbled upon something then realised, why my copy of The Witcher 3 was not updating.

Oddly enough it seemed to be telling me I was on version 1.03 when I was on version 1.02. When I decided to take another look last night it was now telling me I was on version 1.04?!

I read the game thinning I would at least be on version 1.03, but no, still the first one.

I did a quick look on the Internet but no one anywhere seen to mention what the problem was it even just explain how you get the update. I did wonder if you had to do it from the website? Like the old days? But could find nothing.

I took a look at GOG Galaxy again which is not intuitive and needs work, a lot of work. One button that was available kept taking me to a 'Redeem Code' screen. On the third or fourth time I ended up there something occurred to me ...

Umm...I just realised...it never asked me for the serial code. Yet I've been paying it for many hours.
Now just in case anyone had had s similar problem ...

I put the code in and VOILA! Suddenly in presented with ask these options and the DLCs I had not realised had been released!

Unfortunately the client program struck again!

I did not want anymore bloody mistakes so I download patch v1.03 first and one finished them I did v1.04. All done!

Ran the game, pressed space bar to get to the menu screen and ... still on version 1.02?!

I must admit I could not previously understand how some gamers for quite so frustrated and angry with the publishers and coders, though as I said before I fully agree with how shut shit things are and needs to stop. But then I had never bought a game that has so many difficulties with it from day one. Not after paying full price that is.

In fact the only other title that I had the most issues with was The Witcher 2, lol! This was not new, the enhanced edition in fact. But when I stated updating the many, many updates it refused to run if you went beyond v1.2 or v1.3. Can't remember exactly which of the two it was. I did think 'bloody hell, man! This is a game that's been out awhile! This should not be happening!'

After awhile suddenly GOG's Galaxy started downloading the patch to The Witcher 3?! Listed one as updating and I had already downloaded them once! Good job I am no longer doing this on movie broadband! Lol!

This time it finally worked.

I did notice things seemed to be better.

I went straight back to that infuriated umm... hill with the cliff ask around it and I first fell back without going off the cliff and then successfully got to the top! Marvellous!

The graphics had a notable improvement and I also realised that Geralt was constantly running before and changed a few key bindings. It seemed to say in the patch that you was unable to do this before? Mad. Suddenly I was not overshooting things and having to turn around each time I stopped... and sometimes overshooting them again and turning around again! Lol.

Then I decided to go back to the inn and disk to Veremir and end up in that punch up. Oddly I had been thinking about how the story would unfold. I wondered if Yennifer would be found at the end of the story only to find out she is really an imposter and some sort of demon?

Lol, so you can imagine my surprise when I left the inn and she turned up outside?! Joking to myself I said 'bloody hell, that was the shortest game I every played!' Lol!

Suddenly and with the few improvements the story and therefore the game get a lot more interesting too!

What a difference a day makes?

Still in future I really won't be so which to but a title and even if Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 were released in the Autumn I would not, once someone had bought me back with a defibrillator, but them the first day of release. And that would be damn hard to do!

So if anyone has had issues with patches... it won't do anything, despite that little dialogue box giving you the seriously wrong impressions, until you out your game code in!


Oops! No, just like the previous one it is a grind to a halt game with incredibly boring and repetitive beyond belief while unable to save and with no warning that this will happen or stretches of difficult sections! Now have tried two different options available to get through the section with the 'Botchling'. Get attacked by swathes of wraiths with no food to regenerate health, you would think that Geralt would know this?! Or it expands into a bigger monster and my silver sword along with cursed oil has no effect on the Botchling at all before it kills me?!

Tried the nicer option 6 times before getting annoyed and then trying the kill and collect blood four times!

BORING and stupid!

That is such bad thinking and design. I also just let someone die in a fire because someone else I needed to talk to was on the path to the stables! Extremely bad design yet again!

Free to make your own choices and forge your own path? Don't make me laugh!

Also I went to get some tools for a blacksmith but ended up getting side-tracked somehow, not sure how that happened.

After repeating the section of following the Baron ten times or more I got bored and exited the game.

I will have to go back to an earlier save and do things differently, like get some food first which is always for stupid amounts of money!

I did notch up the difficulty by one when I originally the game. So one up from the default difficulty and on this occasion I am really regretting that!

Sure everything has been tough but that is OK but when you get forced into these ... sections without warning and cannot go and get anything, despite the fact there are a load of boxes and sacks around with a dozen things not one in the least bit helpful in the section, like bloody food, it is a pain in the arse.

Bad design.

I am going to start stating in capital letters, to get it through their thick heads, 'DOES NOT HAPPEN IN A BETHESDA GAME!!'

Well except that it might? Lol! Only played last two Fallouts and last two Elder Scrolls. Maybe The Evil Within has bad sections.

Weird it is how some software houses just do not see that these are bad. Do they not even play Fallout and Elder Scrolls?!

Funny thing is I think they must be the only titles they have NOT checked because there are elements of other games in this thing. Like the leaves appearing on the mini-map and I always think of FarCry 3. The field of dead soldiers, and all those weapons and two or three trips that got me jack-shite in the way of cash, must be the bit that some reviewers said was like the loot cave from Destiny?

Would not know as I have not played Destiny. Just what some reviewer remarked on.

The difference it makes when you get the design wrong? Well here it is ...

Last night play for so long that it ends up 2am in the morning, not hard for me with very good games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Tonight could have been the same but right now at 8.56pm I have gotten sick of the repetitiveness in this section and exited the game and wondering what else I can do?

Well other than add this edit to this post that is?

Puts hands together and prays "Please Bethesda, please! Announce both at E3!! Lol! Me being funny as they will only announce what they have been working on...err the longest anyway, lol.


I kind of like to think that they, Bethesda, have worked and grown the teams a bit to get both of those titles into an advanced stage. Not running at the same stages, one a little behind the other. A new advance game engine probably took up some time, deciding or creating, and then I imagine they would get to work on both titles not too far apart from each other.

Well after all we did see two Fallout titles not far apart. A damn site closer in their release dates to each other than the time that has passed since New Vegas. Or even Skyrim.

Weeeell you have to find the possibilities to keep your dream alive!

Oh my God, could you imagine of they ruined both titles? Lol! From the last three titles I played though it is impossible to see that happen.

For me with 20% to 50% bigger maps, more diversity with animals and a melee combat like that of Techland's from Dead Island Riptide, not sure if first Dead Island has this, and Dying Light and I would expect scores of 100%!!

What do you mean no game should get 100%?! The Witcher 3 got ninety bloody seven in one score!


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