Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I really want to like this game.

No I really want to love this game!

But I can't and the people that give it the scores way above 90% are extremely suspicious characters indeed. Skullduggery must be at play are they have been starved of a half decent game for too long?! I do know that feeling.

The video below is me finally completing the Botchling and Lubberkin quests after getting some food.

Then within no time at all I am in a series of situations that show that the use of food and health in The Witcher 3 is dreadful, especially with the odd things in combat I describe below.

Its dreadful, you feel like you need to carry around fifty hot potatoes or bread and a couple dozen cooked chicken?! Although things like bread and onions are cheap anything decent costs as much as two dozen swords?! If this were even close to the truth I would have a dozen swords on my living room wall...but I bloody well DON'T! LOL!

And whats this with these hidden treasures and such and its a pile of shite?!

There is nothing worse in a game than beating your way to a chest or somewhere keeping loot and you loot it and say ... 'is that IT?!'

I must admit that Dragon Age Inquisition fails in this regard too.

After doing this in two Fallout titles and Skyrim its part of the fun and you want to get to the next one and then the next one to see what you find.

Yet others that have gone the open world design, which is great by the way, seem to have copied many things from other games but the most important and the most fun part they seem to ignore?!

After awhile you get bored of looking for the same old shit and its bloody annoying when you have to collect a bloody mountain of it just to buy a few damn chickens and some hot potatoes that do not last 5 minutes in your health bar. As groups of enemies seem to lurk around every corner you do not get far because at the difficulty I have set it your lucky to get through two groups without using up your food. Well what with the combat being as shite as it is ...

Once again the combat is shite.

However one of a couple of things in this clip, over than running out of health every one hundred yards are two others to do with the combat.

Forgetting it is clunky and not a patch on the previous game, despite feeling similar and I do not know quite how they did that but ...

I am often rolling in the wrong direction to the key presses I make and ...

In this video you see me take out the Tripack Wolf! That is what I am calling it ... hmm or were they dogs?


I am trying to find a boat to get to an island to get some tools, the quests really are all over the place. This in the no doubt vain hope to get some better weapons. But the guys on an island I did not want to go to just yet, or the game does not want you to go to. Still looking for a bloody witch, a wife and daughter?!

A mess.

Anyway I fight off the five or so Tripack Wolf. Then I though 'hey this is the Biwolf? Another pack attacks me and two packs do not live in the same hunting grounds.

There were two or three I think and then immediately there are some Drowners by some boats, which I'm thinking you need to get to the island? No.

At one point in the many repeated attempts to kill five or six Drowners more Wolves turn up, hence the naming of Tripack Wolf.

Now I am fighting half a dozen Drowners and some Wolves when I notice that once again my health is dropping like a lead balloon but Geralt is also putting his sword away?!


Got that? Lol!

I then realise that what is going on is where Geralt is switching between targets, which I have not asked him to do and nor am I pointing in the targets direction, what is so bloody hard about getting your character to slash in the direction your facing?

Anyway, he is switching between swords due to the fact one target is a monster, hence the Witcher's silver sword, and one is an animal, so pulling out his steel sword!

Jesus H Christ!

Then after beating them I try to free a man from a lynch mob and ... well me, with all my swords, steel armour, Witcher's powers and a little food left I get effing pistol whipped by a few farmers in ragged tee shirts and wooden pitch forks and the odd sword?!

These are bloody beggars more or less and the map is telling me I need to get to this point for the tool quest!

I thought 'I bet its a bloody sign for fast travel and I do not need to bother with these idiots?!' YUP!

Of course that is what you the player to what should be some hassle free fast travel but have some super powered vagrants with an odd sword and a pitch fork kick your arse!

People that give this game those high scores are bloody on drugs or something! Lol.

It is sooo frickin annoying and frustrating and I end up just coming out of the game.

Traversing an open world is supposed to be fun. Not dead every five minutes!

I do not know how they code to make the game tougher but I wish I had not knocked it up a notch when I started!

I must look to see if I can drop the difficulty down.

The combat is appalling, on the PC anyway.

The graphics are not all that.

It shoves you into sections without warning you need something for, so every now and then have to go back to an earlier saved game.

It is still forcing you to repeat bloody lengthy sessions of verbal diarrhoea. Well it is after the second listen to it all after that your whacking the space-bar like a nutter.

Though its OK at times and has good characters, voice actors and story this does not make it a great game.

In Dragon Age Inquisition it has some great moments and I have not even completed the game yet. First game to put a lump in my throat. Goosebumps and the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls had me on the computer every night until 2am or 3am.

This does not. Nor am I wowed by the graphics, though I will say that the use of light in The Witcher 3 is very good.

I just remembered...yes it has a great story and characters (oh and voice actors...well except for one that sounds like his batteries are drained) but then they never came up with them! Well I don't think so as I thought I read somewhere that The Witcher is a set of books?

Oh dear!

Well at least they have a skill for choosing a book story to base a game on. Maybe the next time around they might realise their mistakes and make a better game?!

Perhaps they will do it this time around with a patch?!

Here's hoping!

For the love of God, man, this was supposed to be a weeks enjoyment before I am off to do some pretty serious work on other things?

Instead I am waving my fist at the monitor every ten minutes, sometimes in quick succession every couple of minutes!


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