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OK I admit it was immediately infuriating when I was knocked out and left without my weapons but at least the section was not as bad as some I can remember. Now rather oddly I was automatically thinking Dead Island Riptide but when I gave it some thought I was only coming up with sections of FarCry 3.

This made me think of how many elements of Dying Light were copies of other games, like the antenna towers in FarCry 3 and 4. Yeeah I would not do that if I were you Techland ... because you may end up copying something that was ultimately shite and make it more shite.

Now here is a little tip to designers out there ... I have not been able to recall anything that was bloody annoying about either Skyrim or Fallout 3 and New Vegas. There is a reason, or indeed reasons, why these are always top of the majority of people's wanted lists when it comes to follow up games.

Though if you could implement the sword fighting from Dying Light and Dead Island into Elder Scrolls and Fallout then I think I would have died and gone to heaven, lol.

I had one of my two computer game playing brothers visit me the other day and he has played Dying Light, he has about a fortnight ahead of me. He asked if I had gotten to the second map yet and I said that I hadn't but that I had been wondering how you get to it and that I could not be far away from ending up there. I told him I like doing as many side quests as I can to increase the longevity of the game, especially when it is fun. Also you tend to find more interesting loot, except when it is Dragon Age Inquisition where, if I am honest, the loot side of things is abysmal. I lost count of how many hours I played to find a better sword than the one I had and never came close. In fact even when I go back to it I still have the same sword. If not for this then the slightly boring elements of the latest Dragon Age game would be non-existent.

Bloody good job the story is interesting then in Dragon Age!

Anyhoo. A couple of hours into Dying Light after my brother left and I found myself heading for Sector Zero ... after getting past some more bloody annoying bits especially one in the tunnels where I had to make a leap from one platform to another that seemed to have to be perfect down to the millimetre! Cue me landing in the water a couple of dozen times on one video on YouTube.

Finally getting to Sector Zero I died a ... lot! But then and shortly after annoying bit of bad design, where your encouraged to use the free running everywhere and run around a corner into an exploding zombie and die, not skills required, I then realised that the buildings in this pretty part of town can be scaled a damn site easier than in the slums!

I also failed to realise, or remember, I had the grappling hook too. The first time I used it was quite accidental and ... well I died, landing in a sea of zombies, lol. Now that I have used it a few times I am not sure I like it. In fact I am sure that if I used it a lot and it became second nature I am sure that I could drop my death rate to zero. Thereby feeling like it is a cheat of sorts. It is less a grappling hook and more a super fast pocket winch.

Anyway I managed to record some of my early days in sector zero, or the second map and thought that some gamers might like to see what goes on when I play, especially ones that find some parts a bit difficult.

Here are a couple of videos ..

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