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Yesterday a series of bizarre things occurred that was topped off by the fact that Google and their ridiculous Blogger and crap app and operating system left me furious for losing several thousands of words of a post I typed out.

So now I am having to do it all over again.

Now I announced that I bought a game yesterday that, in my YouTube account at least, I said I had swore previously I would not buy. I was initially interested until playing the previous game to catch up to the story led to several sections grinding to a very frustrating halt. Added to that it was confusing in places and I am sure there was a glitch because it would not let me move forward in the story until I had done something I was sure I had already done and the game would not let me do?!

Eventually and after a week of going back in and trying to do the thing it would not let me do it eventually did it.

There was also a serious issue with running the game early on and inn fact if I installed beyond a certain patch number it refused to run at all.

Buggy, glitchy and absolutely the worst boss battles, which I do not like a great deal anyway, I have ever seen and I thought Deus Ex Human revolution was bad!

A few days before the game I bought was released I started noticing all the reviewers crowing on about how fantastic the game looked. Enough to raise an eyebrow.

Then literally a day or two before its release an unusual situation where suddenly there were a lot of reviews, which i thought a bit odd as the game had not released yet?! The scores were absolutely incredible and I simply had to take notice. Because across the board this game was getting between 92 and 97 percent and even a 10 out of 10 was spotted.

Thereby suggesting that it simply had to be better than both of Bethesda's top titles, Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

I had another extension to a few tasks I have to do have another weeks wait added to them. This was initially why I bought Dying Light in the first place. But this had become boring. Oh it was fun and I was surprised when the novelty wore off, though to be fair it did take a while, I am probably not far from the end of the game and ... annoyingly just as I started to get my favourite Katana sword.

So I decided to get this other game to fill in the 7 or 8 days in the periods, or days, when there was little or nothing to do and/or the weather was crap.

Only when I installed the game it did something rather strange and I thought I had stepped back in time by fifteen years. Still it installed without fuss, just a little odd.

I ran the game OK but while I was playing I kept thinking to myself 'No, this isn't right...I must have done something wrong in the settings?' which was to do with the graphics but I had put everything on 'Ultra'?!

I played for around three hours and that thought flashed through my mind a few dozen times and then some. But I did not bother looking back into it and decided I would look today.

The graphics were nothing like incredible and not even close and there were several other titles, some that were now considered old that were better! You do not call a games graphics incredible unless they are now the best graphics available in a computer game on a given platform. The END!

So they lied. Hmm?

I also started to think that a few other things that were mentioned about the game were a little off too, like the map size for one but hard to be sure right now. But I do have a map...and a physical one and it does not look that big. Also, and like its previous game, it does not tally up to the map in game. Bethesda have never had that problem but these guys have had it at least twice now.

Last night I was sitting on my bed when one of my apps sent me a notification about an article that had been published in PC Gamer magazine. It was their latest 'Face Off' article which I have always thought a little weird to be honest. I have often wondered if the article was genuine, or both sides were, or they just put an argument in to 'create' both sides of any given argument. When I saw the article's headline I raised an eyebrow!

It was whether or not it is right to show of a vastly advanced in graphics early demo of a game early on that looks nothing like it does when it is released! Ooh dear, I had to go and have a quick look as this was weird based on what I had been asking myself while playing this new title.

Now this was the closest to launch day that I have ever bought a title and these days and in all honesty I tend to like reading customer reviews instead of magazine reviews. Because they are more accurate and this has always been worrying. Now you can take it from me that I am somewhat of a authority on this as I have been into PC's and gaming a long time. Once upon a time I would end up with four or more copies of different PC gaming magazine titles in my house for the same month because of a game I was hugely interested in. I had PC Gamer's first issue, and may still have somewhere and used to but titles like PC Zone among others. Now there is only two magazines left and one is not specifically a gaming magazine anyway, which is PC Format.

When I saw the topic of this 'Face Off' I was like ... WTF?! A debate? How can their be a debate on something like this? What kind of idiot would actually put an argument in favour of gamers being duped and wound up quite deliberately by these greedy companies?! What sort of moron ... ahem, well you get the idea?

First off this is simply wrong because you have to create said false impression ion the first place and this costs money, so have at least some knowledge of business when you make statements like this.

Secondly these over the top previews are long before the games come out and your going to try and tell me that the coders had no idea what hardware was going to be out when the game was released? God almighty, even the gamers mostly know what is coming out and when and we always know things get delayed ... and delayed and delayed.

Thirdly, and despite the best intentions of the reviewers of magazines and sites...oh wait, did I say 'best', graphics cards have not moved on in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. come to think of it neither have CPUs and APUs either, despite what moronic fanboys who like working for free like to state constantly. So I am pretty sure the game coders have known for a few years that there is going to be a bit of a stagnation going on a couple of years?

So what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?!

Oh wait? I almost forgot! It gets better still!

As I am reading the article...I could not believe it when I saw the very same game mentioned several times that I had only just bought of which I was asking myself those exact same questions about and not even had time to go back into the options today and look into because I thought something was wrong!!

The Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt!

Err so what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?

Now I am not sure if anyone is aware of this but I have a blog and a subject that takes up a lot of my time.

On this blog what I do is I gather evidence and post it up. I often make long term predictions about this stuff and then spend months acquiring what I need to prove what I had earlier predicted.

This has had a 100% success rate thus far and in the next couple of weeks is going to go nuts and there is the likely possibility that the tabloids or TV News media may ba all over it like a rash? Jeez, I am not looking forward to that, let me tell you.

The subject?

Corruption in the UK among all of the public services I have dealt with and that is most including the NHS, four local councils, the DWP, Atos, two Police Forces, HMRC, secret services, debt collectors, bailiffs and all their associated ombudsmen along with half a dozen retail chains like Argos and PC World, among others. The Criminal Prosecutions Service and Cafcass are also under scrutiny right now. Now before you start thinking what most do...go back two paragraphs and read again...SLOWLY until it has sunk in!

Or in other words over 100GB of secretly recorded audio, some video even, letters, documents, emails, screen-shots and all other manner of evidence has been acquired and some go back 20 years. This will all become not only crystal clear but also become immediately obvious what is going in in a mere few weeks time.

My point here being that no matter where I have looked not only have things been corrupt but they have turned out far worse than even I imagine.

Everywhere, everyone gets screwed because for a very long time this was encouraged at first and then told that this was merely the way things are, sometimes with stupid lines like 'Oh well that's business!'

If your in the UK...well look where we are now? Even of late how many times and for how long now have we been told on TV and in the tabloids that things are getting better? From the moment they did that four years ago I cried 'foul!' I have now done this for the last four years.

One person looks correct while everyone else in the media look wrong!

You just have to love the Internet sometimes! At least I it it to good use, lol.

But like everything else I see and have dealt with those people that are supposed to be asking the awkward questions, are supposed to be their for 'us' the consumers or are tasked with being the watchdogs that dish out punishments for abusing the customer base...well, do nothing. Yet get paid for it?! Either via the public's taxes or straight from our own pockets!

Now I would have liked at any point in the past twenty years for a single body to come along and ask the right questions or make changes to bad things going on but out of personal gain and selfish attitudes no one has done this.

Around a decade back I decided that I would have to be the one to do it despite the fact it would cost me dearly, I wont get paid and people...well they just do not listen.

So I scraped together what I could and started mounting up data. In August 2012 I started up y corruption blog and started to publish everything I had and for the two years and ten months would continue recording, gathering and publishing.

What those I have attacked full on and front on did not know was this ... I had a court case going on somewhere that I had initially set up. This three year case is quite revealing, shocking and has a bar on it currently so no one can publish anything about it. It involves four of the above already names people. It has been won and has leapt from family courts, to crown courts to now a High Court with an involvement from the Supreme Court.

The legal team stated in the beginning that they were shocked how big it was.

Right now the legal team and the family court judge now say that it is far, far bigger then even the huge case they thought it was from the start and had seen nor heard nothing like it.

Oh and it is in its final week, two at the most.

Oh dear, does it all sound so far fetched now?! Lol!

Well think about it. It is just a worse case scenario similar in some ways the the bloody rip offs and lies we are being fed, even us gamers.

But getting back the that ever lasting point?

Well it just so happens that wherever I look it is rotten, corrupt and/or evil.

Now you know why I have attacked certain...publications from time to time and cried foul play?

Now you know why I did this with confidence.

Because I have yet to be proved wrong.

Oh yeah and I have attacked, fought and beaten some of the big organisations going and it is four out of four so far, in case you were wondering, and that does not include the four that have just lost this court case! Or the fact that my four dominoes have now been joined by a bloody great big one that is going to take out a whole list of other names when it clatters to the ground.

Oh dear.

Do you think it would be nice if one day all this crap stopped?

Well hold on there tiger, what do you think I have been doing the last decade?

You may have heard this but Rome was not built in a day? These organisations are big and famously take an inordinate amount of time to do anything, that includes fall into traps I set for them. But then I took and used this inordinate amount of time they take and found a way to turn this around so that this very attitude worked against them.

This year and next year, 2016, will see the first fruits of these labours. Hopefully in 2016 the bullshit surrounding games will stop and someone will have to grow some gonads and put a stop to these evil and greedy publishers who have nothing to do with the creation of a game. Well mostly...well not enough to give them the right to do what they do to us.

What games wont be created without them? Oh, come on now?


I call it all 'The Do Nothing But Get Paid Brigade'.

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