Friday, 1 May 2015


I have another long zombie bash at Dying Light last night.

While recording I get another incident where I race to a building where there is an air drop, encircle the building half a dozen times trying to figure out how I get up there only to have the magic elven thieves who can turn invisible come along and steal it without me noticing!

My god that is bloody annoying!

I don't know if this is a really terrible design fault or oversight or there are tunnels going from building to building with some or I am supposed to go two buildings over and get there via a zip line? I say 'two buildings over' because I even got to the roof of the next building only to see the wire went over the building I was on to the next one along?! Lol.

Even so it still does not explain the magic invisible elven people.

It is funny how I also never read about this issue in any of the dozens and dozens of reviews I read? Weird.

Now that I realise this I really, REALLY do not want to go after them and even bringing them in seems to show no difference to the game other than the extra points. I do not know if it is imperative to the game or not. Does it effect anyone surviving in the game?

Because its nothing more than a long and highly repetitive distractions that detract from the gameplay and it seems that every five minutes or so you hear a plane, check to see where it is, think about getting there, check your maps to see how far, too far and forget it. Then leg it over there only to see that annoying message that it has been stolen. Which you also keep getting when you either ignore the air drops or fail to notice there has been an air drop.

Luckily the parkour element wass not implemented as badly, though there are still ledges that look exactly the same as 500 other ledges you have scrambled up but cannot.

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